175049_largerAfter a soft launch period that began in February, Gameloft's free-to-play class-based shooter Blitz Brigade [Free] has now been officially launched in the App Store. Originally announced in January, Blitz Brigade feels like the lovechild of Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield Heroes. It's a lighthearted kind of game, as opposed to the gritty, realistic nature of most shooters nowadays. Despite not being an entirely original concept, I'm actually surprised with how much fun Blitz Brigade has been so far.

As you'd expect, it's pretty freemium'd out, but not really in a gross or unfair way. It looks like you'll be able to earn everything the game has to offer just by playing, or if you're impatient or otherwise just don't mind dropping a few dollars on in-game currency you can purchase packs of gems to spend on basically anything in the game. The part that's annoying is that Gameloft takes every chance possible to let you know you could be spending that gem currency, so it's pretty in your face, but at least it doesn't appear to gate any of the content from you outright.

It's sad that so much time need to be dedicated to explaining how a game's pay model works, but that stuff aside Blitz Brigade is pretty darn cool. It looks nice, it plays well, and it's fun. The main dish is of course its online multiplayer, but there's also a good deal of single player missions to work your way through that'll pretty much walk you through all the different aspects of the game and its characters. The online connection has been a bit iffy but seems solid for the most part. If you've played any other Gameloft shooter you pretty much know what to expect.

I'll be spending the weekend playing some more of Blitz Brigade to dig in further, but I have to admit I'm pleasantly surprised with it so far, and our forum goers seem to be digging it as well. It's free so give it a look if you've been waiting for this type of shooter to hit your iOS device.

  • The_Blue_Sticker

    I understand this is what Gameloft does, but serously.

    • http://matt-curtis.me/ Matt Curtis

      Why didn't you say that when it was announced eons ago? I mean...you can post this comment on practically every Gameloft game. It's a redundant point.

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        And he/she was redunding. Let them redund!!

  • Josh Dombro

    I've only played for a few minutes, but this game is awesome so far. FPS is hard to do well on touch, and the controls are a little tough, but really digging it so far.

    • daniel5457

      Loving the game so far, but the worst possible position for an aim button.

  • iCozMick

    I'm disappointed the stats aren't tracked properly, Getting a kill in-game rewards you with 2 kills when looking on the statistics screen...same with matches played, won and lost :/

  • Mekklesack

    I have not been fortunate enough to connect to an online match. I hope Gameloft fixes this in the future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ted.rampersad.3 Ted Rampersad

    LOL another game for people to waste their money on... I miss the old times when you just bought a game and that was it... sigh

    • ptdshiznit818

      It's too bad you feel this way but I can't blame, it IS gameloft after all. But honestly so far I'm having a blast this on my phone, and it doesn't seem like I'll be forced to pay real cash for it any time soon.

      But because I actually really like it I'm contemplating giving gameloft some money...
      HAHAHAHAHAHA jk jk
      Seriously though check it out.

  • bobdraw

    This game is very good even though it is filled with in app purchases. Its an fps like TF2, except it has tanks, jeeps, and helicopters. Its a great looking game on mobile devices. I recommend giving this game a try.

    • http://twitter.com/strangerbeat Red R

      it just looks like TF2. it's nothing like TF2 because TF2 is actually an awesome game with awesome maps, awesome characters, awesome graphics, awesome, weapons, and awesome gameplay. also, it's awesome.

      this is none of that.

      • dariusjr98

        Based on your comment, I can guess that you haven't even played the game before.

      • http://twitter.com/strangerbeat Red R

        you say that like this game isn't free

      • dariusjr98

        I haven't tbh, BUT I know what it is like, and I know what this is like. You have to come up with a brilliant argument to convince people that this isn't obviously influenced by Team Fortress 2.

      • http://twitter.com/strangerbeat Red R

        of course it's influenced by TF2, which they're obviously trying to clone. the visual style is similar, but to anyone that's actually played TF2 for any decent amount of time, this game plays NOTHING like TF2.... at all.

        i don't need a "brilliant argument", because anyone that's actually played TF2 would know this within the first minute you start playing the game. it isn't exactly opinion.

      • wildperson

        Get over yourself

  • speedyph

    This game is a BIG PILE OF FREE SHIT

    • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

      First, I think this is a hilarious comment. No explanation, but the implication is that --> just b/c it's free don't mean it's good.

      But the reason I don't like the game is b/c of it's foolish violence worship. My biggest beef with FPS games is how sometimes there's no game except shoot your buddy, get shot, repeat.

      This is such a gross desensitization to violence -- and players become so desensitized that their needs for more bloody & violent constantly increase.

      While I'm obv not the target market for this type of game, how great would *THIS ONE FIX* be --> if you get shot and killed, you have to sit and wait for 1 minute.

      That 1 minute might make a random player realize, occasionally, that killing stuff actually ISN'T fun.

      Or maybe they'll never realize that, and just puff away on their bong / drink drink drink...?


      • cuw

        This is clearly a killing simulator how could apple let it through their review process!

      • DannyTheElite

        Shut up.

      • dariusjr98

        *Four-year-old voice*

        NO U!

      • Big Papa

        You're right, clearly the concept of the FPS was not created for big walking vajayjays such as yourself. Perhaps a nice soothing session of "Hello Kitty: Island Adventure" would be more to your liking?

  • raviadso

    Awesome game. Really liking it other than pay to win but not too many people have golden guns yet. Really solid controls, nice class system, nice level design and gorgeous art. Even the 3-8min marches are perfect for iOS.

  • YoungSinatra

    I haven't been able to get an online game yet . I've only played 2 games online the entire time I've had it . Fix the connection issues shitloft

  • http://twitter.com/strangerbeat Red R

    HORRIBLE maps and animation. Even for a free game, hell no.

  • grits

    This game is actually quite good. The controls are spot on and the graphics are AAA. As far as the micro-transactions… I won't even begin to get into it here. It's free so you can try it out and decide if it's bad or not.

  • fred

    I've tried a number of times but can't ever get connected to the servers ... What gives?

  • tahzblade

    Its free but its as if its a payed app this game is awesome and is the best free to play out there , it does not force you to pay , its fun . But all of gamelofts online content is currently stuffed up and gameloft is fixing it . So wait until an update then get the game . Its awesome so give it a try and you will instantly fall in love with the game !!!!!

  • caomhan15

    Its a fine game but 75% of people here havent played tf2 since this resembles basically nothing in it
    Tf2 is a brilliant, polished multiplayer game on all fronts and this game isnt worthy of cleaning its shoelaces so stop comparing them!
    That said for a free game (albiet with messy controls and slightly confusing interface) its fine for what it is.

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