339605_largerSuper School Day [$0.99] plays like any other of the mini-game collections on the App Store, yet it manages to not bore by being (so damn) charming. From the second the game launches it’s crackin’ jokes, successfully entertaining with style and personality. Don’t be fooled, Super School Day is actually a not-so-casual, challenging, laugh-in-the-face of mini-game collections - and succeeded at becoming a by-the-hour affair with me and my iOS devices. These days games like *that* are a rare breed.

The premise is simple; you pick a student avatar and go through a day of school. Only, if this wasn’t a Second Impact game that might be ok. These avatars come with RPG-style personality and intelligence attributes that play a role in how difficult each class of the day is. Mini-games get played, then… you get to try and save the world; Dragonball-style punches vs. a meteorite. I emphasized the try, there, because that meteorite is one hell of a challenge.


Super School Day is nearly a roguelike; meaning you play until you die – and die you will – in short, panic-laden play-sessions. Branching paths lead way to 16 mini-games as you go from class to class. Mini-games ranging from simply turning off an annoying alarm clock and picking out an outfit to landing a UFO and bustin’ moves to some dub-step. Its gameplay is dumb-fun and manages to sass-up the simplicity of the experience to epic proportions.

I like to consider Super School Day more of an experience; if that doesn’t mean much to you… then you might want to pass on giving it a shot. Its call-backs to nerd culture will eventually lose their charm. Its jokes will hit their expiration date and turn stale. Gameplay will grow tired. But by the time you’ve unlocked all 6 of its playable students, slew of hilarious endings, and engaging in-game achievements Super School Day politely says goodbye; never overstaying its welcome and quickly sliding into a place in your heart. As for Game Center: the achievements are there. Leaderboards may come in an update. As far as I see it now, though, the game's fine without them.

Second Impact Games has my attention. Their ability to mock mini-games with personality and referential-nostalgia – flipping the bird to a market-share of gamers that tend to frequent the genre on touch devices - is obvious. Sure, Super School Day’s gameplay mechanics are not something to alert the presses about, but – specifically here – it never feels like mechanics were supposed to matter. Second Impact Games makes a statement against development seen daily on the App Store, and proves its point while remaining fun.

Some of you will "get it", others won’t. But one thing’s for sure: you’ll get your moneys-worth of fun with Super School Day. While I would not recommend this game to my parents, I totally would anyone who knows their share of video games outside of Call of Duty. It’s a mini-game collection for those who hate mini-game collections. How great is that, right?

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    You're definition of a roguelike killed me a little inside.

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      Your definition of you're killed me a little inside.

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        And tropes. Troupes would be the traveling ban of thespians

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        And tropes. Troupes in a rogue-like would probably be traveling bands of thespians... Out to kill you.

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