asphalt8It's hard to believe that Gameloft is already up to the eighth entry in the Asphalt racing series, but here we are. Of course not all of those are on the iOS platform, as this series has been around since the pre-smartphone era, but Asphalt 4: Elite Racing did make a huge splash on iOS when the App Store launched way back in 2008.

Here at E3 we got a chance to check out their latest, Asphalt 8, and it's looking incredibly impressive. Typically I haven't been able to get into the Asphalt games, as something about them just didn't "feel" right compared to the racers I typically enjoy. However, the series has many fans and there's no doubt they are well-made and feature-rich games.

Those things ring as true as ever with Asphalt 8, though this time I actually think the game feels much more solid, for lack of a better expression, in terms of how the cars feel and move when on the track. Also, this game is absolutely so over-the-top in an arcade-y, very unrealistic way that it's actually really awesome. It's like the '80s action movie of racers. Check out the video below for a look at it in action, and apologies in advance for the wild flailing of the device it's running on. Tilt-steering, ya know?

Asphalt 8: Airborne will be launching next month, so if you have an urge for some crazy stunt-laden arcade racing add it to your TouchArcade [Free] app Watch List to get an alert when it hits.

  • bigrand1

    Yes I do and I definitely will!

  • Living Legend

    I am excited for this!

  • blakedaking

    Can't wait, happy to hear it is more Arcady

  • dariusjr98

    Getting that bad boy…as soon as I get a new phone :/

  • bigbadrobbo

    Looking for an alternative to the rapidly degrading Real Racing 3.

    • King Random

      They are different types of racing games, but Need for Speed: Most Wanted is awesome 😀

  • Jzracin

    This looks so amazing cant wait tired of real racing 3

  • BobCat5142

    Will this be playable on ipad mini or will it be super laggy?

  • loganexplosion

    I loved Asphalt7. I just hate how it says you're going 300+MPH (or KPH whatever) but it only LOOKS like it's going less than half that... or you crash and it resets you JUST BEFORE THE CRASH, so you keep hitting it in a loop (like a roofy loop). Super arcade-e. Jumps???? ugh..

  • Madison

    Any word on the iAP, since 4 and 5 retailed for premium prices, and after that we got lower prices and more and more iAp in the series....

  • King Random

    That was a Pagani Zonda in the vid, xD

    Anyways, the game looks awesome, love the changing track jumping thingys as well. Just hope it's a single paid game without the need for extensive IAPs, just PURELY optional.

    Btw, don't you guys think that nowadays one of the biggest worries for all these hopefully good games that we are waiting for the release of are the IAPs. I mean, almost every new big game that is going to come out, we instantly think about it having IAPs and hoping that they don't...

    Reply your thoughts pls 🙂

    • GameIoft

      No your bieng a bad boy

  • hisicon

    Looks like they eliminated the adrenaline mode, that's sad!!

  • GameIoft

    This game may come out next month for technical issues. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you.