914036_largerOh, hey, did you know: a new Xbox is about to be announced today. At 10AM PST, Microsoft will finally reveal its next-generation console, putting to bed a lot of the rumors that have been swirling around. Will this new console completely embrace mobile? The Internet seems to think so, which is why we're pretty interested in what Microsoft has to show.

Word on the street is that this next Xbox will have a much more of a presence on phones and tablets. We've heard just about everything, including the possibility of a straight-up Xbox-branded tablet that'll, presumably, interface directly with the console. There's also much more believable rumors, including the ones that say SmartGlass will be more of a thing with this Xbox, giving users to control over their new consoles via tablets or phones.


For what it's worth, our money's on the latter. SmartGlass was a pretty neat late add-on to the Xbox 360. Being able to view stats in Halo, pick songs in Dance Central, or see a map in Forza was helpful. Also, it felt kinda space age-y. With this new Xbox, you gotta figure that this "second screen" kinda stuff is going to be baked in, providing a richer and faster experience to users.

Who knows, though! That's why we're pretty stoked to see the event this afternoon. Feel free to throw your own speculation in the comments that way you'll more easily be able to be That Guy and say you called it.

  • bigE1669

    The only mobile I see this supporting is Win8 phones. Tablet? Windows RT tablets. Therefor, I really don't have any interest in this.

    • wildperson

      Smartglass was released universally. It'd be stupid and presumptuous for them to release only on windows devices.

  • jForsythe

    I have the smart glass app for my iPad now and works without a problem.
    So I don't see them not doing this for the new Xbox. I'll be getting the new Xbox day 1.