xcomiconXCOM: Enemy Unknown on iPhone and iPad is pretty rad. I'm impressed, particularly, with how many features of the game made it over. I mean, functionally, this is the same game that is available on PC and consoles, except with touch-friendly UI tweaks. Multiplayer is indeed missing, but I never really considered it a big-time feature. It feels pretty barebones and tacked-on in comparison to other offerings from the genre.

Anyway, you've read about it this morning, now see it in action. Eli and I spent about 30 minutes earlier today in an attempt to go through basically everything Enemy Unknown has to offer. We get into a couple of battles, manage some panic, and generally play around in the XCOM base:

As for a "port report" since everyone's asking about how it performs on various devices: we're pretty pleased with the game's performance on iPad mini, iPhone 5, and iPad 4. Smooth framerates and everything. The installed game takes up about 3.5 GBs of space, so clear some room.

International App Store LinkXCOM: Enemy Unknown, $19.99

  • http://www.onebagtravel.com/ OneBagTravel

    I don't own an iPad and I already have it for the PC so I won't be buying it. But easily would if I just had an iPad. Everyone needs to get this game if they haven't already.

  • 1337brian

    YES!!!!!! Totally forgot about this one coming! My fingers can't click buy fast enough!

  • TKO

    Ho boy! I gotta get this just to see how it is on the iPhone 5. ..Then I just might have to get an iPad Mini to be able to play it on a decent-size screen. (With that and Pirates and Real Racing on the iPad, I think that's enough excuse to get one now.) 🙂

    It's amazing, the quality of stuff we're getting now.

    • avcx

      Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't it ipad only?

      • andrew9oh7

        No it's on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

      • jamarohn

        Universal. With iCloud support.

      • jForsythe

        Did you even read the article. ?

  • jar0d

    Is there only the multiplayer part missing right now? How about missions etc? The same as in the PC /MAC version?

    • flashbackflip

      They cut multiplayer and lowered maps from about 70 to 30. This was done due to the appstore restriction on the app size - it's 2gb

      • phantom_cupcake

        They've promised multiplayer in an upcoming, free update, but yes, they have cut some of the maps out

      • Maszej Raval

        Couldnt the app size restriction be lifted with more maps available as an iap?

  • Shadowhawkx

    I am soo excited for this game! Unfortunately the only device i have right now is an iphone 4s. I an wondering how smoothly it would run on this device?

    • Flare_TM

      I would like to know this also if someone would be so kind to reply to this comment once tested!

    • Lostpop21

      Same, i plan to get it regardless, but it would be great to know.

  • Deonaldi

    Every minute I watch this video, the more I crave for the game.
    Aww man, now if they made a great Dead Space 2 for IOS also.

  • SpacePenguinBot

    I was hoping someone could tell us how playable it is on older iPads. The description said they recommend the iPad 4, but it will still work on iPads as far back as the 2. Also, how does it play on the iPhone?

  • Eric Ma

    So it runs great on Apple latest and greatest hardware. Good to know, lol.

    How about on older devices that aren't latest gen? And yeah, the iPad Mini is technically older hardware, but it doesn't have a retina display to make up for that.

  • Flare_TM

    According to Sanuku on the forum:

    No HQ Textures
    No HQ Sound Files
    No Multiplayer
    Frame rate issues on all devices
    Missing Missions & Videos
    No pre-order content from PC version

    So, it indeed seems that this is far from flawless.

    • phantom_cupcake

      Who cares, it's xcom on an ipad!

    • jamarohn

      Touch controls and it being portable trumps all those shortcomings for me.

      • http://ask.fm/MidianGTX MidianGTX

        Double-edged sword. We need to support iOS ports if we want it to be taken more seriously, but if we just sit back and accept incomplete or lazy ports (not specifically calling X-Com lazy here) then they'll continue to provide games which are merely "adequate" rather than brilliant. I'd suggest buying the game, but also being vocal about wanting issues addressed.

    • Gary James Wright

      But Its half the price and completely portable.. easily the best purchase Ive ever made for my iPad.. (of and no frame rate issues on my 4th gen iPad)

  • Jesse7277

    Did anyone even read the article before posting:/ He gave a performance report. So everyone asking how it runs on older devices, kindly go back and read the article before posting a comment.

    • Flare_TM

      Hows about just state the facts instead of coming across all condescending

      • Jesse7277

        Where exactly was I "all condescending"? I find it rude when someone comments in an article, asking a question that was clearly answered in said article. Thanks for the stern lecture:/

      • Jesse7277

        Yep. Reread my original post. I'm sorry if you found it condescending. I was honestly just making a suggestion the the two or three people who obviously didn't read the article.

      • Flare_TM

        Its fine mate, just the only part in the review that mentioned performance that I could find unless I'm missing something was this:

        "The more I look at the game, the more I'm noticing bits and pieces of
        asset compression, which makes it look like a "low res" port. As for
        actual problems, moving soldiers into buildings is pretty rough. The
        camera doesn't clip through walls very well."

        Although it mentions "compression" its a very brief 3 lines and doesn't really go into specific detail and doesn't mention frame rate at all, or specific devices such as iphones or ipods.

      • Jesse7277

        This article isn't the review. In this article they talk a little about performance on a few different devices.

      • Jesse7277

        Either way my intentions were not to be a dick. My apologies good sir.

    • SpacePenguinBot

      But he didn't tell us how it runs on older devices, he told us how it runs on the very newest devices!

  • Cesar Ramirez


    Gosh, that means you'll need 7GB free just to install it!!

    • jamesmcadams82

      It's just over 3.2GB installed and just over 1.86 to download. I thought you needed those 2 figures added together to install (so around 5.1GB) but I've heard it's actually nearer 4.5-ish - I've cleared 5.5GB anyway. Though obviously you could download to a PC/Mac and then you'd 'only' need 3.5GB in total.

      • Cesar Ramirez

        I always thought the download size was double? Good to know! But, it might be a while until I buy to clear up that much space :0/

  • Reignmaker

    I'm sold. Buying this. Haters will always have Angry Birds and Clash of Clans.

  • mjdalways

    Hmmm... This for 19.99 or the PC version for 12.99 from Newegg.... Tough Choices.

  • iammane

    Ahhhhh I usually don't stay up till 11 but... I gonna make an exception I think :))

  • http://freelunchau.tumblr.com/ freelunch

    I'll grab it but not until the inevitable first update as it's too big to be downloading more than once in a month.

  • Reignmaker

    PC version is probably superior. I guess it comes down to whether that extra on-the-go convenience is worth the texture reductions and temporary lack of multiplayer.

    • NickyNichols

      PC probably has hundreds of GBs, this device has...16. It's a no-go for me on iPad.

  • anwar79

    Bought it immediately. Already have it on the PC but having it on iPad and iPhone is awesome. It works decently well on iPhone surprisingly.

    If this helps the overall market for iOS premium game then I'm all in. Hopefully this will promote more premium games and get supported.

    • Reignmaker

      It's not on the U.S. app store yet, is it?

  • swarmster

    Wait, 3.5GB? I thought they cut all those maps because they were limited to 2GB. If your app can be larger when installed, why not offer the others as a post-install download or something?

  • Jaylewl

    Anyone tried playing on iPad 3? How's the performance?

  • Ben Norvell

    How is the performance on ipad 2?

    • demonalcohol

      I would also like t o know this

    • demonalcohol

      I played it for a few hours. Seems like a perfectly functional port. There are some draw distance issues and manipulating the camera is awkward, but nothing worth passing over such an excellent game. I'm on an ipad 2 so those with faster processors might see better graphic results.

    • MisterMiracle

      Enjoying it on iPad 2 as well. Just make sure to reboot your device after installing and close any biggie apps before booting to avoid any hiccups. Been playing 5 hours now, no issues so far.

    • Gary James Wright

      I tried it on my wife's iPad 2 and it operated well.. better performance after closing down all background aps.. But it plays best on my 4th gen iPad..

  • grits

    Great vid Brad. Looks like a buy.

  • Jonas

    The only thing I'm concerned about is the lack of multiplayer. I can't tell you how many times developers promised a free multiplayer update that never happened. Now I trust these developers but I hope it won't hurt the game's sales/reviews (since w/o the "complete" experience, many may say it wouldn't justify the price).

    They should at least add some indicator in the description.

    • demonalcohol

      Multiplayer in these types of games never seems very fun to me. It's hard enough for me to wait for any of my x with friends games, I don't want to try it with a game that takes over 50 to complete a session.

  • hourglass

    Great, now I have need to go grab an iPad Mini. I hate playing on a tiny screen.

    This game looks pretty awesome. The price is a little high for the App Store, but it looks like it'll be worth it.