Whoa, it's Wednesday again and there's a ridiculous amount of great iOS games hitting the streets right now- Or, potentially, have already hit the proverbial streets in your neck of the woods if you're in Europe, Asia, or somewhere else more fun than the United States. So, without further ado-

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD


First Impressions: Hey, That 'Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD' Hits Tonight

We gave it try this morning and can report that, yes, this is a Phoenix Wright game, and yeah, it's more convenient to play on iPad than it is on anything else.

Forum Thread: Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD - (by CAPCOM) [Universal]

Bloom Box

iTunes Description:

Bloom Box is an addicting puzzle with hours worth of exciting chain reaction gameplay. Move the boxes with different patterns to create a chain reaction and release flowers that have been trapped within.

Forum Thread: Bloom Box (by Nexx Studio) - Chain Reaction Puzzler

Chock A Block

First Impressions: Block Slider 'Chock A Block' You Actually Just Pay 99¢ For and Play - Amazing, Right?

Chock A Block is a basic puzzle game that uses mechanics that I'm sure any iOS puzzle fanatic has seen before- You slide blocks, and each block you move slides until it collides with something else, whether that's the side of the play field or another block. If the blocks it collides with share similar colors and three (or more) are touching, you've made a match.

Forum Thread: Chock A Block - A new puzzle game from Claymore Games

Incredible Jack

First Impressions: 'Incredible Jack' - A Competent Platformer With a Weird Premise

Incredible Jack seems like a fairly competent platformer. It controls well, with two virtual buttons for moving left or right along with a single button for jumping. Everything else in the world you interact with either by stopping on, jumping up into, or bumping in to. It's pretty standard stuff that really requires no explanation. The game has a neat almost Donkey Kong Country-ish pre-rendered art style, and the way you interact with all sorts of physics-based obstacles for some light physics puzzling is pretty fun.

Forum Thread: Incredible Jack - (by Chillingo Ltd) [Universal]

Jet Point

iTunes Description:

Point your clones to safety in this explosive jet propelled puzzle platformer developed by YoRooster Studios.

Forum Thread: Jet Point - (by Daniel Rossiter) [Universal]

Little Luca

First Impressions: 'Little Luca' Does the 'Bumpy Road' Thing to Physics Puzzlers

Simogo's Bumpy Road [$2.99] was unique when it released back in 2011 because it took the basic endless runner formula and turned it on its ear by allowing you to control the environment in the game rather than the main characters directly. So, manipulating the ground by raising and lowing it you could push or bounce your character's little car around to collect items and traverse the terrain. It was a fantastic fit for touchscreens and a genuinely fresh idea. If you were ever looking for a similar concept in the world of physics puzzlers, then Little Luca from Glowingpine Studios might be a game for you.

Forum Thread: Little Luca - (by Glowingpine Studios HB) [Universal]

Merchant to the Stars

iTunes Description:

You are the merchant to the stars. The top salesman in the tri-dungeon area. When a hero needs a new Pole-arm, or poison embed short swords they know who to come to.

Forum Thread: Merchant to the Stars - (by Man Up Time) [Universal]


First Impressions: Retro Dreamer's Next Game Is 'SlamBots,' A Vertical, Arena-Based Jumping Game

The titling kinda says it all. In Retro Dreamer's upcoming SlamBots, you're tasked with slamming various lo-fi creatures in an infinite quest for gold and high scores. You play as some sort of bouncy monster thing, endlessly bouncing and slamming objects so you can reach the river of gold coins flowing just slightly above your head.

Forum Thread: SlamBots - (by Retro Dreamer) [Universal]

Starship Battles


iTunes Description:

Take control of formidable warships to defend the galaxy against an infinite force of relentless aliens.

Explore space to discover and harvest valuable minerals and expand your fleet with 5 unique warships, each offering improved weaponry to take down enemies faster and survive longer.

Forum Thread: Starship Battles - (by Empty Flask Games LLC) [Universal]

Warhammer Quest


First Impressions: TA Plays: 'Warhammer Quest' - An Awesome Strategy RPG

I've praised this thing over and over again in the past, so you've probably caught some of what I'm going to say here... but just in case: this is an awesome port that manages to feel like a real video game unlike a lot of board game ports out there. Also, it's a pretty rad loot-based dungeon crawler on its own, boasting tons of quests, random loot, and awesome encounters. You can read more about it here.

Forum Thread: Warhammer Quest - (by Rodeo Games) [Universal]

World War Z

First Impressions: Hands-On with 'World War Z', a Semi-on-rails First-person Shooter Movie Tie-in

World War Z is one of those games I really want to love. It looks like it's got it going on. It does a great job creating a zombie apocalypse atmosphere but then ruins its immersion with all the stiff mechanics. I'm definitely intrigued enough to continue on and see what else it has to offer, but I'm not sure if I can get stuck in another clunky loop like the crowbar portion and still be as enthusiastic afterwards.

Forum Thread: World War Z (by Paramount Digital Entertainment)

  • thiefwriter

    Finally, a decent week!

    • Loading3

      What do you mean decent?! Its fantastic!

  • Game.PN

    A good week to waste money and time

  • Game.PN

    just bough Warhammer and War Z

  • Game.PN

    Just Bought Warhammer and War Z

  • freshfrom82

    Wow! None if them impress me at all, sick and tired of dungeon, sword games. This list is weak.

  • Flare_TM

    Warhammer has over 30 pages on the thread as I write this; is it really that good? Does it improve on Hunters 2 much because it looks very similar?

    • TheFrost

      Better read the thread first, a lot of mixed impressions and a lot of IAP

  • xmike17

    I'm thinking just Phoenix Wright for me tonight, haven't really heard much about the others

    • VA1N

      Might want to at least check out the warhammer game. Maybe look up some reviews. It looks really promising.

  • white_eye

    Capcom seems to have snuck out a free version of Street Fighter IV's dojo mode as well.

  • twistedmind87

    Great week!

  • twistedmind87

    Phoenix wright, war hammer and world z purchased!

  • TheFrost

    Im the other way around, worst week so far in 2013

    • VA1N

      What? How? There were weeks where literally nothing but freemium junk came out. There are quality releases here.

  • Rothgarr

    Where's KOTOR? IGN has a review of the iPad version but I don't see it in the US app store...

  • Endscrypt

    Only one for me this week, do I have to say which it is, put it this way it starts with a War and ends with a hammer :@) peace and enjoy your games people!