mzl.npsknamq.175x175-75Zombie Fish Tank is yet another competent, level-based arcade action game with a three-star rating system being published by Chillingo. Its hook is a "devouring" mechanic. In the game, you play as a ghoulish fish and are tasked with eating other freakish fish. As you gobble these dudes up, your fish gets bigger. Eventually, he gets big enough to chow down on the larger fish swimming around in a given level. If you accidentally run into a bigger fish before your own is large enough to take him on, he'll eat you instead.

In grade school, I played a game similar to this on CD-ROM. I can't remember the name of it, unfortunately, but I do recall that it was meant to be educational. You controlled a bunch of actual fish. The goal was, I guess, to learn about the food chain. Zombie Fish Tank isn't so concerned with this. Surprising, I know! Instead, it leans more on scoring and raw progression. Get big, go to a new level, get big again, and so on. Here's a trailer that shows almost everything off:

There's also an actual fish tank component. You earn coins or whatever as you play and can cash those in to buy fish that swim around in a tank that's displayed prominently on the main menu screen. You can also buy power-ups and stuff in the game's market. Also, yeah, there's IAP.

By the way, you control your fish with the accelerometer. A double tap at any time will reset what the game interprets as the center of your device. All you have to do to eat something is collide into it. This all feels pretty good, which is neat.

Zombie Fish Tank hits tonight across iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can catch it at about 11PM EST. Add it to our app's [Free] Watch List if you want notified when it's out. And you know you do! Zombies! They're a thing!

International App Store Link: Zombie Fish Tank, $0.99 (Universal)

  • vesperdem

    Is it me or are these teasers getting less and less useful?

    After watching that one I still have no idea what the game is really about. Do we play the Zombie fish or do we fight it? The game play footage was so short if you blinked, you probably missed three scenes. Sheesh.

    This would be a great TA Plays game, hint, hint. 🙂

    • jovyxafeseda

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      • themostunclean

        Destruct whomever coded this annoying spambot in 3...2....1

        ****You're an a$$hø13****

    • knowledge3754

      Read the article

  • bababewey

    I'm absolutely in, baring timers or other such grossness.

  • Game.PN

    it like the piranha game in pc

  • abcxyz91

    Feeding frenzy with zombie mode

  • slammajamma28

    "In grade school, I played a game similar to this on CD-ROM. I can't remember the name of it, unfortunately, but I do recall that it was meant to be educational."

    Are you thinking of Odell Down Under?

    • Boomwolf

      I had that too! Ah

  • XvEsunavX

    I used to play Odell lake back on the apple iie. I loved that game, hated osprey and otters though. Sounds very akin to the game mentioned minus the CDROM part.

  • aagold

    Sounds like Osmosis...