mzl.cjckelpd.175x175-75Yup: Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD is hitting tonight alongside the rest of the world's latest releases. As we've been kinda prepared for, it's a free-to-play bundle of the original games with a (kinda) re-tooled interface and some higher res assets. With a download, you get the first two missions in the first game. After finishing that, you've got to buy the entirety of the original for $5.99. The other two games in the collection are priced, separately, at $6.99.

As members of our forums are pointing out, it doesn't appear that the app gives you any sort of discount if you've got the first one already on your iPhone.


We gave it try this morning and can report that, yes, this is a Phoenix Wright game, and yeah, it's more convenient to play on iPad than it is on anything else.

Look for it to hit tonight across the App Store. It should arrive in the US around 11PM. You can add the game to your Watch List via our app [Free] and received a notification when it does release, if that's a thing you're interested in.

International App Store Link: Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD, Free (Universal)

  • RickShaw

    NICE!! I am going away this weekend give me something to play on the train.

  • Drewskii


  • Adams Immersive

    Sounds like it's actually a conventional "premium" game pack that you can demo for free, not really a "free-to-play" (a loaded term that scares people off).

    • Will Buckingham

      It was a really good idea giving away the entire first two cases as well. The first case in every game is exclusively in the court setting, and not indicative of the adventure gameplay of finding clues, talking to witnesses, etc that the remaining cases in each game require. Letting people see all the gameplay is a good way to both sell the game and prevent people who might not enjoy the non-courtroom stuff from getting upset with their purchase.

  • Biowhere

    Can't wait! I'm definitely picking this up tonight.

  • W4TSON

    So is Brad saying that the isn't optimized for an iPhone 4s size screen & should only ideally be played on an ipad?

    • Rothgarr

      That doesn't make sense since I can't recall ever seeing an iPad-formatted screenshot (retina or non-retina). All the screenshots I've seen are all iPhone 4/4s sized (not even iPhone 5 sized)

    • Schutzenegger

      I think he's saying that its just easier to play on an iPad sized screen.
      Some games, no matter the optimization, are just like that.

      • Nick S

        I hope this isn't the case. This game is extremely easy; you're just pressing buttons on a screen, or tapping somewhere in the background. If anything, the latter might be hard/awkward to do on a smaller screen. Other than that, I just don't see how this game would be better off on a giant iPad screen when it was originally on a DS.

  • keith81891

    Come on Capcom! I'm happy it's finally coming out but they did a really poor job of setting a firm release date and sticking to it! Well at least my 2 year wait ends tonight (realistically tomorrow)

    • Drewskii

      That and giving purchasers of the original app the first game free or even a discount. Still going to buy all 3 though.

  • Nick S

    11PM EST?

  • MidianGTX

    Seems there are a few imperfections relating to screen sizes, but as someone who's never played a PW game but constantly heard praise about it, I just can't avoid checking it out for free.

    • garret44


  • roguewaver

    That link is for ghost trick...

  • DranDran

    Man, I hope this does well enough to compel Capcom to port the Edgeworth games.

  • Isaac

    I can't believe its happening...

  • beattheodds

    Does it at least give you the option of not buying the first one?

    • Will Buckingham

      The free download has game 1 cases 1 and 2 unlocked for free. You can buy the rest of game 1, game 2, and game 3, or all of them at once as in-app purchases.

      • beattheodds

        I meant do you have to buy the first one before you can buy the other two? :0 misunderstanding

      • Will Buckingham

        No, they can be bought individually or as the combined pack of all three at a slight discount.

  • kirby83

    they really messed up the HD ports.

    first of all, the graphics are HD but they dont look that good. it looks like someone drew over the original designs but the job they've done is average at best. something about the characters feels "off".

    secondly, i bought the 1st PW ages ago on the app store. it was supposed to update but it didnt. now i have to purchase the 1st game again? (thanks Capcom!)

    and now the worst part, it is full english! the "not HD" version of the game has french, spanish, german, etc... why the hell cant i select my language in the menu in the HD version? its not like the game hasnt been translated! and we waited 2 years for that??

    how can you fail like that when you are a big developper/publisher like Capcom?

    • drloony

      Capcom and fail go hand in hand unfortunately. For every piece of gaming brilliance they've given us, they've shoveled over a lot of garbage. But I'm not complaining about this yet, I haven't played these ports

  • Xylone

    Life is complete.