Way back in the day, in October of 2011 to be more precise, Vector Unit caught our attention with their stunning water effects in their then-upcoming watercraft racing title Riptide GP [$0.99]. The game came out soon after, and indeed the water effects and graphics in general were a sight to behold, though, while fun, the game itself felt a bit barebones.

Vector Unit is looking to ratchet up the intensity of the sequel, Riptide GP 2, in just about every way. Their latest trailer focuses on some of the new vehicles you'll be able to take for a spin in the upcoming game. Check it out.

Pocket Gamer notes that Riptide GP 2 will boast some cool new sequel-y features, including new tracks, full multiplayer, and external controller support. That last part is for Android folks by the way, though Apple seems to be getting in on the controller fun too.

The original Riptide GP actually did launch on Android first with an iOS version releasing shortly thereafter, and it's not clear if that's the route they'll be taking this time around but we'll keep an eye out for more details in the near future.

[Pocket Gamer]

  • icoker

    all gp riptide was missing was multiplayer and now theyre bringing it. Damn.

  • sweetdiss

    Despite being on the water, the original Riptide felt like the closest thing to WipEout on iOS to me (until the excellent Repulze, of course). Very excited for this.

  • bigrand1

    So, when to expect its release?

  • flashbackflip

    With all due respect, the water 'splashes' when speeder hits it are animated super-ugly