mzl.afbosafz.175x175-75From what we've gathered from the commercials, Pacific Rim is a movie about giant robots fighting for the future of mankind when aliens invade. That premise can't get more video game-y. It feels like a love letter to the medium. Sadly, the upcoming game based on the movie doesn't capitalize on much more outside of this ludicrous premise.

At the top-level, Pacific Rim is a one-on-one fighting game that plays a lot like a bad version of Infinity Blade. In it, you control a massive mech equipped with your pick of stabbing, punching, or gun-like weapons against a conga line of giant aliens. You swipe to attack, hold a button to dodge, and evade with quick taps. When you whittle down an enemy's health bar to zero, you're whisked to the next fight. You know the drill by now -- there's been quite a few copy cat IB games since its launch.

Where Pacific gets this all wrong is in its animation and control. Aliens are stupidly slow, making it really easy to see what you need to do. Executing on what you know you should be doing, however, is another matter; action response is sketchy. It's hard to even do simple side-to-side swipe gestures reliably, which is kind of a big deal.


pacificrim2 pacificrim3

There's some other weird stuff, too, including the game's inability to tell a coherent story or provide anything interesting at all. Why are we traveling to this place? Oh, it's to kill a huge alien. Wait, why are there aliens? Why do we have huge robots?

A bright-ish spot is the upgrade systems. You can acquire several different mech as you play, hopefully all of which bring something unique to the table. You can also buy and equip new weapons. Some are pretty neat. Like, the power fists for example, which look like they sacrifice speed for damage. You can also fire off cannons and guns in fights, damaging monsters when they'd otherwise just block you. It's a small thing, but it's a solid change of pace mechanic.

As you play, you can upgrade these items with the cash that you earn based on your performance in fights. You can also just straight-up buy the currency with real dough, if that's a route you want to go.

We've little doubt that Pacific Rim will gather some attention since the movie's a big deal and all, but your time is probably better spent with something else tonight. Like, Infinity Blade 2 [$5.99], which is free right now.

Pacific Rim hits at around 11:00 EST. If you want an alert when it releases, you can add it to your TouchArcade app [Free].

International App Store Link: Pacific Rim, $4.99 (Universal)

  • Reignmaker

    Pass. Will see the movie though.

  • Jake7905

    5 bucks for an Infinity Blade clone with bad controls? No thanks.

  • Adams Immersive

    Does it at least have GladOS?

  • Earth Vs. Me

    I'm not sure what the bigger thrat to humanity is. Giant monsters from the depths of the Pacific or lazy Infinity Blade-alike summer movie tie-in's with egregious amounts of IAP.

    I am so sick of seeing crap like this on the App Store. And screw the Man of Steel game too.

    • {SQUEEK}

      I bet the will make a Blade clone game for Smurfs 2 also

      • Taclys

        Holy hell, if they do, I'll be done with iOS games.

      • LearnIIBurn

        And I'll be just getting excited for them! Smurfs, fighting and glorious amounts of IAP? What a dream!

      • MonkeyChunks

        But the smurfs blade clone will possibly be funny though

  • Flare_TM

    What else is coming tonight? ...oh wait

  • eventide

    Meh. Rather see the movie first so as not to spoiled.

  • curtisrshideler

    Oh boy. Free up space for another IB clone. No thank you. Thanks for the heads up on this one. I'd rather play the Avengers version of IB than this one. Cause then I can pretend to be Hulk smashing the crap out of these redlined games.

    • MonkeyChunks

      There is one?

      • kioshi

        Avengers Initiative is the name iirc

  • curtisrshideler

    Oh boy. Free up space for another IB clone? No thank you. Thanks for the heads up on this one. I'd rather play the Avengers version of IB than this one. Cause then I can pretend to be Hulk smashing the crap out of these reskinned games.

    Stupid autocorrect.

  • ElPumo

    Might have to get this even after the comments about the controls.

    Hopefully someday we'll get an iOS Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot game.

  • Greyskull

    Sounds a bit like Real Steel. Another TURRIBLE port on ios.

  • MonkeyChunks

    Maybe will get this when it is $3 or less. The movie I will pass for many reasons like chi in dark night time setting and racial stereotypes.

  • JCat_NY

    Saw the preview at Imax Man of Steel, and wished those minutes were spent with eye patches and ear plugs. I can't wait never to see this. Don't even let me get started on the game.

  • Guest

    Movie's awesome. Too bad the game stinks - I think while it might seem like giant robots sre made for videogames, the problem is they move really slow

  • tigerclaws

    Movie's awesome. Too bad the game stinks. I think while the premise of giant robots might seem like it's made for videogames, the problem is that these robots are supposed to move really slow, so it seems like it'd be difficult to make an entertaining game out of it.

  • Phantom Bruiser

    If you pass on the film, you are foolish, misinformed, and your inner child is in fact, deceased. I pity you and any group that accepts you, be it by immediate relation or the human family as a whole.