Podcast-Illustration-0121This week on The TouchArcade, we manage to stay on the topic of iOS games! Kinda! After practicing our best Lemmy impersonations, we dive into a healthy discussion on Deus Ex: The Fall and how its console predecessor informed what it does. Then, we launch into an electric talk about 5 Ants's insanely cute Tiny Thief. In our second segment, we give a bunch of time to other games, as well as the biggest news items of the week.

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We had a blast doing the show this week. Hope you enjoy it, too. Here are your show notes:



  • LordOfLetterbox

    Ok it's all coming clear to me now..based on Joseph's smoke detector story..there is no wonder the dude struggled with Limbo...lmao that guy's problem solving skills just isn't up to par. You all might want to keep him away from puzzle games in the future..lol this is just a joke post..having a little fun at Joseph's expense. I know he has had a tough week after that review. Sorry dude.

  • JJE McManus

    Most awkward first half of the show ever. Talk about burying your lede. Seriously, once you got past the Limbo imbroglio there was actual conversation, humor and gaming news.
    Oh well. Try again next week. See you then.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      We recorded this before we posted the Limbo review, if that's what you're referring to. I knew there would be a reaction, but if I'd had known the very fabric of humanity would collapse over it I'm sure we would have talked about it sooner. So yeah, it was merely just another topic on our show. Anyway, thanks for the almost compliment I guess.

      • JJE McManus

        No, you are correct. It was meant complementary. Overall the show is consistently entertaining. In this case, Joseph was all quiet at the start, then Limbo, then quite the conversationalist afterward. So much for my deductive reasoning.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Ah I see what you were saying. Sorry if that came out harsh. Thanks for listening.

      • handycapman

        Do you mean to sound like a tool all the time when you comment, Jared? Because if so it's working.

  • Chris Brady

    Still wanting a longer copy of the theme song...

    • JJE McManus

      Would be nice if it were on iTunes.
      But I'm being selfish. I got some honkin sweet new headphones recently and have been giving the old ear drums a serious working out.

  • http://www.youtube.com/MetalJesusRocks Metal Jesus Rocks

    I thought that damn smoke detector...was MINE in my basement. I kept pausing the podcast...going downside to see what the deal was... and not hearing it...then coming back upstairs, turn on the podcast...and... yes. It was driving me crazy!

  • izzynobre

    I've followed TA since it's very beginning (check my user registration date on the forums, I think I set it up in 2009), and one thing is abundantly clear: while I love the site, the articles, the podcast, the TA staff as a whole is unable, it seems, to deal with backlash of any kind without smugness or derisiveness towards the readers.

    On the podcast they come across a little more friendly; in written comments they just sound like your typical Internet Jerk.

    Saying "yeah, I guess you guys have a point there. Thanks for the feedback" doesn't hurt. Just sayin'.

    (Accidentally upvoted myself, so I gave myself a downvote to even it out.)