xcomlogo-260x101At PAX East this past March, the big news hit that the ultra-popular desktop and console strategy title XCOM: Enemy Unknown from Firaxis would be heading to the iPad. Exciting news as the game seems like a perfect fit for the touchscreen, and even better that lead designer on the project Jake Solomon assured fans that there wouldn't be any gross IAP in the game, something that has become a concern in the world of mobile games.

Today, Solomon spoke to the folks over at Joystiq and offered up some more details as well as some screens of XCOM straight from an iPad. Solomon reiterates the position that the game will be a great fit for the iPad, and although turn-based strategy games are one of the oldest genres in gaming it's actually a "happy accident" that they're the most well-suited for these new, emerging touchscreen platforms.


xcom2 xcom3 xcom4

He also hammers home the point that XCOM on iPad won't include in-app purchases, saying "We designed XCOM to be a complete experience out of the gate, and for that we're charging a premium up-front price. There won't be any in-app purchases because we're going to give people this big, huge experience for an up-front price. It's a model I think core gamers are familiar with – I mean, the other model certainly works, but not for us." Amen, Mr. Solomon.

Other topics include how using the Unreal Engine for the game made deploying to multiple platforms like the iPad possible, as well as how the iPad version will be almost completely in-line with what is offered on desktop and consoles in terms of content and features. Hit up the source link for the full interview, and gear up for XCOM: Enemy Unknown to head to your iPad at some point this summer.


  • Allen Arcelo

    Damn, where was all this news in the last three weeks? I can hardly keep up anymore!

  • Benjamin Detweiler

    Super excited for this one.

  • Bloodangel

    What the hell?!? They said it would be out on iPhone too!! But on this report, it just says iPad!! Grrrrr!! I was really looking forward to this on my iPhone aswell 🙁

    • Allen Arcelo

      Oh yeah, I missed that. They explicitly put it out there that this would be on iPhone too. I mean, I love the fact that they're going premium with it, but if it's iPad only I honestly don't see this rising up the chart's or being success on the AppStore 🙁

      • Dams

        iPad sells are growing 3x faster than iPhone ones. It will be a success...

    • Doctorossi

      That's my question, too. I'd grab this immediately on iPhone.

  • curtneedsaride

    Yeah, if this indeed comes to iPhone, I might buy it just to support them! I've never really played sci-fi tactical RPG's, but for their no-IAP belief, I want to make sure this succeeds!

  • jamarohn

    I will gladly pay a premium price for a premium game in toto! Thank God! I sure hope this helps swing the trend a little.

  • cplr

    Max price people are willing to pay? $50 for me.

    • Allen Arcelo

      If it controls well, doesn't have to many bugs, and has iCloud support I agree, 50 dollars is a fair price.

      • waxthirteen

        it'll never be $50. i'll put my money on $15. $20 tops. hell, i just picked up the PC version from amazon for $10.

      • Biowhere

        A few weeks ago xcom was on sale for about $13 on steam. I have to agree, I can't see it selling for more than $15 - $20 on iOS.

    • jamarohn

      Currently the PC version on Steam is selling for $40. By the time this launches, I wouldn't be surprised if it went down to $30. Which is what I'm guessing it'll be for the app. That's what I'd be willing to pay. I could go for $40 depending on the review.

  • Bool Zero

    Totally onboard yo buy and play this game again! Bet it several times on my 360 and looking forward to having it on my iPad as well! With all these core games coming to iPad, I fear I will have to get a second job though, hehe! Kidding of course!

  • MidianGTX

    Very noticeable reduction in graphics quality there.

    ...the game is still gonna rock the crap outta my iPad.

    • MidianGTX

      Downvoted for that? Tough crowd. I just said the game is going to rock my iPad, that means it's fantastic. The line before that is nothing but an unfortunate truth, I'd have liked to have seen the lighting implemented to a higher extent.

      Sometimes I think you people don't understand a word I say.

      • LeeDot

        I was thinking the same thing honestly. I'm excited for it to be coming out on the iPad but it's obvious that they're brute forcing it onto the platform by looking at the way the art conversion has been handled.

      • MidianGTX

        If it plays smoothly then it'll still be great fun, but I think I'd rather have had a new X-Com game developed for iOS from the ground up. I guess the budget didn't allow for that.

  • Game.PN

    When release date?

  • armilla

    Like others, I'm concerned about this news - is this not coming to iPhone? I've been looking forward to this release and holding off from buying the console version, so I'll be quite disappointed if it's iPad only.

    • Greyskull

      You can't play this game on an iphone screen without blood gushing from your eyeballs.

  • armilla

    Been holding off from buying the console version to support the iOS release - will be very disappointed if this is iPad only.

  • kurzz

    Instant buy. now hurry up!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.nemesh.75 John Nemesh

    Give me an Android version and I will buy it day one! (you know, the platform that has the larger market share?)

    • Doctorossi

      Something tells me this developer that wants people to pay for their game is going to prefer the more profitable platform.

      BTW, which 13% of that larger market (i.e. which Android version) would you like them to target?

      • http://www.facebook.com/john.nemesh.75 John Nemesh

        Yeah, I know, piracy is a huge issue right now on Android. It's getting better, but not fast enough.

      • Doctorossi

        I wasn't referring to piracy; I was referring to "unwilling-to-buyracy". Whether they're stealing illegitimate copies or not, the Android market seems to have an aversion to any game they are asked to pay for.

      • http://www.facebook.com/john.nemesh.75 John Nemesh

        I don't know, Square has done quite well with their (premium priced) Final Fantasy games. Minecraft is also selling very well on the platform. There ARE games people will pay for, just not "Temple Run 3" or "Angry Birds 7"!

      • Doctorossi

        Yeah, a release like this might actually be "premium" enough to break through the ceiling. Then again, it's going to be a resource/performance-hog, so testing will be a bear and that brings you back to that question of which Android version(s) and which devices do you make and test for?

      • http://www.facebook.com/john.nemesh.75 John Nemesh

        Nexus tablets, Asus Transformer, and Samsung Galaxy Tabs. That covers about 80% of the "premium" tablets that would have the horsepower to run the Unreal Engine.

    • ImJPaul


    • Adams Immersive

      If/when I release a mobile game, I'll want it on Android, but I suspect I won't get what I want.

      A couple of problems:

      1. A lot of Android's market share is cheap, low-powered devices. The number of more-capable units is a much smaller number, and the number of tablet-sized units (ideal for gaming) is FAR smaller than iPads.

      2. Providing quality testing and after-purchase tech support for all those Android users with different devices and software versions and sounds like an utter nightmare. That means far more time/cost than supporting iOS, yet with a smaller return. And those same resources could be put into improving the iOS game instead--or making a whole new game.

      3. Android devices get used less than iOS devices (I assume because some people don't even realize they have a device that can run apps) and when they ARE used, they're more often used for free. The PAYING market share is heavily slanted towards iOS.

      In the end, Android IS still worth it sometimes--but not always. It's a gamble some take and lose. I'll be afraid to take that gamble I think. (Time will tell.) I can understand even a larger company with a bigger team might make the same decision.

      (The equation is different for social/free-to-play gaming, I suspect: there you want the biggest user base to spam their friends and maybe sell some IAP consumables. Leaving Android out of a game like that will hurt the title's ability to snowball in the market.)

  • Louis Ace


  • Reignmaker

    Will it chug? That's my question.

  • Jaylewl

    When will they release the game?

  • King

    This is coming for iphone as well right????
    They did say so recently in a video

  • Kelley

    I guess this is why they dumbed down the game so much from the 1994 version of XCOM. I had the original 1994 verson of XCOM on my computer until last year as the game was perfect in almost every aspect. The current one lasted a couple of months but that was it. The game was pretty to look at but they lost so much of the strategy and game play that I felt cheated by them calling it XCOM.
    If you never played the first one you will probably love this game. If you played the first one you will probably hate this game.