frightfightlogoLast week we came across an interesting looking game in our forums called Fright Fight. While not outrightly saying it's trying to be a Super Smash Bros. style brawler, it was pretty clear that it was inspired by Nintendo's beloved platform-based fighting game, something that hasn't really been done on iOS before in any memorable fashion (somebody mentioned DinoSmash [$0.99 / $3.99 (HD)] in the comments of the previous article, and I think that's right on the money, though sadly that game is all but abandoned at this point).

As promised, developer Appsolute Games has released the first trailer for Fright Fight showing early footage of an alpha build of the game. Check it out.

For being in such an early state, I think Fright Fight is looking cool so far. It seems pretty basic and overall looks kind of slow, but again, things are still pretty early. Another thing I'd like to address is the games free-to-play model, which upon initial reveal had people pretty up in arms. Appsolute has clarified that the only major thing to be purchased in the game is additional characters beyond the two that are available with the free download, and those extra characters can also be bought using coins that are earned in-game through playing. So nothing is tied exclusively to IAP.

In addition to that, players will be able to purchase boosts using the IAP currency, but Appsolute is being very careful not to include any "pay to win" items that could throw off the balance of the game. Their examples of boosts include items which will give you double experience or double coins during a match, but nothing that's an outright "power-up" to give you an advantage against your opponent. I guess the possibility remains that people who pay might be able to level up faster than those who don't, but their matchmaking system should ensure that you're always matched up with people close to your own level, so hopefully it's not an issue.

Here's some concept art in case you hadn't seen it yet for the four characters who are confirmed for Fright Fight: Grim Reaper, Bigfoot, Vampire and Werewolf.

grim_reaper bigfoot vampire werewolf

They have also stated that Fright Fight won't include a single-player campaign or anything at launch, but you will be able to battle against bots when playing solo. It's an online-focused multiplayer game first and foremost, but a more meaty single-player offering may come down the road as an update, likely depending on how well the game does.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited for Fright Fight, and if you are too then you should definitely be following along with the discussion in our forums and have it added to your TouchArcade [Free] Watch List to keep up with any more news as development continues.

  • brickwalker0

    This looks really, really bad. Animations seem low quality and the hit detection is confusing.

    • toxiccheese

      I came in here thinking I would be the only one with bad impressions but apparently I'm not. I know it's an alpha, but the characters feel sooo slow and floaty. When the characters land a hit, it lacks feedback, visual flair and just plain old oomph. Hopefully the kinds of things will be addressed.

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        same, I mean I completely understand, but for TA to even hint at the game SSB you're going to come in with high expectations like it or not. It's unfair, but it's either going to be just as good, or a okay copycat that is going to be continuously criticized for not being as good.

    • Jason Rice

      To everyone that thinks that this game looks bad for an Alpha I would like to point you to a post made on this site about Aralon when it was coming out that shows the difference between an alpha build (which this is) and a finished product.

  • Louis Ace

    iMovie!? Seriously!?

  • Smokey956

    Nice try, but you FAILED

  • iPadCary

    Uh... I duuno ...

  • ImJPaul

    Animation looks absolutely horrendous, Low frame rate and only 4 characters with maybe 4 different moves each?! I'm sorry but this looks terrible.

  • nini

    Can't give it a hard time yet, it's in alpha so it's not like many parts are even ready to go and there's a huge gap between an alpha version and a release ready version of something.

    Lower your expectations folks, a lot of people are writing this off far too soon. If it still looks like this after the beta stage then give it a hard time.

    • Living Legend

      Yeah I agree it's too early.

  • Fastbridge

    Damn I was pumped for this. Does not look good at all. I hope this is just really early footage and not what the final product will be like.

    • N64

      Thus it is called ALPHA gameplay footage. If you know the different phases of development, there is alpha then comes beta then RC, leading all the way up to the final product.

  • Fright Fight

    Thanks for the article Jared!

    We will posting an updated trailer in August featuring all 4 characters in action, as well as some in-game additions that have yet to be revealed. Thanks again for the support!

    • joshwa1

      If you add support for the mfi controllers I'll get it for sure.

  • Creepshow

    Very unimpressive. Floaty looking physics, slow motion gameplay and horrific looking animations/characters. Personally, I wouldn't have shown any game impressions in this early beta stage.

  • 28monkeys

    Bad decision to show this trailer on toucharcade. Not to mention first page. Ita like killing yourself

    • Peter

      Not completely bad. Now they come here and see what are the major complaints (too floaty?, too slow?, bad animations?, poor characters?,...) and tweak everything till the final release. Hopefully. I mean, seriously hopefully.

  • Jxsgamer

    Seeing this after witnessing the action pack of Smash Bros Wii U... Oh boy. How's this going to work out? Be pretty cool if this has IOS popular characters..

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      genius, although licensing would probably cost a lot, although the iOS market is probably small enough to be willing to do a group collaboration, but come on a SSB type game with iOS characters? Red bird vs, Om Nom? Hell yes, you could only imagine the super moves that could end up as.

  • Fright Fight

    All character animations, speed, physics, etc are being and will be tuned for the release of the game.

    • pkmaximum

      In no way is this an attempt to slander the game in development, because clearly right now it is in an early-BETA state. However, what is the point of showing a trailer to a game that is far from appealing? That said, I am a huge smash fan and look forward to the final product.

      • Fright Fight

        Our number one priority is to have a game that people will want to play. Feedback is a crucial part of the process. Now we know what people want, and we will deliver on that.

  • Soupy

    These guys do know that Smash Bros is coming out on 3DS AS WELL AS WiiU right?

    That's some direct mobile competition from the game that this one is basically trying to be. If they are going to copy it, getting the gameplay and physics right is a must.

    I love to see indie projects flourish though, so if they can release another video that shows the fixed gameplay, as well as something that makes this unique, then THAT would be awesome!

    • N64

      3DS and mobile are in now way in direct competition. Most people have smart phones, very few have 3DS...

  • defunct32

    I'll pass.

  • mushroom

    I don't understand all that negative reaction to the trailer. The game looks pretty cool IMO except for the awkward jump physics. Not a big issue taking into consideration that this is just alpha footage.

  • Utfan

    Man thought this would be a legit SSBB game for iPhone. All I see is a slow game with bad graphics and what seems to be bad gameplay. And that trailer was made with a cheesy iMovie theme ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Brendan Charles

    Looks extremely slow and I saw the same attack about 10 times which probably means 90% of this game will be scratching your opponent to death or until one of you loses interest and throws yourself off the stage.

  • r3d5

    I know it's an alpha, but damn they should not have shown this. Especially with 2 months until a September release, they have an insane amount of work cut out or them.

    • N64

      You obviously have no idea of what your talking about. Most game companies show alpha to gain exposure from sites like TA

  • Out5poken

    Sorry to say, but I weren't impressed with the screenshots posted despite it being in alpha I'm not surprised at the game play footage. It just confirmed my initial thoughts, that it looks boring and the animation/illustration doesn't look fun.

    • N64

      How can you judge a game based on alpha before even playing it? You sound like a hater

  • N64

    IMO it is way too early to judge. Based off of the alpha all I can say is that the concept is pretty sweet. If they can fix the floaty physics and speed up the gameplay, this could be the next big hit

  • rfmv123

    I think it looks like a good game. Don't complain yet you have to remember it is still a work in progress.