916423_largerBecause we're always scanning the scene for games with sickest of sick tricks, Eli and I decided to give Djinn Works's Stick Stunt Biker 2 [Free] a shot. By titling alone, you probably already know what to expect. Yes, it's a stick figure game. Yes, it's physics-based. And yes, it has sick tricks. But here's something you might not know: it also doesn't have a rigid progression structure. Once you get access to a world, you can play every level in it, regardless if you manage to get one or even zero stars in a given level. Each win or loss is met by a loading screen that instantly sucks you into the next level, which is a nice pacing touch. A lot of these games make you retry and retry the same stuff over and over again, which for us tends to cause a lot of fatigue.

In this look, you'll notice that we can't quite pull of a sick trick. I swear, I could almost write a guide about how NOT to play this game. I'm pretty bad at it. Oh god, is this becoming a theme in TA Plays? It is, isn't it.

Anyway, you can grab Stick Stunt Biker 2 right now if you'd like. And if you still dig these kinds of physics games, you should consider doing so. The rapid-fire progression is a nice touch, plus the physics keep your bike really rounded to the ground. It just doesn't feel as loose and insane as its brethren, which is cool.

  • ghj
  • Josh Dombro

    Game looks fun, prices are kind of ridiculous though. It's basically Draw Rider with better graphics, but it not only costs $.99 up front, you can pay $20 for the full version? I get your point that it'd probably cost that much on Steam, still feels a little steep for iOS...

    • Wasab1n1nja

      I have the game and for me the whole 'pay for the full game' is more like unlocking. You get the full game. You just unlock new maps and bikes based on the amount of stars you can get. Most of the bikes do require more action besides stars, like winning 10 multiplayer games or liking them on Facebook.

      It is a pretty challenging game though. The unlocks are what keeps me going and trying to get all 3 stars.

      • Josh Dombro

        I get that it unlocks a lot of new content, I'm just commenting on the price. $20 is a ton for an iOS game - even ports that sell for $50 on a console. Not saying it's outrageous in general, just surprising to me, especially since the app costs $.99 to start.

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    Great! This is really an insane game !