DR3-610Dead Rising 3's SmartGlass support is way too neat to not mention. According to Joystiq, the "second screen experience" for the Xbox One exclusive will grant players access to bonus missions, as well as special abilities including, but not limited to, air strikes and drone support. More interestingly, the SmartGlass app will also help folks "locate specific types of items and abandoned storefronts," Joystiq says. Meaning, you could have a couch co-op partner help you find stuff, as well as set waypoints on your map. That's pretty neat, as it opens up a new way to play via tablets and phones. The potential of SmartGlass is seriously awesome.

Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One exclusive, by the way, and it's launching this holiday. In the teaser trailer we've included below, you can see that Capcom is taking this game in a much more serious direction, tonally, than it has in previous Dead Risings. (We call multiple Dead Rising games Dead Risings, right? Oh well!)

[via Joystiq]

  • SmackDatButt

    Dead Rising 3??? I can't wait for TheRadBrad to do a walk through of this! πŸ˜€

    • Eseres

      LOL! I watch his uploads too πŸ˜€
      His Cry of Fear walkthrough made me laugh so hard xD

    • dariusjr98

      Awesome, some Brad fans πŸ™‚

      He's my favorite commentator.

  • metalmandave83

    How about just bringing games like this to tablets instead of making me buy a $400 box that sits in a room.

    • Ben Norvell

      Are you serious?

      • B3nlok

        Is that so inconceivable a future where $400 boxes are no longer needed because your tablet is powerful enough to support AAA games and when paired with bluetooth controls + hdmi out pretty much becomes a console? How about smart tvs with modern and powerfull SOCs doing everything a $400 archaic box does including gaming?

      • rodgerrodger

        Maybe someday, but we are still quite aways away from a mobile device matching the raw power and space capacity of PS4/XB1. There is still plenty these machines can do that mobile devices can't (and the opposite is true too). Maybe for PS5/XB2/iPad10 this will be the case.

      • metalmandave83

        Yeah I think it's time to move in a new direction. Hey I've been playing on consoles since I was old enough to hold a controller. They were great but the world is changing. Time to move on IMO. I don't think we need new consoles anyway.

      • speedyph


      • Ben Norvell

        LOL you all could not be more wrong. Ipad games may be evolving but so are console games. It's actually funny how people like you think that mobile gaming will ever be at the quality of console gaming.

      • B3nlok

        NOOO...You got it all wrong. Its not about low budged mobile games taking over the entire gaming industry with atrocious Gameloft clones and 10 year old ports. Nobody would be silly to say`YAY! MOBILE GAMES! CANT WAIT TO PLAY THE SUPER SEXY GANGSTAR WHATEVER OVER THAT GTA V CRAP`

        Its the other way around. People want more console quality games on mobile systems because the platform is mature enough as a gaming platform.

    • derek4real


      • Ben Norvell

        My thoughts exactly

  • rodgerodger

    I'd be more interested if they hadn't sucked the life out of Dead Rising and COD-afied the once fun/wacky game. It being an Xbox one exclusive doesn't help either.

    • BulkSlash

      Exactly. If I can't run around in a pink mankini and cowboy boots whilst riding on a tricycle then it's just not Dead Rising.

    • derek4real

      Are u sure its not u who just sucks the life out of anything goood. Hurry up and kill yourself already you depressing fool! Ur fucked

  • SmugPugD

    As long as they include that seriously hilarious rap rock song that played in the mall courtyard during Dead Rising. Now those were some great lyrics.

    • derek4real

      Nope that was DEAD ISLAND twat!

      • dariusjr98

        Well that escalated quickly.

        Your name calling was unnecessary. He was thinking of the wrong game, so what? Is that a reason to call him a twat?

        Leave TA, we don't need your kind here.

      • SmugPugD


      • SmugPugD

        Well, how nice. "Twat"? Really? Do your parents know what a waste of space you are on the Internet?
        Anyway, the song to which I am referring is called "Gone Guru" by Lifeseeker, and it is indeed from Dead Rising. It's past your bedtime, kid. Go away.

  • Dracil

    Wii U has already been doing this type of co-op with its gamepad. And the same thing can be done with the Vita/PSX. This is nothing new.

  • _the_escape_artist_


  • Opinion

    Sucks i wont get to play because i'll be enjoying all of the other games i get sent to me by friends on PS4. 😐

    • derek4real

      What games? The whole 3! Sony fagboys make me sick!

      • SmugPugD

        Wow, you really are firing on all cylinders, troll!

      • Gamer_Kev

        What makes me sick is when people are so attached to a company they just bend over and take it. Not everybody wants to submit to "Big Brother" looking over their shoulders ever 24 hours.

  • http://about.me/davidlnguyen David Nguyen

    Very cool. I have no interest in the xbox one but I'll be getting the ps4 version when their timed exclusive runs out with MS about a year or so πŸ™‚

    • Ben Norvell

      Yeah you keep telling yourself these games will be timed exclusives. You Sony fanboys just can't accept the fact that Xbox one dominates it in terms of exclusives, what with games like halo, dead rising 3, quantum break, sunset overdrive, Titanfall, etc.

  • derek4real

    Ya these Sony fkn idiots are soooooo dumb. Buy into a shit system with no games! New games every week with the XBOX! Now whose the real gamers huh, plus we won't see any inflated PS4 sales numbers this time around, cuz they've already got blu ray players! BURN MFs BURN!

    • greatnoob

      Well PS4 owners will have a powerful console, one that will definitely be superior in some ways to the X1. They also don't need to worry about breaking some eye toy and having to buy another one (just so their $100 more expensive system doesn't become unusable). Also, they don't need to check in every day to actually use the $500 brick. Lastly, they can buy their games and trade them without worrying about DRM or some $60 service that they'll be getting for free.

      We need some burn heal here.