831815_largerLooks like the cat (fish?) is out of the bag: in the near-ish future, Ridiculous Fishing [$2.99] will receive a huge content update, doubling the amount of stuff to do in the game. This update will also add a completely new narrative arc that'll flesh out a bit more of the world, Vlambeer's Rami Ismail confirmed at indie game event Rezzed to Digital Spy.

We're not so sure what to expect, specifically. Will it star the game's fisherman? Is it going to take place before or after the events of the game? Vlambeer isn't talking about fine details. Yet.

"When we released the game, we promised people that for $2.99 they would get Ridiculous Fishing without any further in-app purchases or anything," Ismail said at the event. "We're going to keep our word, but we want to emphasize that point that we were really serious about that."

"The plan we have now, if we pull it off the way we want to, we're going to double the content and add a completely new narrative arc, and explore that world a bit further."

Sounds good, right? Ridiculous Fishing is one of the most electrifying games on the App Store today, and we're more than stoked for new content. Here's hoping new hats are in the works, too, because hats.

[via Digital Spy]

  • Jazzpha

    Well, today just went from good to awesome to fan-freaking-tasticly fantabulous.

    Great news, can't wait!

  • Retro Nug

    Just today I thought about how RF hasn't seen a content update yet. Nice.

  • vlambeer

    Just to make abundantly clear, there's a small update coming up first. After that, we'll set our sights to a larger update somewhere far in the future, but we really have no concrete information about that yet. To be honest, except a vague plan of where we want to go with the game, we don't know what's going to happen either.

    • Jazzpha

      Take your time and make it as good as you can. I'm sure life will provide plenty of distractions for your audience from now until then-- its good at that.

  • elefunk

    You guys will go from amazing to amazing+1 if you also add the ability to continue listening to music/podcasts while playing your game 😀

    • vlambeer

      We've fixed that for the first update, which should be out soon. Stay tuned and we'll let you know when it'll hit.

      • monetarydread

        This is the best news of the whole post. I almost always have a podcast running in the background; if a game shuts down the podcast I am listening to I am less likely to launch the app.

      • elefunk

        I love you. SOOOOO much.

  • C. Stubb

    " ...because hats."

    Props for your brilliant explanation. Your logic is infallible.

  • Zetaspawn

    Will we ever see alternate controls so us ipad folk can avoid the workout of trying to tilt these monsters?

    • vlambeer

      Sadly, probably not. The design of the levels, controls and gameplay are all tweaked endlessly to feel as precise as possible. Not only that, but touching the screen as an action is already reserved for the chainsaw.

      • sawyer4325

        Buttons...tap here to move left, here to move right, here to cut the fish up...

      • vlambeer

        There's no way we could make that precise enough. We thought about a scheme that'd place the cursor where you touched the screen horizontally, but your arm/hand in the way of the screen made the game unplayable at the pace we want it to be at.

      • Stustaff

        What?? So a left button on bottom left corner a right button in bottom right and a chainsaw button above the right button wouldn't work?

        Plenty of driving and games with more action than this have it and it WOULD however imprecise or in fact truly awful STILL be better than trying to wave my iPad around like a fool.

        Ps still love it on iPhone it's perfect 🙂

      • vlambeer

        No, because that's where the fish are that you want to be dodging. You'd have an explicit disadvantage playing the game like that. DIn a racing game, the time between seeing an obstacle and making an action is relatively large - in Ridiculous Fishing, it's less than a second.

  • Zetaspawn

    That's a huge bummer, that reason alone is the only thing holding me back. Tilting a vertical ipad is just extremely unwieldy and uncomfortable.

  • JoshW66

    Fantastic news - even if it's just a small update at first. This has become my favorite game of the year. It's ridiculously good and I tip my fishing hat to the brains that concieved thus game!

  • Rhino

    Can we get iCloud backup support? Love this game so much and iCloud sync across devices would be sweet!

  • DtheGOPkiller

    Great game. Love how they charge ONE price and you get a whole game. It's how it should be done. Free to play and IAP walls have really messed up iOS gaming. When you see a game on a phone or tablet with a option for 49.99 or 99.99 IAP bundles you know the world has gone crazy.

  • Jerutix

    Aww man! I wish I hadn't deleted the game after I finished. I assume I'd have to replay everything?

  • grits


  • HlupyChlapcek

    Great news, but how about making the mimic fish just a tiny bit more "common"? Would that fit into the first update? 😉

    • vlambeer

      Probably not going to happen - we do want to remain truthful to reality in a simulation like this.