516833_largerSo Warhammer Quest [$2.99] finally hit the App Store last week. At least, I think it was last week, based on my glimpses of the outside world when I've been able to tear myself away from my iPhone screen long enough to take a look. If, like the rest of us, you've been getting a hefty dose of retro role-playing goodness, you might've noticed that it doesn't hold your hand. In fact, it slaps it away. You have questions: what's the difference between an accessory and a consumable? What does pinning do? Just what does the Lucky Rabbit's Head do, anyway?

We have the answers. Well, OK, I lied about the last part, because after carrying it around for a few hours, I still have no idea what the Lucky Rabbit's Head does, but and the strategies and tips we've put together will help with everything else.


[Just FYI: this guide is going to assume you're rolling through the base campaign with the starting four characters, though we'll touch on the other classes and campaign a bit later.]

Battling The Randomness 101: Game the Generator

You might not be able to see the dice, but you'd better believe they're rolling behind the scenes. Warhammer Quest is, at its heart, a very random game, and everything you can do as a player to mitigate this randomness will help you win. When kitting out your characters, you should always be thinking of how you can game the Random Number Generator in your favor. How can you do this? For one, focus each character's items on their most important stat. You want your tank, who's gonna be out there front-and-center, to be all about Toughness. I chose the Iron-Breaker for this, though the Marauder would work just as well. Make your other melee Warrior all about Strength. For my Grey Wizard, it was all about items that increase his Magic Pool, like the Grey College Hat and the Chalice of Fate so that he'd always have mana to fall back on, even in an ambush.

mzl.rsfrsoob.640x960-75Don't Rely On Fluff Skills

Certain skills can help, too: your Marauder on the brink of death? Don't rely on Healing Mist, which might just heal a measly single wound, but spring for Blood Pulse instead, which may cost more but will heal a guaranteed five or more wounds. Another great way to cut down on randomness is to gather all your Warriors outside a new area and make sure you get a decent roll on the Winds of Magic before entering the area. As you play through the game, tailor your strategy toward giving your Warriors guaranteed hits and heals, or at least giving them the best odds to do what they do more successfully.

Battling The Randomness 107: Re-Use Your Items

Get the most bang for your buck out of quests and item purchases. You'll notice that quests on the overworld are randomly generated. Many quests will task you with rescuing an NPC or killing a monster. Personally, I preferred the quests which rewarded you with an item at the end. I was always on the lookout for items my characters could use–these quest rewards aren't available from merchants and are some of the best items in the game. Sure, a great shield could drop while you're rescuing the town baker, but if you go into the dungeon with the shield at the end it's a guaranteed get. On the flip side, when you're in town you should always be thinking about making purchases that'll allow you to give the item you're replacing to another character as a hand-me-down. If you buy an awesome new axe for your Marauder who's using an old longsword, he can pass the longsword off to your Grey Wizard. Better yet, find your Marauder a new longsword which itself can eventually be passed on to the Grey Wizard. The same goes for the Waywatcher's bows, things like magic rings, and a bunch of stuff that both the Marauder and Iron-Breaker can use.

mzl.gtzdvuam.640x960-75Go For Rarity

Think out your items! Warhammer Quest has a very unique item system, and while twelve slots might seem like a lot starting out, it won't be long before you're squeezing every bit out of each item tier. Consider an item's rarity carefully. That rare bow won't just be an upgrade for your Waywatcher, it'll also free up an uncommon item slot you can use for equipment or potions. One thing the game doesn't explain well is the difference between Consumables and Accessories.

Consumables are one-offs, like potions and scrolls, and once you use them they're gone for good. Accessories are basically permanent Consumables that can be used once per dungeon. So while an Orb of Might can be used once for 4-6 mana and it's gone for good, something like the Chalice of Fate I mentioned earlier can be used once per quest for 5-6 mana. Accessories are always preferable to Consumables. This doesn't mean that Consumables should be overlooked! Especially late game, when your characters are kitted out in rarer items, make sure to stock up on common potions and bandages before battles, you'll be surprised at the difference they make. When you can, scrolls are preferable to potions, as a warrior can use a scroll on anyone whereas a potion's buff will only affect himself.

The IAP Actually Adds More Complexity

Finally, a word on the game's IAP. As a five dollar title at release, there's no doubt this is a premium game. Thankfully it's IAP is wholly unnecessary, and the base game should be more than enough for most folks. If you're really enjoying it, I highly recommend picking up the Skaven expansion as it adds a whole new region to the overworld, with six new towns, quests, and new enemy varieties and dungeon layouts. However, the additional Warrior Classes aren't such an easy sell.

Much of this guide has dealt with how to one-up the game's Random Number Generator, and two of the three new classes add a heap more randomness into a game that's already full of nasty dice rolls. In addition to relying on Winds of Power, like the Grey Wizard, the Archmage has two schools of magic but is only granted access to one at random each turn; his spells are more expensive, too, requiring better dice rolls to use. So, too, with the Warrior Priest: each turn his link with his patron deity is randomly determined to be Strong or Weak, meaning that much of the time his buffs will simply fail, and that they might not even affect all of your party or even the warrior whom you'd hoped the prayer would boost. In a game so reliant on its RNG, these two classes add another layer of unpredictability when the smart player is seeking for ways to mitigate the randomness. The Dwarf Troll Slayer, on the other hand, is a good offensive warrior and much less unpredictable than the other two. If you're like me, and decided to grab the three new warriors for a second playthrough, be warned that they don't quite mesh so well as a group as the starting four warriors did–they're still fun, though.

There you have it, folks. Warhammer Quest is a great game that bucks a lot of conventions of the RPG genre. As a faithful rendition of the popular board game which I played–and acted as Gamemaster–in my youth, it is old school in every sense of the phrase. It comes from an era where players didn't expect a game to explain how things work behind the curtain. Hopefully this guide has given you a little peek behind that curtain.

If you've got any other suggestions, tips, or ideas for newcomers or veterans, lets us know in the comments!

  • drloony

    Can you write an article with tips on how to wipe my bum next? Joke, I liked it, I'm sure it'll help some newbies

  • flashbackflip

    This article says way too much about obvious things and nothing about real "strategy" as stated at the title/starting paragraph

    In short - too many words for such little knowledge

    No offense - just imo, of course

    I would really like to know how to pass the quest about spiders (late one for lvl4) on hardcore lvl. My party gets wiped second time after repeating encounters of BigOrcBossX4. After there are 8-10 of them (after 3-4 encounters in a row) - the ending is quite fast

    • Adams Immersive

      Not obvious to me. Good info! The day may come when I want very specific advanced advice as well, of course. Forums to the rescue!

      • flashbackflip

        Good to know! Maybe i'm too deep there already with this game..

      • flashbackflip

        Just to clarify - here, how i see the description of 'strategy' in a game:

        - If you've tried and failed to beat a dungeon in the game, you'll probably already know that you should use your heavily-armored melee characters to protect your softer magic-throwing friends. Muscle at the front, magical brains at the back, and do whatever it takes to prevent enemies from getting too close to your squishier characters.

        - Don't forget to take out the trash. When you reach the ultimate objective room of a dungeon, you're likely to find the main enemy, and a small cluster of assistants. Don't be tempted to just whack away at the bigger boss, as those smaller units will whittle the team down faster than you think. Make sure you're thinning down the smaller threat at the same time as the boss.

        - Here's how the Pinning system works in the game. If a monster is adjacent to one of your characters at the start of the turn, there's a chance they'll be Pinned. If that happens, they won't be able to move from their current position, but they can still take swings at the enemy involved.

        - For a melee party member to make a successful attack, they need to be in a square that's adjacent to an enemy. Ranged fighters cannot be adjacent to a creature if they want to make an attack, so move them back a little if they need to find their necessary range.

        - If you're wondering why one of your melee fighters has taken a second swing at another enemy, they've gained the Deathblow ability. Put simply, this special power grants the wielder a devastating initial attack that kills the enemy at hand, then lets the fighter have a second attack at a nearby enemy. Don't build these into your strategy though - they're just a result of good fortune.

        (source - modojo)

      • diaskeaus

        Death blows are absolutely part of my strategy. I stick my warrior right next to the boss, death blow all the trash, then end up killing not only six creatures as well as getting a free hit on the boss.

      • flashbackflip

        Same here. Marauder equipped with magic acorn almost never miss))

      • orthorim

        Yep, same here. Good strategy, and succeeds more often than not.

      • JaNaaasty

        Really helpful thanks. And I kinda agree this guide is for newbies. I'm 5 hours in and I know all what this guide has to say.

  • Plynx

    Why is it so hard for to find out if a game is just another sausagefest dripping with ridiculous masculinity tropes and casual sexism before I buy it? I feel like I've read every review on this game and not one has mentioned whether the game is friendly to girl gamers. It looks to me like it won't be, but that's just an uninformed intuition based on past experience with these sorts of games. Sure would love to know if I'm wrong, but I'm not going to buy the game just to find out.

    And by the way, review sites are always adding subtexts to their reviews with nods to different types of gamers: those who don't like IAP. Die-hard strategy gamers and grognards. Some of these groups are niche, yet they consistently get mentioned in reviews. What about, girl gamer who doesn't want to play a pseudo-masculinity simulator? Pretty sure that's not niche.

    • flashbackflip

      You right - that's not a niche.. For a strategy games apart from "Build-a-beauty-saloon" or "cook-da-burger".. Sorry

      If it helps - there is an elven girl-archer in the game.. Is that enough or not?

      If not - then i'm really interested what do you consider 'friendly' for your 'niche'???

      • basil

        It's a board game.

        There is text describing a female Halfling cooking stew.

      • Plynx

        I don't have a "niche"—I'm a strategy gamer. What I'm not interested in is masculinity simulators—which *is* a niche. I'd like to know in advance that a game is hardcore strategy without also being ding dong ping pong. It's a shame that I have a hard time figuring that out from sites that theoretically exist to help me allocate my time and money resources successfully to pursue my hobby of gaming.

      • http://twitter.com/PrayForDeath Pray For Death

        "masculinity simulators"

        ... are you for real?

      • kioshi

        I guess I shouldn't have liked Miss Claire Garden because you control a cute little girl in a flowery world because its too feminine and I'm a guy????

      • Micah Neveu

        I think that Touch Arcade would say something if a game belonged to that genre.

        As an aside, do you have an example of a game that is in that genre?

        Also, Games Workshop puts out pretty good stuff, so I'd venture to say from the previous review that this is a fine strategy game.

      • Richard Bergstrom

        Um. It is a strategy game. It is not a masculinity simulator and though most of the playable characters are male, it's not denigrating to women.
        However, if you like hardcore strategy games with a historical bent, go check out Europa Universalis or Crusader Kings. For the iPad/iPod, they aren't hardcore strategy games, but anything by Kairosoft is pretty fun.

      • Aerach

        We can't answer if you can't express what you are after without the belittling gibberish. What the heck is 'ping pong ding dong' and what is a masculinity simulator? Games workshop properties are indeed often ridiculously mysogynistic and exaggerated art wise, but this particular title is not egregious and the female warrior is not a chain-mail bikini type.

      • Tyler Piderit

        What in the world...?

        It's the "Warhammer" universe. It's been around FOREVER. How about you just research the franchise?

        Even the words "war" and "hammer" just screams "men only, no women allowed!" j/k j/k j/k j/k

      • flashbackflip

        It is hard for me to figure out what is 'masculinity simulator' or 'ding dong ping pong' from your posts. U seem really weird lmao

    • amos38

      Well, you won't find Blood Elves with big breasts in skimpy chain mail (which I find lame too). The Warhammer universe is pretty dark, grim and bloody. If you like strategy RPGs with lots of combat, this is for you. If you're like my wife, who prefers story over combat game mechanics, this may not be the best game.

      • basil

        The writing in this game is very refreshing! The random events, subtle humor and dungeon master style story telling sets the mood wonderfully. There is no over arching story, this game leaves a lot of work for your imagination in the best way possible.

      • amos38

        Good point Basil! Perhaps the story I'm thinking of would be some grand epic tale with lots of interaction between the heroes. But as you pointed out, there is more than meets the eye.

      • Plynx

        I usually find that games that don't try to inject too much story can often keep me engaged a lot longer. I like it when work is left to your imagination. It also helps to sidestep or avoid any of the potential writer's misconceptions or assumptions about their audience. I'm glad more games like that are being made, for a while it seemed like everything was going over to the spoon fed story with the gaming reduced to active time events.

    • ejfarraro

      No idea what this post is about, but this game is fairly NON sexist, as far as fantasy games go. There is one female character I believe (the Elf archer), and is dressed 'appropriately'. Beyond that, I don't see why anyone would think this game was not female friendly?

      • Plynx

        Thanks. So the classes are genderlocked and there is one playable female class (out of how many?) Personally, I don't generally enjoy genderlocked games but I've had a few exceptions. In Final Fantasy Tactics, your main character is story-based and male, and the story is a bit skewed towards things like brotherly betrayal and fighting male kings using women as pawns and whatnot, but all the same none of the character classes are genderlocked (except bard, dancer and some special characters picked up through the story) and importantly, you're fighting *against* all that nonsense, in favor of some humanity and treating people like people.

    • cameron331

      The title of the game should be enough to tell you it's not catering to stereotypical female players.

      The sexist thing is assuming all men will like it and all women won't. Watch the TA plays to get a good look at what the game is, and you'll see if you'll like it. Gender is irrelevant.

      • cameron331

        Also, demanding to know whether the devs made a game exactly the way you want without trying it is lunacy. Go make our own game.

      • Lazy_Ekans

        "Go make your own ____" is a dismissive argument, please try to be more accepting.

      • cameron331

        Yes, I was being dismissive. Good catch.

      • Plynx

        You seem to be under so many false assumptions, I'm not sure how to respond to your comment. Since I haven't demanded anything, nor accused anyone of being sexist, nor said I'm interested in "stereotypical girl games" any more than I would be interested in "stereotypical boy games," it seems like you have a fight to pick with something in your own head. I'll leave you to it.

    • ZarieoZ

      Well I don't think they have to. I'm a girl & I have to say that games like hunters 1&2 and premium gameloft action games are my favorites. I think that it comes down to taste not tailored to gender.

      • Plynx

        I tried Hunters but it just made me go play XCom instead. I can't wait for XCom to come out on the iPad. I think Hunters takes a lot of inspiration from that breed of strategy game. Although I think that in Hunters it's tedious to move across the map safely. When a game's strategy is obvious but relatively tedious to implement I tend to lose interest.

    • Ben Norvell

      Well it is a hardcore strategy game set in medieval times so I'm betting that there won't be many girls in it. But hey, it's only a video game.

    • Dams

      Funny comment. Girls get pissed off when we speak about them separately and now also when we don't speak about them separately.

      Must be a girl's stuff to be pissed off all the time as much as groaning for IAP...

      • Plynx

        The kind of person who would write such a comment... lets just say it brings certain images to mind. I'll be nice and just stop at that.

      • MaryAnnMc333

        What you are forgetting is that "girls" (as opposed to women?) are INDIVIDUALS. Some like cute and fluffy, some like hardcore strategy and tactics. Some like rpgs that are somewhere in between. It is very dismissive to assume all of us have the same tastes.

    • Eddy

      You're reading a guide about an adaptation of a 90's board game revolving around orcs and knights and you expect the writer to talk about girl friendliness? Jesus Christ

      • Plynx

        Yes, I do. We're over 40% of the gaming audience. And nothing about orcs and knights is inherently masculine. When I play Sid Meier's Ace Patrol, a World War I game, I have women pilots. Because in fact there are many, many games designed to be enjoyed by *everyone* who plays them, instead of really being made as a boy toy by boys for boys. It sucks to buy a game thinking I'm getting the former when it's really the latter. And since TouchArcade, regardless of whatever you think, is in the business of helping everyone know which games they are likely to enjoy, this fact is something they will likely want to know.

    • MidianGTX

      Either this is a joke or I hate you. I suppose every review should end with "P.S. Non-offensive to Jews" as well.

      • Plynx

        Fortunately for me, your opinion doesn't matter to me and probably not to anyone else either.

      • MidianGTX

        I don't care if my opinion matters to you, I'm merely telling you that what you said was stupid. You picked a completely random "cause" to inflict on almost every single game review ever written. Why isn't it addressed? Because it has no impact on the game. If you've got issues of some sort, that's your responsibility to sort out. Build a website and write reviews "for girls" if you think you need a separate agenda to everybody else.

      • Plynx

        Only a bully or someone used to being bullied would assume that expressing my frustration at not having adequate information for me to make a game purchase is an attempt to inflict anything on anyone (i.e. is this much a boy game as Barbie Hair Salon would be a girl game? Just like you probably don't want to play Barbie Hair Salon, and neither do I, I also don't want to play Call of Wanker Spanker but male reviewers aren't good at remembering to mark gender-oriented titles as such... when the gender targeted is male) You must be used to thinking of everything in coercive terms. I don't like endless runners, but I don't consider reviews of them on this site to be "inflicted" on me. You have some issues so I hope you are able to work them out.

      • MidianGTX

        You want reviewers to explicitly label games as appealing to one gender or another and you think I have issues? You are incredibly twisted. If anything, you're just damaging attempts at equality by insinuating girls are some kind of pathetic, delicate creatures that need clarification on things they should be able to figure out using their own brainpower.

      • Plynx

        Yes, I know you have issues because you continue to think that what I wrote and what you wrote that I wrote are the same thing. I actually kind of feel sorry for you, because you're probably wearing a tin foil hat or something. In your mind I'm accusing people of sexism and demanding obesience, here to coerce the site into bending to my wishes. My guess is you were bullied a lot growing up, so no one can raise a hand to speak without you flinching.

        And insinuating that I somehow "damage equality" if other reading-challenged people conclude that girls are mentally inferior via some hallucination, well, whatever you think equality is, me having to go out of my way to choose careful words that accomodate crazy people's paranoia is not it. You're neither in a position to advance or block the success of girls, nor qualified to comment on what does. Here's a hint, though: no one cares about changing the opinions of sexist men. The opinions of people too stupid to know how to relate to women just don't matter.

      • brucesshoe

        You absolute Grade A Spanker. Why don't you use your abundance of time to do something charitable. With luck it'll put your first world issues into perspective and not bung this strategy forum further.

      • ScotDamn

        This article is a guide aimed to help the new player of the game. Hardly a place to make such a big deal about your oh-so-important frustration towards girl friendly games.

        "I like Ace Patrol because it allows me to play as a female pilot but these sausage-fest games are blah blah blah"

        Guess what? Nobody cares. You were clearly either trying to get people pissed off or your joking. I hope this was just a joke.

        If you like strategy games, then play a strategy game. Warhammer Quest is a strategy game. Maybe you should come to you're own conclusion just like everyone else does. It's quite easy really.

        Maybe you should try Dream House by Kairosoft?

    • MaryAnnMc333

      Well, I left a long message that apparently got eaten by the system when I finally succeeded in logging in, so please forgive me if I post basically the same message twice.

      I can only speak from my own perspective. I have been playing fantasy rpgs since Wizardry 1 and Ultima 5 in the eighties, and for the most part I have been ok with the games out there. But one game I absolutely refused to play was Everquest -- the female characters had more exaggerated figures than Barbie, and no way would I play one of these as my avatar.

      I love this game. It is very much like straightforward d&d tabletop gaming. As others have mentioned, there is one female character, an elf archer. I wish there were more, but it is no big deal. I'm not quite sure what you are asking. It doesn't rewrite history in terms of male and female - the game is pretty much bare bones strategy, but that is what has been fun about it. In the long run, the characters have basically no personality and are just strategy markers, so in the long run, what sex they are basically doesn't matter.

    • Chao Liang

      Define "masculinity simulator". When was last time any man you knew slew 4 Gigantic Spiders on Killing Blows and two shotted an Orc Big Boss with Vanquish and Beserk proccing?

      Lady, different games appeal to different people. Just because YOU are a girl gamer doesn't mean gaming comings should cater their products to appeal to YOU. These companies are out to make money. Male gamers buy D&D Strategy and RPG games much more so than female gamers. That is indisputable truth. So it would behoove a company who want to make money to produce games in this genre to appeal to men. Because they like money, not because they hate girl gamers.

      I think you are taking way too much offense over a $5 iphone game targeted at a fairly niche audience. Your outrage won't change a thing. Probably means more work for your therapist but that's about it.

    • 61050

      I know that this thread is two years old, but i just wanted to say thank you - this thread delivered!! 😆

  • amos38

    Great tips and a good article to read! Here's a couple of my tips regarding the wizard and troll slayer: the wizard can handle a good sword or dagger pretty well. I throw him against one or two enemies when possible. It helps with the leveling, especially in the earlier part of the game. I also shelved my Marauder in favor of the Trollslayer 'cause he doesn't have anger management issues. It's annoying to have my Marauder going toe to toe with a war boss and then fails his berserk roll and loses all attacks. Plus Trollslayers are one of my favorites from the Warhammer universe 🙂

    • orthorim

      Can't believe you're giving up on the by far and away best fighter in the game?! Wow. The Marauder has anger management issues, but just as often he's clearing out an entire room all by himself.

      Get him near the big boss at the end of the dungeon, activate battle rage, and watch the carnage unfold....

  • ejfarraro

    Protip: When a hero falls, you can use healing mist, potion, or any other healing item to revive them. I didn't know this -- I tried quickly killing enemies (thinking if I won, my hero would be revived), trying to tap them, etc... I'd frequently 'leave dungeon' if a hero died, when I could just revive them instead.

    Haven't gotten the Skaven IAP yet, but plan to. Seems totally worth it for $5. Really hope they drop the price of the price of the heroes though... At $.99 per hero, it would be a no-brainer purchase for all heroes. $3 per seems a bit high IMO.

    • Richard Bergstrom

      You have to revive them immediately.. and some healing items like provisions don't work in reviving downed heroes.

      • themostunclean

        Revival, like much of the game, is randomly generated. Provisions do work but when healing a downed character it has a chance to fail. Maybe you've just had bad luck with provisions.

        This is all explained in the in game guide. You'll see pop-ups at certain times. Tap these for more details or hit the information button.

  • DannyTheElite

    I really like hunters but I've never heard of war hammer. Is this worth getting?

    • flashbackflip

      If u like hunters and can stand medieval settings - then yes! Although, SCI-FI is always better imo - this game is good as in gameplay, so in settings (maybe thats because i played it pen&paper))

    • ejfarraro

      Warhammer is a really popular fantasy universe (from which Blizzard took a lot of inspiration with Warcraft). I've never played Hunters, but this appeals to be more due to the fantasy setting. Great gameplay depth, really polished. I'd highly recommend if you like strategy games that "play like a board game" (since it's based on one)

      This is the closest I've seen to a proper 'HeroQuest' board game on iOS, if you're familiar with that.

    • MaryAnnMc333

      I really love the hunter in this game. She is really powerful and gets lots of attacks. Not to mention that she is also a healer of sorts.

  • Eddy

    This game is hanging a lot on my iphone 4s. When my troops are out of moves the finish turn option doesn't appear at all. but other than that the game is quite good.

    • subshell001

      you can always end your turn whether or not you've done anything with your units, so i think you might be confused. tap somewhere else to deselect any selected unit and it'll show up.

      • Eddy

        thx for trying to help but its not that. when I tap somewhere else the end turn option doesn't appear. even if I change characters or use items, spells etc... nothing works. I can only exit the dungeon and try again.

  • Richard Bergstrom

    Every so often I run across a wall that flickers a glowing light on and off at intervals. There were quite a few in the "Spider in the Hills" quest. It seemed like it'd be a secret door or some such but I couldn't figure out how to access it.
    Also, the Archmage is very random but he's also a decent fighter and a good defender.

  • Ben Norvell

    Can someone tell me if this game is worth buying? How are the IAP's?

    • basil


    • Theundertow

      Definitely worth buying.

      The IAP characters are unnecessary but fun none-the-less if you're feeling splurgy.

      I haven't unlocked the new zone yet but the game as a whole is fun, hard, and rewarding.

    • orthorim

      Absolutely love WHQ.

      Overall I think they strike a good balance. If you don't pay attention, your carefully created characters just die. Lost 2 casters, but that IMO makes it cool because when you do prevail you know you did something right. That's to say, it's not too easy, like so many games are.

  • demonalcohol

    What exactly do the toughness and weapon skill do? Armor and chance to hit?

    • http://twitter.com/PrayForDeath Pray For Death

      You hit the nail on the head. Also, Wounds = fancy name for hit points.

  • Nicholas Yu

    Great article, just a few points to add:

    1. I see some people bashing on the Marauder. Don't sleep on the Marauder as he is potentially the most overpowered character in the game. He can get up to 13 attacks in the right situations (more if you have a +attack item equipped): 3 Melee Attacks + 3 from Battle Blades + 1 from Berserk + 6 from activating Battle Rage. That's 13 attacks. Then you activate Hunter's Eye and he gets 13 ranged attacks as well. I've cleared entire rooms (including boss fights) with just the Marauder.

    2. Overall, though, the Grey Wizard is the best character to have in your party. Like many fantasy games, the spell-caster starts off sucky and weak but then becomes an invaluable addition to your party. Healing Mist is useful early when you don't have much access to healing, Shadow Bolt is great for clearing out low HP trash, Blood Pulse is great as outlined in the article above, and Okkam's Mindrazors is the best single damage in the game (it's like attacking with a 2-handed weapon with high Strength with no chance of missing). There's also no reason not to use the buffs from the Grey College Hat and the Chalice of Fate as they don't add to reserve pool and not your Winds of Magic buffer. This gives the Grey Wizard an unbelievably deep pool to draw from when you get a 0 Winds random encounter or just need an extra spell during a fight.

    3. Not all Accessories are re-usable. For some reason the higher-level Provisions and Bandages family of items are marked as Accessories but they are one-use. If you use them in the dungeon, they disappear from your equipped screen and won't be available again later. This seems to be a labeling mistake within the game itself, or Healing Accessories are exempt from being reusable. Either way, it's incredibly confusing.

    4. Spot-on in your evaluation of the Warrior Priest. He is absolutely terrible. I hope he is fixed in a future patch.

    5. You touched on this briefly, but you should never have more than 1 caster in your party for ideal composition since every-time you get a bad Winds result from the Random Number Generator, both the Grey Wizard and the Archmage get 0 mana and the Warrior Priest's prayers are Weak(er than normal). Every time this happens, you will have 3 handicapped characters.

    • matinciel

      I totaly agree on #3

      Is there any way to see if something is reusable or not ?

    • orthorim

      Agreed on #5! Found this out the hard way playing with 2 casters - the more random encounters, the worse they are.

      It's a bit annoying that both dwarves are so underpowered compared to the Marauder. Trollslayer is even worse since he can't use most items either.

      For the Grey Wizard, it really depends on the spells you get. The Archmage is unfortunately even more random with offense / defense, but Ward of the World Dragon at least will keep your party near untouchable for 1 turn...

  • http://www.friv3.co/ friv 3

    The details are well-explained and very concise.

  • maxscarletto

    My four groats worth:
    - Get a bow for your marauder ASAP. Gives you an extra ranged attack which helps early on.
    - when stepping into a room use the marauder as his reactive attack may take a foe out.
    - once the room (and the bad guys) are revealed take a step back. If your guys are standing in the door way, four foes can attack at once, one step back narrows this down to two and you can use your ranged attacks to take out the queued up baddies. It also leaves them bunched up for a quick shadow bolt.
    - also consider what baddies are in front of you and what is queued up. Eg two snotlings are attacking your party and the vicious troll is queing up for his turn. So don't attack the snotlings, leave them as a buffer while you use ranged attacks to soften up the troll.
    - in a mixed bunch of critters take out the spiders and magic users 1st as web and spells can immobilise your warriors. Likewise prioritise attacking foes with bows as they can target your magic users.

    • flashbackflip

      Now that IS what i call 'strategy review'! Thanx buddy - u nailed it;)

    • orthorim

      Good tips!

      One thing though, I find that streaming into a room and going full attack is better than stepping back; mainly because the longer the fight lasts, the more random encounter foes are added to the mix, and they often come from behind.

      Particularly in the "level 6 recommended" end dungeons. There you want to get in and out fast. Because the random encounters are for example 8X black orcs - takes a while to cut through and meanwhile, more appear....

  • themostunclean

    To add to the tips-

    When afflicted by a status effect during random over world encounters (eg "-5 wounds for next dungeon" when you walk through a poisonous thicket) you can just enter the dungeon then exit immediately. The effect will be removed even though you didn't complete the quest and you can re-enter immediately at full strength.

    • orthorim

      That's a great tip; I find these kind of tedious like why would the game even have them at all? I once almost didn't make it through a dungeon because the dwarf had -2 movement and was sooooo slow, so we got bogged down with random encounters all the time.

  • Nicholas Yu

    Not that I've been able to determine. Just trial and error.

  • Redlaco

    Maybe, but a true warrior would not resort to such a blatant exploit.

  • Corvo Attano 77

    From the article:

    "Accessories are basically permanent Consumables that can be used once per dungeon."

    Wrong. Many accessories are actually consumed when used and are gone forever. Some of these "consumable accessories" are labelled "Use Once" but many are not. I reckon these are typos that'll hopefully be fixed, but either way it's dumb and annoying.

    "...a potion's buff will only affect [the one who carries it]."

    Wrong again. Potions can be used on adjacent warriors.

    • flashbackflip

      Lol this article is a joke

      Thanx for the info. I did not know about potions, though i noticed u can use bandages on other party members

    • flashbackflip

      I checked. Potions CAN NOT be used on other heroes

      • orthorim

        Pretty sure they can, and I have?!

  • MaryAnnMc333

    Ok, I have a question. I wasn't sure what forum would give me an answer but I would like to hope someone here can help me.

    I can't figure out how to use the grey wizard's hat or the orbs that are supposed to store power. I know I must be missing something obvious, but I have been playing several hours and have not figured it out.

    Do you click on them at the start of your turn? Do you have to have winds of magic points that you don't plan to use this turn to store for a future turn? Does it just give you the stated number of points for the current turn? Some help, please! lol

    • Mario Miniaci

      The orbs contain magic points - when you consume one it's added to a reserve which rolls over between turns until it's used. So let's say you use an orb and it gives you 4 magic points reserve, then the next turn the winds give you 3 magic points, you can still cast healing mist for 5 points, using 3 winds points and 2 from your reserve. At the end of the turn you still have 2 points in your reserve. I don't know if the reserve rolls over from dungeon to dungeon though.
      (apologies for posting on an old thread but I've just discovered this game)