I need Road Not Taken in my life, like, right now. It's the next game from Spry Fox, the studio behind Triple Town [Free]. Inspired in part by Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken," it's being described as an "evergreen rogue-like" that explores life in loss -- you know, heavy stuff, like what happens when you stray from your path and all that.

Spry is being pretty vague with details (and probably for a good reason), but it is sharing some concept art and a teaser trailer, the latter of which we've embedded in this post. Take a look around; this thing looks like a winner.

Road Not Taken is due out for PC in 2013 and "eventually" mobile and tablet down the line. There's no doubt we'll be keeping our all-seeing eye on this thing, so add this one to your Watch List in our app [Free] if you want to be alerted whenever we post an update on the project.

  • mrTofu

    Love the art style. The sound and look of it all reminds me of Year Walk.

  • garret44

    Year walk + lostwinds art style. Looks sweet

  • grits

    Damn! Looks great.

  • Josh Dombro

    Yes. This needs to come out soon. It looks like a dark, snowy Triple Town (the size and layout of the screen at least), but it's a rogue-like? Can't wait, looks great.

  • Smartbomb

    Insta buy

  • B30

    Lovely art style, added to the watchlist.

  • Nettik

    Awww what a cute game! It looks really adorable and that teaser kind of gets you. Though I got to admit, that beginning where the character drops into the snow and the screen fades reminded me of Journey.

  • Nettik

    Why haven't you made a new article about this game yet? It came out for PS4 and PC/Steam on August 5!