914036_largerAt the Xbox One reveal event a few weeks ago, Microsoft mentioned that SmartGlass was being built into its upcoming console, presumably allowing for more functionality and less of a bolted-on feel than the companion app has on the Xbox 360. Today, at its E3 2013 press briefing, we got a small look at what SmartGlass can do on the One -- and, spoilers, it's looking kinda the same.

Specifically, players will be able to start up games, set up multiplayer matches, and purchase in-game add-ons through the app, which of course, works with iPad and iPhone. You'll also be able to control games with SmartGlass or just take a peek at game stats if a given game supports that.

The current SmartGlass app for Xbox 360 allows for a lot of this stuff, but most of it has a web-y, sorta slow feel to it. If SmartGlass on One responds smoothly and displays information without hassle, it's a definite improvement.

We didn't expect a lot of mobile news from this event. The word pre-briefing was that it would be all about games, games, and games. And it certainly was -- in addition to a few surprise reveals for games like, say, Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3, the briefing was filled with game teaser trailers.

[via SlashGear]

  • handycapman

    Honestly couldn't care less. The xbone has been a huge disappointment for me so far and has swayed me to go ps4 next gen. I want to play console games on my controller not my tablet. Smh

    • Gamer_Kev

      I agree with you about the Xbox being a big disappointment. It's certainly off my list as well. I'll be grabbing a Wii U in the near future, though the PS4 is a wait and see for me.

  • Terwilke

    Killer instinct? Hmm....

    • B4rl3y

      Not exactly worth getting an Xbox for, but I did love playing that first time around

  • tony

    YOu use the tablet alongside yr game so for instance yr playing battlefield you can use the tablet for a birds eye view of the landscape and send in you airstrike that way..