436052_largerThere's not much to say about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [$9.99] that hasn't already been said. I mean, yeah, it's a sprawling RPG. And yeah, the dialogue and story rock as hard as the characters and round-based combat system also rock. It's a good video game, as I'm sure you've heard. You should probably buy it.

What interested me about the iPad version in particular was just the opportunity to play and view the game in a modern context. A lot of KOTOR's constituent parts informed a ton of BioWare's future work, and maybe no game more than its own original sci-fi epic, Mass Effect. Name a big feature from that series and chances are its in KOTOR in some kind of shape or form. It's sort of like a proto-Mass Effect.

Anyway, we gave it a spin this afternoon, starting from the Sith Base and go over some of the finer aspects of the game, including its combat mechanics and controls. You can peep the video just below:

Neat game, right? Also, can you believe it's been 10 years since this thing came out? I feel old. Please tell me you feel old, too. We can be old together.

  • SmugPugD

    You feel old? I was in grad school when this came out LOL. I miss the days when every BioWare game was this good!

    • MidianGTX

      Of all the companies to moan about, BioWare has to be one of the only ones to have a continually strong output over the years.

      • B30

        Regardless of the fact that they belong to Electronic Farts (since 2007)!

      • SmugPugD

        I *love* BioWare, but Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 were not quite as good as some of their older games. Nonetheless, they do consistently put out quality games. I was being nostalgic for what I consider their golden age.

      • ttocs

        Swtor was a bit of a bust though.

      • ZorakZoran

        No. Dragon Age, Mass Effect, compared to any of their prior games...

    • ttocs

      College here. I remember I skipped a couple classes to finish the game.

  • Louis Ace


    • homosaur

      Will never happen because of all the changes required. How would you even read the text?

      • The_Blue_Sticker

        But is there a good alternative to iPod/iPhone users?

      • xx99

        It's not the answer you are looking for, but it's readily available on Mac and PC. You can also look for the Xbox copy which works fine on the 360, though it's hard to find at a decent price.

    • ttocs

      Not going to happen. Screen is too small.

  • Bool Zero

    I feel older... I was about 30 when this game originally came out. I owned it for both the Xbox and the PC and it was one of those games that I played non-stop and couldn't put down! It's a dream come true to have this on the go (my iPad is with me everywhere I go)!

    • amos38

      Hehe, yip, I was around the same age. Definitely cool to see games like this ported over to the iPad, which for many reasons is my main gaming platform.

    • 1Fcm

      I hear that... i was mid 30's and still love it to this day!

  • Tomate Diseño

    I've never played a single Star Wars game on any platform ever. Only one I've even watched being played was Dark Forces on a college Mac LC 475 - how's that for old?

  • WarMachine

    *Easily among the best games on the iPad.

    • ttocs

      Surprisingly, it really is.

  • blackbear219

    I remember a college roommate, who wasn't even that into video games, beating this start to finish on my xbox in a marathon 30 hour session without stopping. Good times.

  • Morgan01

    My kids remember playing KOTOR. Need I say more?

    • Aventador

      Captain Morgan ! I love your rum .
      And KOTOR on iPad, but that is another story. : )

  • araczynski

    Too bad they didn't update the textures in their rush for the iOS gold mine.

    • http://twitter.com/try2bcool69 Jay G

      Especially since they didn't include shadows.

  • Greyskull

    I never got into the combat system. Same with Baldur's gate. I just don't feel enough tactical control with the whole queuing actions system. I've never taken to real-time turn-based combat. Also, I've never gotten too far in any 3d Bioware game. I always encounter a large city early on with a lot of NPCs, thorougly explore it, lose interest, and then have difficulty getting back into the game because I forget what's what. The one Bioware game that completely sucked me in was Planescape: Torment.

    To each their own.

    • Pray For Death

      But Planescape:Torment wasn't made by Bioware. It was made by Black Isle (now Obsidian.)

      D&D style combat isn't for everyone, but you can pretty much ignore the combat in PST and just focus on the story. I'm guessing that's why you enjoyed it. It has amazing writing.

    • Ryan Bach

      I have the same issue with a lot of Bioware RPGs, but the combat system behind KOTOR isn't really real-time in a meaningful sense. It's turn-based, with a certain number of actions per turn, and turns progress automatically. If you think of it as a real time combat system it will seem clunky and unresponsive, but if you realize that you're actually just queueing actions in a turn-based system it makes a lot more sense.

    • http://winterdrake.com/ Dehumanizer

      Torment wasn't a Bioware game, they just provided the engine. It was a Black Isle game. Maybe that's why it sucked you in. 🙂

      Black Isle no longer exists, but both inXile and Obsidian have people from it.

      • flashbackflip

        Black Isle was one of my favorite studios! I'm glad Obsidian raised alot of cash on kickstarter.. Interesting to see what they will come up with

  • SandmanSandlin

    Geez there's a bunch of grandpas on this forum.....just kiddin guys

  • WingNut

    Does anybody else feel miffed that it doesn't use retina resolution?

    I know that there a probably very good reasons: low-res art assets that would need to be re-done at that resolution, etc., and I know the game was released at a time when 800x600 was a decent resolution to play at, but... Geez, the game feels fuzzy to my jaded, spoiled eyes.

    God this game brings back awesome memories though.

    • flashbackflip

      Yeah.. Im a bit sad its not retina and does not use shadows.. Actually it's the reason i haven't bought it yet.. But i think i will buy it anyway - i never finished it (due to saves loss) and now its like the perfect chance

    • tranceforma

      Might be alright on my iPad mini then xD

      Tbh it's also 6.99 on mac with much better textures etc so if I were to buy it, I'd probably go for it on there instead.

    • Adams Immersive

      That's surprising. Are even the polygon edges rendered at 1024x768? 3D rendered stuff shouldn't need new art: you can render sharp poly edges even with low-res textures, and after all, almost every game has textures that look soft when seen up close--that's not a retina issue. An older game will simply have textures that look soft at a greater distance--with edges that are still razor sharp. May not look entirely modern, but it would take advantage of the retina display.

      The HUD and menus would need new art, but that seems like a manageable task.

  • fleshman

    No iCloud, No GC with Acievemants, no Retina res, no shadows, no universality, just a plain port.
    I will wait for a discount, i have better games already bought to play

    • Karzay

      It's sad that GC achievements one of the deciding factors in purchasing a game. GC achievements don't make a game great. And iCloud for what really? It's iPad only. Will you be playing it across multiple iPads?

      This game features a great story set in the Star Wars universe. That should be the deciding factor in purchasing this game. If that not your reason for buying it, please don't buy it at all. It's sad to see someone review a great game and give it 1 or 2 stars for reasons that have nothing to do with the gameplay.

      • fleshman

        Why would i give it 1-2 stars? 5-1 is still 4 for me. But i don't have time for this now, and i already finish it on XBox.

        Achievements needed, because gaming style has changed and it's not a big deal.

        iCloud: maybe i need the 2Gb space and i want to store my save in a safer place without using a PC? Maybe i'm on a trip and i can't back it up manually...
        I am that type of guy who don't like to lose their gaming process.

  • http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/740147-neurotech-hd.html#post5637502 Jay

    There's probably no hope of this running on my iPad 3, huh.

    • Zetaspawn

      Why wouldn't it? It supposedly runs great on a 2.

      • Ryan

        True, but that doesn't really mean anything. The 3 can handle less graphical intensity than the 2 due to it's retina screen, just look at Nova 3

      • fleshman

        Actually it can handle way more on its own resolution than iPad 2. Nova is just a common gameloft crap. They know nothing about optimising games...

    • Karzay

      It does. I have it working on the iPad 2 and 3. It suppose to work on the fIrst iPad too. iOS 6 or higher. A lot of people complain about games not working or crashing, but it's typically because they never update their iOS.

  • smiffee666

    Oh, my kingdom for an ipad!!!
    think the case for getting one increases each time an ipad only release comes along, killed this and number 2 on 360-those were the days!! was too exited for words til i realised i wouldn't be able to get this, aaaarrgghh!
    oh well, back to warhammer on my iphone I guess, lol

  • diffucult1

    add to iPod 4 you would mack more money

  • HisDivineOrder

    I think (and have thought) that EA should stop spending as much money on TOR and focus some of that money on remaking KOTOR and KOTOR 2 (and finish it this time) for the modern age. Keep the story.

    Let that build into a KOTOR3.

    • Karzay

      EA should just stop making games. It's just a huge, grotesque beast of a studio that cares more about gorging itself on profits than making quality games. The only way it will change is if we stop feeding it.

  • marc0313


    • marc0313

      Nvm, it'll be 5-star anyway.

  • smiffee666

    wow, just realised they were from the original xbox!! am going senile in my old age, must b the disapointment ha ha

  • jamiejap

    only in english? thats wired for a huge Game like this. but i ll give it a try.