Podcast-Illustration-0121On this week's episode of The TouchArcade Show, Jared and I are joined by special guest Joseph Leray to talk about various iOS gaming and other subjects. At the top, we put in a little bit more time on the Xbox One. You guys had a lot to say about its DRM policy, so we returned to the subject with those comments in mind. (And yes, we talk a bit about the PlayStation 4, too.)

Later, we dig into the best, newest, and the sickest in finger gaming. Layton Brothers: Mystery Room leads off this section, while other notables like Home and Block Block Block bring up the rear. Also, we managed to work in a bit of Alpaca Evolution talk because man this game is awesome!

If you'd like to listen, feel free to hit a link below. You can also subscribe to us on iTunes or Xbox Music. You should do the latter -- the downloads are instant and run in the background. Convenience! Yay!


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Thanks for listening! Eli will be back from his European adventure by next week's show, so look forward to that. Here are your show notes, by the way:


Home - A Horror Adventure - [$2.99] [TA Plays]
Alpaca Evolution - [Free] [TA Plays]
Layton Brothers: Mystery Room - [Free] [First Impressions]
Block Block Block - [Free]
Samurai Shodown II - [$2.99] [First Impressions]
Colin McRae - [$2.99] [First Impressions]


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  • Chris Brady

    Ok, the console thing. That 'Family Plan' thing Microsoft had for XBOX One? The more sane rumour claimed that your ten 'family members' would only get an hour of play time off your library, before they too would have to buy it. On their own accounts. Nothing I found confirms or denies it, but at the same time it makes sense because Microsoft actually wants to make money. So really, not that good a plan. Also when they reversed their policies, it sounded/was worded in a very petty way. 'If we going to go back in the old fashion way, you're going to lose out on these other features. So there!' Which, unfortunately for Microsoft, it sounded like most of their customer base is perfectly fine with that.

    As for Nintendo? As much as I was a fan of theirs, they seem to stuck in the SNES days, and are confused as to why that particular strategy is failing them now. The Wii was a fluke that they're assuming was part of their 'plan' and now that very market that they had are mostly gone to either other consoles, or... The Touch market.

    And one thing confuses me. You guys say you want 'the future' and yet you want more old and tired franchises like Zelda or Mario. There's nothing wrong with those games, but Nintendo should also try and make new franchise, or have some new ideas that aren't gimmicks. They haven't really been innovative since the joypad and the portable entries (innovation is something that everyone adopts, which like the joypad are, and motion controls, according to the Big N are dead.) instead we get tired rehashes of the same old story. At this point, I have a sneaking suspicion that whenever Bowser and Princess Peach want some quality time, they set up this game where he comes in, 'kidnaps' her, gets Mario and crew out of the way for a couple of weeks, enjoys the Princess booty, then pretends to be defeated when Mario inevitably shows up.

    I want something new from Nintendo, I want to love them again. Unfortunately as long as nostalgic old men run it, ain't happening.

    Still love the podcast, keep it up! I'll be here next week.:)

    • blackbear219

      Ugh, not this guy again...

    • Karzay

      "...innovation is something that everyone adopts..."

      Not really. It's the act of introducing something new.

      Nintendo has always been innovative, more than any console manufacturer. They introduced the modern analog stick with the Nintendo 64, Rumble pack, The "winged" controller design, the wii remote and nunchuck, Power pad, Power Glove, Virtual Boy, everything from the Gameboy to the 3DS, etc.

      Matter of fact, the new Xbox plans to use an makeshift solution to the WiiU controller by using 3rd party devices like the iPad. Nintendo has a long history of innovation, regardless of how successful each idea has been. You can call those ideas "gimmicks," if you want, but they do introduce new experiences and that's what Nintendo does best. They focus on gameplay.

      Nintendo has never really cared about story or characters. I just don't see the point to why you are complaining now, when it's always been that way.

      • Karzay

        I'd also like to add that you really can't call the Wii a fluke when it was released a year after the Xbox360 and has since out sold it.

      • Chris Brady

        It was a fluke in the way it sold. It blew every single expectation that anyone had. It was THE party machine. Even near the tail end of it's life cycle it did pretty good, but until then Nintendo was on a 'decline'. People were considering it 'third place' in the 'console wars', which is a silly concept if you ask me.

        Problem is, because the Wii did so well with the casual market, the Big N figured their faith in the old way was justified, and now with the Wii U... They ain't doing so hot.

        However, this does not mean that they'll go under or bankrupt. Nintendo actually has enough money to literally stop making consoles or games for the next fifty years and remain in the black. It's scary the amount of money they have.

        Anyway, back to Spiral. I'm lovin' that game!

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