Podcast-Illustration-0121This week's episode of The TouchArcade Show is an unusual one. Because of the holiday, we decide to take a bunch of user questions, which leads us to talking about a wicked wide variety of topics. From Ouya and the dangers of Kickstarter to XCOM on iOS sales, we discuss just about everything under the sun. It's a fun episode as a result and we hope you can dig, too.

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Hope you have a great holiday weekend! Here are your show notes:



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  • Chris Brady

    Good show, hope everyone had a good, and safe, holiday. And I agree with the current, grim prognosis for the Ouya's future. Someone needs to step up to the plate and make at least one killer app for it. Otherwise, what's the point when you have a phone for the little games and a real console, or PC for the bigger ones?

    Can't really say anything about Kickstarter as I'm kinda leery of throwing money at projects that may never happen, so I don't use it.

    Thank you for the Angry Birds update, uh, update, I was curious but not really wanting that battery hog on my machine if it was nothing but more standard levels.

    Finally, and I've been meaning to ask at least three episodes ago, is there a longer like 3 minutes or something, uninterrupted version of the opening theme I can buy or download somewhere legal like? I like it!

    • Donovan1209

      I do believe there are some unique looking upcoming games, one being Soul Fjord.

      • Chris Brady

        I hope it does get more games, and that some of them are 'must haves', not because I own one (I don't) but because I believe that competition promotes growth and innovation. I hope this Soul Fjord is the beginning of a great life for the Ouya.

  • Donovan

    I bought an Ouya a week ago, tried it out. I agree, it is certainly "janky". It's a toy, and the journey to enjoy it is half the fun. I love toying with the console, installing random APK files, playing emulators, etc. I still like it. And I mean, it's $99, come on.

    • Chris Brady

      But at the same time, you need to actually buy games for it to survive. I hope some come out for it.

  • phonecats

    want to win at magic 2014?
    just play illusions / zombies / humans.
    they are so OP the game is boring now.
    i cant find their hard counter.