mzl.zjkrfyqi.175x175-75Frozen Synapse on iPad is one of the few notable "core" kinda releases this week, and it is what you think it is: a pretty straight-up port of an imaginative PC title that got a bunch of awards and praise. This version sees the addition of one-tap touch controls, as well as cross-platform play.

At the top level, this a turn-based strategy game set in a world bursting with neon. For the most part, you'll be tasked with ordering around a squad of lo-fi dudes in an effort to clear the enemy team or take an objective. You'll send your dudes to take cover or to flank and, if you're lucky, to go in for a kill. What makes this interesting is the fact that you're controlling the smallest movements. You pick which direction your dudes will look, at which point they'll crouch, and so on. As you do this, the enemy team moves too, so there's a bit of a reaction and prediction component going on as well.

The whole game kinda reminds me of a living, breathing old-school Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six pre-mission planning screen. I used to spend some major time in these, probably more time than I did actually executing the plan. And just like in these games when bad dudes counter or take an unexpected position, you get these awesome emergent moments where you just throw away the plan and act on what you're seeing. It's a great feeling, surprisingly.

A lot has been said about this one over the years, and I'm not adding anything new here by mentioning that the granularity of your tactical options and the emergence are some of this one's best features. But, it's definitely a title you'll want to have in your arsenal if you're into tactical shooters. There's not too many of those games on iPad to begin with and none specifically like this one at all.

Frozen Synapse hits tonight at around 11PM EST. Add it to your Watch List on our app and we'll send you a notification when it hits the App Store.

International App Store Link: Frozen Synapse, $6.99

  • Bischi777


  • Robert McGovern

    I have the Mac version and like it, but don't really play it as I don't play many games on my comp any more. So the iPad version is most welcome.

    • eXes0r

      That is exactly how I feel about the release!

  • otakuzod

    I've never played the PC/Mac version, but it looks pretty decent. I'll be giving this a whirl tonight.

  • Hans P. Kรถter

    Reminds me somehow of Maxis' Robosports, which was my first network game many years ago. Really looking forward to get this. (And probably Agricola tonight???)

  • PureRumble


    O! M! G! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Niall

    Own this on Mac & PC! Not been able to play while away, so this will scratch my itch! Instabuy!!

  • Keithustus

    I vaguely recall from the PC version that even playing single player requires an internet connection because the turns are calculated on their servers, yes? Will the iPad version also require this?

    • Keithustus

      James Hannet, a Mode 7 dev, replied: "we thought that might be necessary during development but it turned out not to be necessary. frozen synapse is fully playable offline against the AI on all platforms"

  • Josh Dombro

    Any news on an iPhone version? Would it work or is the screen too small?

  • Eegah

    This is a ridiculous steal at seven bucks.

  • drloony

    Yes please, just when I was getting sick of TBS games on iPad something fresh (to me) comes along, gonna be a good night

  • MyAimIsTrue

    Still no news about an iphone-version? Some of us don't have an ipad and would be happy to play this even with less than perfect controls.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Maniacfive

    Take my money! Take my money! Jesus Christ just hurry midnight and take my money!

  • Dark NRG

    If only someone would port Bungies Myth:TFL

    • PadreTomasito

      Well, Myth was quite spectacular and quite unplayable game. Maybe Myth 2

      • Dark NRG

        Both were great, I don't know why you had difficulty with the first. I played many many hours online with a 14.4 modem. But yeah, the storyline, the music, everything top notch. Then came oni and then HALO and the Microsoft buyout. PLEASE, someone port this or Myth:Soulblighter.

        Or Pajama Sam.
        I dig me some Pajama Sam as well ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Dark NRG

        Also of note: it's amazing how many great quality games by now defunct producers on the pc 15 yrs ago were such a small file size and can fit on iOS devices, yet we are stuck with unimaginative junk releases.

      • PadreTomasito

        Probably it was just me, or maybe my PC was bad, I was not too good at this sort of games. Warhammer Dark Omen - THIS was my game ๐Ÿ™‚

  • LearnIIBurn

    This game rocks! Perfect asynchronous multiplayer game for work :).

    Totally reminds me of an advanced Rainbow Six planning phase simulator.