mzl.kjppgfpi.175x175-75Fire & Forget: The Final Assault is an arcade post-apocalyptic racing game that's set to debut tonight alongside a bunch of other new releases. You can catch a look at it below, but you should probably avoid the actual product. It's not good. The driving feels super floaty, the car-to-car combat is bland, and the production elements aren't stellar. That isn't to say there aren't some neat ideas buried in it. After all, who doesn't like the idea of driving around a laser-equipped car that can spontaneously morph into a fighter plane? But, the execution isn't great, making it a pretty forgettable game as a whole.

One thing, though: it's been pretty fun trying track down who owns the Fire and Forget IP. Final Assault is something of a ... re-imagining of Fire and Forget, a late 80s arcade title from Superman 64 creator Titus. Final Assault sees the addition of a more hellish post-apocalyptic setting and hovering, but otherwise adheres to the original's formula a little too closely. Titus went broke in 2005. Its Interplay division didn't, so we're assuming this is licensed out. Video games!

Anyway, you can follow Final Assault on our app through your Watch List. Or, you can just wait until it appears later tonight at 11PM EST.

International App Store Link: Fire & Forget The Final Assault, $1.99 (Universal)

  • dariusjr98

    That's a shame, but whatever, I'd like to try this myself to determine how good it is. After that Paper Titans "preview," I'm definitely not going to take TA's word for it when it comes to previews. This game looks awesome.

  • Josh Dombro

    The game looks ok, and vaguely reminds me of an old Playstation game Off-world Interceptor Extreme. I really miss that game...

  • lewsheff

    I'm glad TA are reviewing games before I waste my money on crap. I respect you guys opinions TA

  • Dark NRG

    I think it looks sweet. I take no ones opinion besides my own when it comes to my money.

  • Allen Arcelo

    Glad to see TA readers having an open mind when it come to so-called "no good" games. I'm sure TA is just looking out for ios gamers, well, I'm 70% sure. But with that said, there's no way I'm getting anywhere near this game. Looks like crap!

  • HelperMonkey

    Did you say "Superman 64?" Excuse me as I run like hell away from this game.