sticker-mule-logo-thumb-3Two years ago, Imangi Studios hatched the bright idea of getting stickers made of the Temple Run app icon. Everyone who saw them at GDC 2012 was like, "Hey, that's a great idea!" Fast forward to GDC this year, and we hooked up with Sticker Mule to get a bit of a discount to try to spur the adoption of a GDC indie developer app icon sticker trade. Well, the whole thing exploded and was successful beyond my wildest expectations. Everyone had stickers made which not only served as a slick little mini game collecting them all but also turned out to be a fantastic icebreaker for us awkward nerds to talk to one another at mixers, parties, and other similar events. I came home with so many stickers it was ridiculous.


Well, WWDC and E3 are just around the corner, and once again we did a proverbial fist pound with Sticker Mule, and got a sick coupon code to help developers save some cash and get a boatload of stickers to trade in the process. Here's how it works this time around:

  1. Head over to Sticker Mule
  2. Pick out whatever you want, as long as it's over $50. The 2" x 2" rounded corner sticker is perfect for app icons, an as seen above can be printed edge to edge just like a real icon. Alternatively, if you want to get fancy you can get die cut stickers, or anything else.
  3. Use coupon code WWDC2013 during checkout and save $25 on your order!
  4. Trade stickers like a boss at WWDC, E3, or both.

One major PRO TIP I learned the hard way: Stickers are surprisingly heavy. The 2" x 2" rounded corner stickers come in little shrink wrapped 50 sticker packs, and each of those weigh around 2 ounces. If, like me, you have the grand plan of ordering a few hundred then throwing them in your suitcase with all your other heavy gadgets, gizmos, and wires, you could find your suitcase woefully over weight for your flight.

Figure out where you're staying, contact Sticker Mule, and have your stickers shipped to your hotel before you arrive! Way easier! I wish I would've done this at GDC, but, c'est la vie! This coupon code will be good through WWDC and E3, but it's not a bad idea to get orders in early in case you need to do any art revisions to make sure your stickers look as awesome as possible.

I really can't say enough good things about Sticker Mule. Their service is amazing, the quality is fantastic, and holy heck was trading stickers at GDC a lot of fun.

  • mrTofu

    sweet deal again! Score, thanks TA and Stickermule!

  • putermcgee

    Really pleased with the stickers I got last time, but they charged $50 to send a measly 50 stickers overseas. They offered no other options either. It costs about that much to send a few jars of peanut butter, so I don't know where that weight is going.

    • stickermule

      thanks for the feedback. we're working with UPS on getting better rates for international, but no ETA on when that will be.

      • ibrente

        Hola awesome sticker mule !!!! If you have a coupon for me I would gladly order 200 stickers, feed you hay and brush your soft brown mane !!! 😀 THanks !

  • Tamie Wolford

    Tried to use that code but it wasn't working. What a bummer.