ss2logoHey fighting game fans, here's some cool news. SNK's classic '90s fighter Samurai Shodown 2 is making its way to iOS and Android, and best of all it's coming this month. The original Samurai Shodown first popped up during the mid-90s when fighting game fever was in full effect, and was especially noteworthy for bringing weapons into the fighting game fold. This second entry in the series is regarded as a fan-favorite out of the many iterations that have been released since. Check out the trailer here.

As you can see towards the end, Samurai Shodown 2 will support the MOGA Bluetooth controller for Android devices, and given Apple's recent hint towards official 3rd-party controller support, that may be in the cards for iOS gamers down the line too. No online is kind of a bummer, but at the very least I'll be stoked to carry around one of my favorite fighters in my pocket, so add Samurai Shodown 2 to your TouchArcade [Free] app Watch List to get an alert when it hits the App Store sometime this month, and check out our forums for some discussion.

  • Mike


  • BillyOceansBlues

    "no more frustration!" aka "these controls will be crap!"

    • Earth Vs. Me

      Hah! You don't have to be a marketing major to know it's not a great idea to criticize your own product in the trailer.

      Anyway, looks like a fantastic port, and I'll definitely download it at launch. I have fond memories of playing SSII at the neighborhood video store as a kid.

    • Maszek

      Who said no more frustration?

  • felipe

    will snk finally support 4" display?

  • Deadline247

    Nice! I always liked that game.

  • Tim Cant

    6 buttons! Covering the entire screen!

    • Protoman

      Technically it only had 4 buttons.

  • Protoman

    I still play this game regularly on my Neo Geo CD system!

  • Blodia

    It's "shodown", by the way...

  • 7lilwhitewolf7

    Thank you Jared 4 thiz.

  • mrktrx

    Hall yeah

  • Cyberdemonio

    Deberían poner modo Wi-fi en este tipo de juegos para traer de vuelta la época dorada de los arcades y que no sólo quede en un mal remake como es el caso de SFXTK, soulcalibur o Marvel vs Capcom 2 este último ni siquiera actualizado para dispositivos de última generación.

  • WisdomTheElite

    I truly do hope this works with Xperia Play. Touch screens are TERRIBLE for fighting games.

  • Dams

    Hope they support ipad. This seems unplayable with all the screens filled with buttons

  • Markaroni

    What's going to be the price??New Zealand App Store list's it at a whopping 12.99$.