oogajump_spacelogoHere's some inside baseball for you guys- When I first talked to Bolt Creative's Dave Castelnuovo about the reveal of Ooga Jump, I had no idea what to expect. The conversation basically went like Dave telling me they wanted to announce their next game, but didn't really have anything concrete to show off yet but the logo. I explained, "Well, Pocket God [$0.99] has always been huge on TouchArcade, so any followup is a story, but I have no idea how much traction a 'Hey, here's a logo' post is going to get." Fast forward a little less than two months, and that specific story is our #3 most popular story for the year- People are still crazy about Pocket God, or so it would seem.

We still don't have many details on Ooga Jump, but what we do know is that it'll be a high-score centric endless jumper set in the Pocket God universe and dripping with the same charm and humor found in Pocket God proper. The game is going to launch with the following three areas: Jungle, Underworld, and Space which you can see in the below screenshots.

oogajump_tropical_wm oogajump_under_wm oogajump_space_wm

Stay tuned for more info on Ooga Jump, and if you're a current (or reformed) Pocket God fanatic, don't forget to add this game to your watch list in the TouchArcade app [Free].

  • Bool Zero

    The Pocket God franchise was a fun sorta game series, but I am really not seeing the need for another endless jumper in a sea of endless jumpers on IOS. Perhaps I am not the fanbase, but as a fan of their previous games I can say I have no interest in this game no matter how polished it is. I may get it when it releases anyway but I can't foresee it lasting long on my device unless it does something interesting with what I feel is already an exhausted genre...

    I do hope I am wrong and eat my words...

    • bigrand1

      I have to agree. I have absolutely no interest in any more jumpers or endless runners no matter what they may have to offer. I'm just sick of it. Reminds me of the humongous amount of fart apps over a year ago. I mean, having no creativity and pumping out the same crap all the time really sucks! Look at the console market where every game now is FPS's in a war setting. It's ridiculous! Enough is enough! Back in the day games were created for gamers to have as much fun as possible. Now, it's just all about devs making as much money as they can sucking more money out of you pocket with IAP's. If they're not careful, they'll make the video game industry crash and burn. It's already looking gloomy when you consider the next generation hardware doesn't look like it's that much of an advancement. To me, the future of gaming is on mobile devices, anyway. Some will argue that that's not the case, and don't bother emailing me with your opinion. Post it here or whatever. I got no interest in going back and forth with anyone.

      • MidianGTX

        I'll just say that it's somewhat ironic that the next generation of games consoles can do everything mobile can -and more- and yet somehow you're saying mobile... is the way forward? It's still playing catch up in terms of hardware, software features and games. If it was truly leading the way surely we wouldn't be seeing so many clones and games inspired by existing console titles?

      • Karzay

        Clones and ports have nothing to do with hardware and everything to do with the AppStore. As long as you follow Apple's guidelines, nearly anyone can release a game in the AppStore. This isn't true for most consoles. The AppStore is a cash grab.

        Trends already show mobile technology is advancing far more quickly than consoles. Consoles have the better tech for now, but they can't keep up. After this year, how long before the next gen consoles come out? 5-10 years? There's a good chance for every one of those years, a new iPad will come out pushing new technology.

        New studies suggest by 2016, 1 in 10 people will own a tablet. Right now, over 20% in the U.S. own a tablet compared to 60% that own gaming consoles. That is very telling considering how new the technology is compared to consoles. The first iPad was released only 3 years ago.

        If Apple released a wireless controller right now, that would be the first nail in the console's coffin. Apple already has digital distribution, AirPlay, Support from schools, etc. If you can't see mobile, at the very least, a threat to consoles, you are not looking around and seeing the whole picture.

      • MidianGTX

        There are several flaws behind your statement. One is that you're talking about something which hasn't actually happened yet, which is basically what I said in my own post. "Consoles are still ahead, mobile devices are playing catch up". Another is that even if Apple do release a wireless controller right now, they're still only just catching up to a console technology that's been around for over a decade. If we're talking strictly about popularity then sure, mobiles rule the world, Wii rules consoles and Justin Bieber rules music. Personally I'm more concerned about quality and innovation.

      • Karzay

        You're mistaking. You questioned that mobile gaming is the way forward. I argued that it was and it wouldn't be long before they are leading consoles in both technology and game quality.

        Apple has more than popularity on their side. Just today, Apple announced a new Mac Pro that is extremely innovative. They have a history of great design, innovation, and quality products. If that's what concerns you, then keep an eye on the mobile space.

    • MidianGTX

      I'm pretty sure the game will be aimed at kids. I mean, Pocket God has its own comic book which is clearly aimed at kids, so there's a good chance you're not the target audience. It's kinda like weighing up the pros and cons of a Dora the Explorer game, it doesn't really matter how bad you think it looks.

  • NickyNichols

    Can't wait for YET ANOTHER Doodle Jump clone. How about they make it F2P and add in an endless runner as an IAP.

    • Karzay

      Great idea! We can call it prison break. The main character goes to jail for stealing other studio's ideas and then he busts out of jail using them. First, he doodle jumps over the wall, then he endlessly runs from police! Oh, and maybe we can have him go fishing with a shotgun? Ah, never mind, that's just ridiculous. :/

      • andrewtraviss

        Am I a terrible person because I actually kind of like this idea?

      • Micah Neveu

        That would be a hilarious game. Doodle jump out of prison, run on top of many rooftops to escape to the forest, go shotgun fishing to feed yourself, then launch the extra caught fish at the evil master mind's fortress (conveniently made up of stacked boards, stones and ice).