175049_largerBlitz Brigade [Free] is a class-based, competitive shooter that takes a lot of cues from other class-based, competitive shooters like, say, Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield 1943. It's a Gameloft joint, so it's more copycat than original and it's loaded with a ton of free-to-play features, including the ability to buy gems to respawn instantly in battle. I'm guessing the free-to-play part specifically is going to turn folks off. I get that. But, I've gotta say, this isn't a terrible shooter as far as touch device shooters go. Also, the matchmaking and network functionality actually works consistently, which is pretty rare for these types of games.

Eli and I gave it a spin the other afternoon. We killed a bunch of dudes and we also got to drive around in a tank for a few seconds. More importantly, we met a man named Bobby. He was a good man (or a spy), that Bobby:

Blitz is free, so the barrier to entry is pretty low. Give this a shot if you're in the mood for a shooter and can stomach virtual controls and the design wizardry that comes with it. Oh, and if you see Bobby, tell him we said "Hi!"

  • speedyph

    Lol game loft never ceases 2 amaze me with freemuim an how low they go gems to respawn this cant b life lol

    • Adams Immersive

      The thing about your weapons "degrading" just from using them, so you must spend currency to "repair" them, sounds SO far from fun! A game's challenges/obstacles should be fun ones.

      I'd rather see ad-supported games than that.

      • xx99

        But if you spend premium currency (diamonds!) you can upgrade a gun so it NEVER loses durability! Seriously, the free to play aspects are pretty bad here.

  • TheOnlyExalted

    Reminds me more of battlefield heroes over anything.

    • dariusjr98

      Came here to say that.

      • spyker3292

        Same here. It's not a combo of TF2 and Battlefield. It's just BF Heroes, haha.

  • Adams Immersive

    Bring me a touchified, non-pay-to-win Enemy Territory/Quake Wars-like game! The sequence of "focus points" in those games really makes some great battles full of creative offense and defense.

  • The_Blue_Sticker

    Anyone test this on 4th gen devices?

    • http://www.facebook.com/madison.bound Madison Bound

      I tried the training area and that worked perfectly! Then I tried to play multi-player, I was able to log in, select a game mode, then it lost connection when finding a server! This happens every time I try, and the single-player area doesn't work anymore ._.

    • rdw2552

      Yeah I have 4g and its awesome

  • Allen Arcelo

    I just realized something. Something always struck me as odd about Brad's voice but I could never really put my finger on it. Brad, has a fat man's voice. Especially that laugh! check it out 3:50

    • Alex

      This also confirms my speculations as he always complains about virtual controls. In fact, it's the one thing he never ceases to complain about even when a game has 99% positive feedback about the controls in the forum.

  • blackout845

    Cheers to Bobby!

  • batmania15

    No mention of the massive connection issues making game unplayable for almost everyone!!! Take a look at the TA forums even gameloft recognized the issue

    • blackout845

      I was having issues for a couple of days but so far ive been able to get into games no problem. They are fixing the servers just gotta have pacients

  • Josh Dombro

    This game's really fun minus the freemium BS. Given that it is free to download though, I'm okay with it, I just don't see it as a game I'm going to play obsessively. Mostly because I can't afford to...

  • {SQUEEK}

    I was able to play for an hour last night. It was fun for free. It's worth a download and try.

    Also during the weekend I wasn't able to log onto the game at all. Again... It's free. I wouldn't go out n buy anything since it needs to be repaired anyways.

  • grits


  • King Random

    In terms of a multiplayer FPS, it's actually not that bad, got it today after watching TouchArcade vid on YouTube, its surprisingly fun. The game has a very clear resemblance and inspiration from TF2 (Team Fortress 2).

    Obviously however, being a F2P game from Gameloft, it has PLENTY of IAP's. HOWEVER, these aren't actually needed to 'progress' (you cant really progress in this type of game, (its not an RPG for example)) the only reason the IAP's are there is for better guns, better characters and instant respawn. Btw, the harder to get characters/guns, don't affect the gameplay. For example, if you had the beginning default characters going against, let's say, a sniper (a harder to get character) to kill them will not be ridiculously hard, and their guns are not that much OP (over-powered).

    All in all, I recommend getting the game if you like TF2 and, in general, multiplayer FPS's. it's not the best, but it is pretty fun/addictive 😀

    So there was little review thingy-ma-bob, pls comment 🙂

  • Mekklesack

    First: Blitz Brigade is mad tight! I just need to get that out there. Between this, the Respawnables and every other future cartoon fantasy FPS (or any that I forgot to mention) available on mobile platforms, one may never need to plunk down $1,000+ to play TF2 on a monitor screen again.

    Second: Free-to-play isn't so bad. It's like going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where you pay whatever you want for admission and the donors/members (or investors, or in the case of a Kick-starter, "contributors") pay more. In a way, it's like an elegant, futuristic, well-curated form of video game socialism. Hell, even the NFL operates in a similar way (see link below).

    I like these free-to-play games and their experimental community, and their RPG style level grinding systems (which are no more difficult than they were on the SNES). The whole thing has been sorta' like Fight Club so far. So, I could never join the nay-sayers on free-to-play content, but then again, "We don't talk about Fight Club..."

    Also, there's: EVE Online, Guild Wars, Team Fortress 2 etc....

    And for more on real world community donation systems that work:

  • JJE McManus

    I'm still waiting for my check from GameLoft. I've even lowered my rates. I'll play their cash sink counterfeit game for $5 a half hour - this week only. They really should see this offer and jump in it.

  • xx99

    The premium content is problematic, as it lets you pay to be better than everybody else in a multiplayer game.

    That said, this game has surprisingly good controls. Learning how to mix virtual controls for broad movements and tilt controls for refined aiming yields great results.

    If you do get into a match, stay in it! A new game will start in 30 seconds which is almost always faster than exiting to the menu and finding a new game.

  • CrAzY12StEvE

    Bobby let that happen!

  • felipe

    The game its awesome (without the IAP). I've been playing and it's very cool. But IAP ruins the game - $20 for 600 gems, cmon.. Steam offers better games for fair prices.

    $10 for everything is okay.. Nothing more.