savantlogothingImagine, if you will, a game that features (a) an elevator death ride, (b) dubstep, and (c) evil flying metal monsters. Wait, stop imagining! That game exists. Or, at least, it will later this month. D-Pad Studio's July 30th-bound Savant is an intense shooter that, apparently, puts you in the boots of a dude on an eternal elevator ride filled with all sorts of flying evil metal things. The goal it seems is pretty simple: shoot everything.

We've got a trailer for it just below, and as you'll undoubtedly note, it prominently features the best thing since Monster energy drinks: dubstep. Also, Savant looks like it takes quite a few artistic cues from Castlevania, huh?

Savant is hitting more than iOS, btw: it'll see a release across Android and PC, too. I imagine this video is from the PC version since there isn't a virtual button to be seen anywhere on the screen.

We'll keep our eyes out for this one as it gets closer to release.

  • JoshW66

    Whoa, this looks incredibly exciting. Funny how in real life, elevators are really boring, but in video games, they're awesome. My new most anticipated game!

    • garret44

      Haha I know what you mean, whenever I see an elevator in a game ill be like "sweet, I gotta figure out where this goes"

  • Jesse7277

    I don't know the music just seems off. Not because its dubstep. Maybe it's just bad dubstep?

  • bigrand1


  • Dams

    Cross platform usually sadly means crap controls..

  • mguniverse

    I hope this has free to play timers and in-app purchases!

  • Goggles789

    I agree with the below poster that the music seems off for this. But it looks cool, probably another endless shooter type thing? I hope the music in-game is better than that crappy dub step they used in the trailer.

  • captainChocolade

    Would be cool if this was an elevator ride in some level in a new Castlevania game.

  • InfectiousRed

    Looks like fun until you realize... that's all there is to the game. Jump left, jump right, shoot shoot shoot, repeat.

  • Jef Crisis

    surely doesn't need virtual buttons! tap the other lift to jump over. press anywhere else to shoot there. double taps for special moves maybe?

    virtual buttons are for the unimaginative.

    lovely graphics either way!

  • CecilMcW00t

    In getting an Alien Soldier vibe from this game. Anyone remember that game? It was this slick platformer/shooter by Treasure. Something about the animations and weapons reminds me of that game.

  • dylanmannen

    Whaaw, this looks great! Kinda get a fairy tail wibe from it! Cant wait 😀

  • Michael Napoli

    I'm going to be that guy, I guess, but that's not dubstep. Still doesn't fit the game either way, though.

  • Monomer

    To those inquiring about the oddly placed music (which will likely be in the game too, I think), I believe the app is a tie-in for the Electronic music artist Savant, who releases a new album this month. Doesn't really change anything if you don't think it fits but I think there is at least a reason behind it =)