Whoa, it's Wednesday again, which means exactly one thing: I have an appointment to get my hair cut. Oh, and a bunch of new iOS games are coming out. As of this posting, all of these games should be available in all regions including the USA. So, without further ado, here's the games you can sink your proverbial teeth into this week:

Crazy Monster Bowling

First Impressions: 'Crazy Monster Bowling' is Arcade-style Bowling with Crazy Monsters

Sometimes taking a sport and axing out pretty much any sort of realism is the key to making a fun arcade version of said sport. With Crazy Monster Bowling, as you can probably guess just by the title, this is about as far from simulation bowling as you can get.

Forum Thread: Crazy Monster Bowling (by NEONFIVE STUDIO) [Universal]

Daddy Was a Thief

First Impressions: Smash and Grab and Smash Some More in 'Daddy Was A Thief'

The game begins with you bursting onto the rooftop of the bank and leaping to the building next door. It's here that you'll make your escape, and you do this by literally pounding through the floor of each, well, floor of the building. A swipe downward smashes your thief through the floor, and a swipe upward makes you jump. Your character auto-runs so these are literally the only controls in the game, and it works brilliantly.

Forum Thread: Daddy Was a Thief (Universal app by Rebel Twins)


First Impressions: I'm Digging 'Dig!', the Latest Game from Tasty Poison and Crescent Moon

Snark aside, you play as an aspiring archeologist in a fast-paced puzzle game with a strong nod back to games like Qix as the way you both dig up new artifacts and deal with enemies in the field is by controlling your guy to draw boundaries for the areas you're digging in. Completing levels involves managing bad guys, collecting treasure, then digging deeper

Forum Thread: Dig! - (by Crescent Moon Games) [Universal]

Go Home Dinosaurs

First Impressions: Firehose Games's PC Tower Defense Game 'Go Home Dinosaurs' Hits iPad Tonight

Go Home is a pretty standard tower defense title with a couple of notable twists. For one, you don't just place turrets, you control an autonomous one that you can move around a level freely to cover any defensive gaps. For another, the level design sorta resembles a puzzle game's. Turrets are shaped like jigsaw pieces, basically, and you can only put them where they fit. Finding the perfect spacing and locking the right pieces into each other is an essential part of the late-level strategy.

Forum Thread: Go Home Dinosaurs - (by Fire Hose Games)

Impossible Road

First Impressions: Cheating Is Fun: 'Impossible Road' Invites Players To Break It

Kevin Ng's upcoming Impossible Road has the look and feel of an everyday mobile arcade game, but it's definitely not. In it, you guide a ball down an infinitely winding neon stretch of track, collecting points as you rocket through the numbered gates that line it. It's a simple, breezy task where death comes fast because the track twists, turns, and falls into itself. As you play, though, you start noticing gaps in the system. For instance, the ball doesn't need to follow the track linearly. You can let it fall off and land onto a stretch that's deeper down. You can also skip gates, too, and earn the same amount of points that a person that managed to hit them all would. Also, the ball doesn't even need to roll down. If you're a bad enough dude, you can just keep throwing it off the track and controlling its ricochet off of the curves.

Forum Thread: IMPOSSIBLE ROAD - (by Kevin Ng) [Universal]

Tasty Tadpoles

First Impressions: Be Quick or Be Lunch in Arcade Puzzler 'Tasty Tadpoles'

In the jungle, only the strong survive. I guess that's true in ponds, too. In Tasty Tadpoles, the first solo iOS release from developer Mark White, strength doesn't mean being bigger or stronger, but rather being faster and more clever than your enemies. If you aren't, you'll find your cute little tadpole becoming nothing more than an afternoon snack.

Forum Thread: Tasty Tadpoles - (by Mark Whiteb) [Universal]

  • dariusjr98

    Nothing all that interesting this week.

  • toxiccheese

    Did I miss the obligatory endless runner? Does Impossible Road qualify?

    • PureRumble

      Euh, have u seen the trailer of daddy was a thief??

      But dont be too harsh. They are being quite innovative these days. Now there are "endless fallers"!

      Seriously how many floors does that apartment complex house anyway?

  • Jerutix

    Do you get a haircut every week?

  • redkins54

    What a weak line up. Pass on all.

  • Fep52

    That's it?

  • jtall

    This is probably the most disappointing week of releases in a long time for me personally!

  • http://twitter.com/PrayForDeath Pray For Death

    Isn't Ace Patrol supposed to release worldwide tonight?

    • JJE McManus

      It's out
      Just downloaded it
      Gotta see what Syd is up to even if it is FTP.

  • Allen Arcelo

    Personally, I'd have rather seen the App Store freeze for a week. "Crazy Monster Bowling", "WazHack"? When are are we, 2009 🙁

  • caaalrb

    Any good simulation games on the horizon? Always hoping to see one here but there never is.

  • gjesse

    Go Home Dinosaurs doesn't work on my ipad 3 lol. What a waste of money 🙁

    • Eitan Glinert

      Hey gjesse! Can you please e-mail support@firehosegames.com with more information? The game should run just fine on your iPad 3. We'll help you get it straightened out!

      • http://www.facebook.com/sean.baptiste.125 Sean Baptiste

        Hey all! Sorry about that. We're working on a fix for Go Home Dinosaurs now. In the mean time here is a quick workaround until we can get an update live (which we are hoping to be able to do quite soon). The game has been pulled from the
        store temporarily in the regions affected until the bug is squashed. Again we apologize for any inconvenience and we want you to know the entire team is working on the solution!

        0) Completely exit out of the game (four finger slide up, hold GHD and 'x' it out)

        1) Enter Settings

        2) Select General from the left panel

        3) Select International

        4) Select Region Format

        5) Scroll to United States and relaunch the game

  • araczynski

    Damnit, where's Star Command?!?!

    • http://twitter.com/try2bcool69 Jay G

      Been living under a rock? It came out last Wednesday.

      • dariusjr98

        It was a joke.

      • Celstra

        Sarcasm lost on this guy...

      • araczynski

        Damnit, after 20 years on the internetz I still fail at making a funny. I guess I'll stick to my day job as a code monkey. 🙂

      • http://twitter.com/try2bcool69 Jay G

        After 20 years on the interwebz myself, I think you are right. 😉

    • Th3R3n3gad3

      Already here, check the featured part of the App Store

  • shadax

    These games are terrible. I got the free monster bowling. It's hardly bowling.

    You don't pick up your strikes and you play five quick frames.


  • McCREE


  • NickyNichols

    Well, one less week until Phoenix Wright Trilogy!

  • bigred447uk

    Wazhack is GOTW for me.

  • wigzisonfire

    WORST week for new games, ever!

  • Tasty Tadpoles

    Hey folks, I'm not sure if it's a bit too casual for you... but you may find the 'puzzle mode' in my game Tasty Tadpoles fun! I tried to design that mode to be challenging for more experienced gamers.

    The basic idea behind it is to collect all stars and make it to the exit without getting eaten but you have a tap limit, so you'll need to plan out your moves before you make them!


    • TheFrost

      GOTW for me for Tasty, its awesome

  • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

    Maybe not a banner week, but seriously: WazHack, Daddy Was A Thief, and Tasty Tadpoles are the sleeper hits.

  • lewsheff

    All these games seem to be aimed at little kids.....

  • http://twitter.com/bassoonified Hans P. Köter

    For boardgame enthusiasts worth mentioning is the latest Ravensburger release Las Vegas! A light dice game with excellent graphics, which is really fun Pass-and-play MP on one device. Online and solo play against the clever AI is included, too.

  • spyker3292

    Did you guys forget about Ace Patrol?

  • Professionalbum

    No one mentioned Las Vegas; it was an instabuy for me. That company never releases a bad title.

  • GiHubb

    Can't believe you forgot to mention Ace Patrol. It was made by one of the most important game designers ever- Sid Meier who's behind Civilization, Pirates and Railroad Tycoon to name a few.

  • http://twitter.com/PrayForDeath Pray For Death

    Blitz Brigade is out worldwide now.