127416_largerVideo games! Chances are we'll see a handful today at E3 in Los Angeles, as four of the biggest names in the biz take the stage at their own respective events. If you want to watch alongside us, we've collected some links to various live streams and the times they start:

  • Microsoft - 12:30PM EST, 9:30 PDT - [Xbox.com]
  • EA - 4PM EST, 1PM PDT - [EA.com] [
  • Ubisoft - 6PM EST, 3PM PDT - [YouTube]
  • Sony - 9PM EST, 6PM PDT - [Ustream]

It's hard to tell just how much mobile stuff we'll see at these. It is, after all, a new console generation so a lot of attention and time will be put there, ensuring that these new devices launch hot later this year. However, mobile tends to find a way, sorta like genetically altered dinosaurs. Expect casual asides as opposed to splashy announcements. It's probably a safe bet, for instance, that Microsoft digs into a bit more detail about SmartGlass. Also, EA will probably note that some of its properties are headed to phones or tablets. You know, stuff like that.

The fun part about E3 is that few really know what's going to happen or what's going to be announced. As stuff relevant to our interests are revealed, we'll write about them. Yay, E3! Woo!

  • ODMay

    Sony's stream is going to be packed due to that PS4 reveal.

  • speedyph


  • samness

    Maaaan I wish I were there. Thanks for the links!

  • NickyNichols

    I'm so excited to see Microsoft in damage control and then Sony disappointing everyone.

  • NOEN

    Spike TV has it all televised if your at home. I had a tough time on ustream during the PS4 reveal. I'm glad I'm home today.

    • dariusjr98

      No, I heard they're only doing Microsoft coverage. G4tv covered it ALL. Man I miss them...

  • andris12345

    What time does Sony stream start in UK?

  • jeffyg3

    If Sony doesn't announce it has the same DRM crap as Microsofts, then I think Xbox One might be dead on arrival. Can't believe Microsoft could possibly **** up such an awesome brand with their next console

    • DBrown519

      Yeah I had an Xbox 360, then sold it, since then have played the PS3 now. The online gaming is the same pretty much. I just think since you pay for Xbox Live, there should be something else (free stuff?). Anyways I think the next generation consoles that PS4 could possibly win over the Xbox One.

      • jeffyg3

        I was a bit different. Sold the PS3 and all the games last year for a pretty good price, kept the Xbox 360. Titafall for the Xbox One looks pretty good though, also with Spark, KI, Forza 5, and others. But it's hard to get excited for it when the policies are actually enough to not get the console. Sucks hard, I liked the Forza series much getter than the Gran Turismo series...hella better AI and gameplay, would have liked to play that one since I'm big on the driving games...ah wells. I dunno, maybe I'll just wait until the PS4 and Xbox One get their hardware revisions to decide...hopefully Microsoft will relax on the policies by then