screen03Space is hot. Well, I guess it's actually cold, but games that have or feature space in them are super hot right now. People want more space games, as they ride highs from FTL: Faster Than Light, Star Command, and some other recent notables. I'm a big fan of space, too, all of a sudden thanks to these delightful games. Anyway, my point: you're into space and you should probably make a mental note for Out There. It's an upcoming space sim that combines choose-your-own-adventure, resource management, and exploration in one package. Also, it's coming to iOS and PC and has this amazing art style.

Seriously, check this out:

The game revolves around a simple premise. You're an engineer. You're alone, stranded, and need to build a ship to get out of the space station you're in. You do this, but that's just the beginning -- now you've got to explore the universe for resources, as well as personal gain.

We've yet to get our hands on it (trust us, we're asking ... a lot), but Modojo has a great preview that touches on some of the high concept-y ideas powering the game. You know, stuff like meaningful choice mechanics that actually change the plot, a sense of urgency, and resource management. Here's some new screens:

screen01 screen02

Out There is slated to hit "soon," according to the game's web site. First person to make a "wow, this game is really out there" joke gets no prize. At all. Because you're a bad person for doing that.

  • lyace21

    wow, this game is really out there! :O
    Is this like FTL? 🙂

  • Arrk

    looks mass effectish... yet hope they delivered more screens and told more about the gameplay. truly hope the missions (or whatever they gonna have there as exploration stages) arent just another stupid runner/scroller/jumper arcade

  • Aventador

    This has been on my watchlist from moment developer first posted announcement on TA forums.
    Art is beautiful and will look gorgeous on retina screens ; also whole premise of staying sane alone out there in huge universe , communicating with alien species, doing research and managing every aspect of ship ( reminds me of FTL a bit from ship screens ) is kinda unique, not to mention how much every decision counts.

  • Ben Norvell

    Hopefully it will be less repetitive than star command. That game was disappointing.

    • Reignmaker

      Was about to post the same thing.

    • michaelpeiffert

      Hi! Nothing to do with SC. It's focused on exploration, resources management, narrative-driven adventure and crafting.

  • Heavnsix

    It looks awesome Michael. That screen of the astronaut's bust reminds me of the latest two coheed and cambria albums- if anyone's into that scene.

    • MichaelPeiffert

      Thanks dude! I was into that scene... When I was younger 🙂

  • JabTomcat

    I really enjoy the choice of font. It looks fun and playful. The graphical style also reminds me of Borderlands. Looks exciting!

  • flashbackflip


    Looks like my type

  • bueroaugenbluten

    Hope it's a little bit like Star Control 2 - a game on the PC ages ago... I loved it!

    • Pjburnhill

      Weirdly enough, been playing SC2 the past few days! There's an HD mod for it now with the re-release Ur-Quan Masters. Awesome, pure awesome.

      • bueroaugenbluten

        Yes - i play it on my mac too - urquan masters is awesome but an ios port would be fantastic!

  • chanandler

    Wow how come I missed this one on my radar? Looks pretty good, love the art style. I don't suppose there are any more gameplay videos coming? When's it out?

  • Jake7905

    I've been waiting for something like this on IOS. I thought that "something" would have been Star Command, but that turned out to be "Star Combat".

  • philodygmn

    Trippy-dippy art style's like Space Ghost meets 2001. Watchlisted. Dunno that it's my kind of game unless it has a The Dig -style narrative component—just, not obtuse adventure-game choke-points! <:-)

  • abodi

    ...the stars my destination.

  • kenny23

    Looks fun when does it come out? 🙂

  • lepke

    Looking forward to this

  • gamerman333

    Looks awesome!!!!!!

  • Bloodangel

    Says fall 2013... Only 4 weeks left till spring