Well, that was fast. Final Fantasy Tactics S, that free-to-play version of FFT we noted was a thing a few weeks ago, is out now in Japan across iOS and Android. Square Enix has released a Japanese trailer for the game -- a trailer that shows off some battles, a lot of characters, and a sweet hand-drawn art style.

As the previous signage for the game indicated, and the trailer mentions as well, this is a Mobage release. We're still kinda in the dark about where the pay walls and usual F2P silliness is located, but fingers crossed that it stays well out of the way of a solid, methodical strategy game experience.

No word on a worldwide release for FFTS, by the way, but it seems pretty safe to assume it'll make its way over everywhere eventually.

[via Joystiq]

  • skipdaddy

    But how can this be called 'tactics' when there are no tactics involved?

    • TurboRuhland

      I thought the same thing. Based on the video I can't even tell if you actually get control in battles.

    • Karzay

      Reason being, they still feel they can milk the earlier success of FFT on name alone and because nobody really takes mobile gaming seriously, they can put minimal effort into making it. If they piss off their fan base, they can always make empty promises about future updates. Win-win for them.

    • Zephro

      Looks like your typical P2W Mobage cashgrab, with gasha elements to milk as much money as possible. Play Blood Brothers, or any Mobage game and you'll get the general idea.

      Little strategy involved, just dump hundreds of dollars into gasha and hope you get the card or unit with the highest numbers possible. Advertised events where they tout "x9 LEGENDARY DROP RATE" when the reality is that the base drop rate is abysmally low, maybe 0.01% so that multiplier means jack.

      It's sickening how they have chosen one of my favorite franchises and perverted it so.

    • Michal "Hochy" Hochmajer

      Damn, you are right. When I saw video first time, my reaction was something like OUYAAAAA. After reading your post and clicking for hi-res fullscreen video...damn new FF all the bravest. 🙂

  • Eseres

    HEY! That's some of the characters from Crystal Defenders!
    Does it have anything to do with Crystal Defenders or is it just made by the same people? I loved CD 🙂

    This FF game looks enjoyable. Will download this as soon as it hits the norwegian appstore. (With that said, why can't someone from one country download a game from another country by changing the language setting? Its still your account, isn't it? It can't be because of the language itself, because i can still find games with foreign language in the norwegian app store, and most of the games in my app store are in english.)

    • siveon

      The CD characters comes from what I believe to be Ivalice, the Final Fantasy world that came from Tactics and then Final Fantasy 12. CD was not made by the guys who made those two games (I assume, anyway). Not really looking forward to this myself, as we've all seen how Square-Enix handles FTP games...

  • riChchestMat

    I'd rather have the graphics update that was long promised for FFT iOS thanks very much

    • Tyler Piderit

      Thank you! SE should be updating FFT for the iPhone 5 before they release anything FFT related. Especially since they charge $17 for it.

  • Master Shake

    The horror... the horror...

  • Stustaff

    That looks awful, they should just port the original final fantasy tactics to iOS!

    • JarvisDelta

      You confuse me...

    • Zephro

      But it's already been ported?

    • 28monkeys

      Did you just came out from hospital or what? There IS ported version.

      • XvEsunavX

        War of the Lions =/= original release.

        I really need all the Unicode characters... That's a pretty unconvincing "is not equal to" if I do say so.

  • Guibsx

    Ok so now, they are recycling FFTA to mobile device? Exact same art, sprits, soundtrack. Square sure love to recycle stuff to death.

  • Arkais

    I would much rather FFTA and FFTA2 got ported than this money grab. The video makes it look like the battles are static and you don't move your characters. If so, no thanks.

  • danedeasy

    This looks dumb.

  • Aventador

    I will say another debacle like ATB for Square Enix

  • curtneedsaride

    Tried and gave up on Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade... And this game looks like the next FFAB. At least FF All the Bravest gave me something to do during battles. This looks like another tap this button til you're out of energy and wait or PAY. And once Mobage's servers go away someday, so does your game and all the money/progress you put into it. I hate the temporary games these days.

  • zattelin

    I don't care what square says,this is not a Final Fantasy tactics game. In fact I can't tell where the tactics part is.

  • FanboyOfNone

    Seems like Square is simply trying to stay alive with the tried and true pay-to-play model and a popular IP. They can't be expecting Final Fantasy XIII: Hey It's Lightning Again 3! to eclipse any of their sales records.

    I don't get the management there. Two bland films (Sorry, Advent Children was blatant, watered down Fan Service), going on three MMOs, the first console trilogy ever for the main series, two of the last three single player titles (X, XIII) have sequels.

    Hell, if they're going for pretty but mundane cash grab...they should work on that FFVII remake people seem to want. Prey on nostalgia. I'll pay $60 for that. I'll pay $100 for that. Set the price.

    I enjoyed VIII somewhat and I really enjoyed much of X, so I might not represent most fans. But agh! Hire some new writers and forget about the mobile market. You already can't hang with your primary market.

  • jpjrdorion

    I am kibda sad the combat system is about rhe same in any other ff title... I wished it was just like on gba which you would move your characters on a "checkboard" kind of map their spells had actual ranges.

    It was pretty cool it could maintain a good balance between rangers an close-quarter fighters. Now the static fighting just changed the deal it's not what i expected from a "tactics" title.

  • Chad_Caughmann

    I find it funny that when SE released FF: All the Bravest, they also went on record right around that same time saying they didn't want to make "social" games anymore. Their actions completely contradicted what they were saying. Fast forward 1/2 a year or so, and they release FF Tactics S (or should that be FF Tactics $?) at almost the same time they say they want to make "console quality" games on mobile devices.

    Actions speak louder than words, SE.

  • audiotaku

    I can't pretend I'm not filled with an ambiguous mix of putrid distain and nostalgia-induced hope. I love Squenix games but ever since their sights turned to iOS they've lost their way. Could the dual-core iPhone 5 not run FFVII with retina graphics? I think so... and instead we are left with titles like ATB and theatrhythm (which my phone won't even download extra tracks to once I had paid for them... poor). Even the original FFIII and FFT games need iPhone 5 updates.

    FFV was a lazy port at best and FFIV remains the only decent final fantasy adventure on iPhone and even then, it's a DS port with rounded edges.

    I'll most likely pick up Tactics S in hope that it's going to be something that its not, but really I just want an update to WotL.

    IAP is killing mobile gaming. The option for a full game IAP should be present. We all hate it in unison. I don't understand why nobody is listening any more...

  • piichan

    where's our FFTA3?