987459_largerSo at about this time last week we were letting you know that Paradox Interactive's nautically-themed turn-based strategy title Leviathan: Warships [$1.99 (HD)] had jumped the gun of weekly Thursday releases and had launched early in international markets with a spot on the shelf of the US App Store reserved for 11pm EST that night. Except… that never happened. Due to several bugs and a completely non-functional online multiplayer, Leviathan: Warships was pulled several hours later.

If you're a Paradox fan in the PC world then this is all just par for the course. They have a reputation of releasing buggy games initially, but also have a pretty great track record of updating and fixing them in a somewhat timely fashion. In the end, Paradox's games typically end up being great, and the rocky road to getting there is all just part of the, uh, "fun" I guess.

Well, as of today, Leviathan: Warships has returned to the App Store, and it seems all online multiplayer connection issues have been fixed. However, according to some players in our forums and elsewhere, it still seems there's quite a few bugs or oddities taking place in the game. I mean, you didn't think Paradox would get everything worked out in the very first patch, right?

Despite its issues, though, it sounds like people are still enjoying Leviathan: Warships a lot so far, warts and all. I'm sure Paradox will continue to chip away at the game's problems and release further updates down the road, but if you're used to this sort of song and dance and aren't scared of some bugginess, then you can mash away at the link below and check out Leviathan: Warships on the iPad for yourself. For everyone else, we'll continue to keep tabs on the game's issues and are currently working on a full review, so keep an eye out for that in the near future.

  • Biowhere

    Glad to see Paradox is bringing their QA expertise to iOS.

    • Bool Zero

      I see what you did there you clever boy!

  • SoyGreen

    Been enjoying the game on my PC. A friend and I played through the first couple missions of the campaign together.

    My only disappointment - while you can play games cross platform - the options don't really sync cross platform.

    Ex. We have completed several missions in the campaign on steam - but that progress isn't accessible on my iPad - so I can't start the next mission (even though we have completed several with my same username on the PC) apart from my PC. I can start it there - then log out and re-open the game on my iPad and play there from what I understand.

    Also - if you buy any ships (or have them from pre-order on Steam) you do not have access to them on your iPad unless you follow the same steps above to start a game on the PC and the open and play it on your iPad.

    A little annoying... but I can deal with it I guess. 😛

    Otherwise - been a fun and challenging game to play - glad I picked it up!

    EDIT - also - everything is more expensive on the PC - even though it is the exact same game... I find that really annoying. I know tablet players get all up in arms when they have to pay full/same price... (Or anything more than $.99!) but why penalize the PC base for a new game that is exactly the same?

  • Rothgarr

    I heard this isn't retina-optimized on iPads. Is this true?

    • flashbackflip

      Yep. No retina... The game still rocks though

  • Mark

    It has a lot of rough edges (esp. on the desktop, where the interface was clearly designed for touch), but I wouldn't say it's that buggy, at least for the Mac version. Just a small texture bug on my MBP w/ nVidia graphics. Flawless on my desktop with ATI 5850 graphics.

  • Mark

    Your progress is tied to specific servers...are you sure you aren't on different servers on each device?

    • SoyGreen

      No - I am on the same server.

      To try and clarify better.

      On my PC - I have played through 3 missions in the campaign with a buddy. I can log in there right now and start the 4th mission. (We are in between missions and haven't started #4.)

      I go on my iPad right now - I look to start a game - I have to start the campaign at the 1st mission again - it doesn't link my progress.

      So essentially - I can play the 4th mission on my iPad with him - but I will first have to start the game on the PC - exit - and then proceed to play it on the iPad.

  • Happy W

    Convinced that the fellow doing the voiceover in the ads for this game is Brad.

    I feel like the only person in Gotham who notices that Batman sounds kinda like that Bruce Wayne dude. "He's just speaking in a slightly deeper tone of voice!!"

  • Nick

    So far I've been enjoying it, but I have had to hard quit many, many times just trying to get through the tutorials.

    But the fact that I can play co op with my friend on an android, that's worth everything and then some.

  • defiantsoul

    I actually managed to download it last week, somehow. Stopped saving progress after the third mission. Hopefully that's fixed.

  • Smartbomb

    Funny video week much?

    Might have to watch that again...

  • airwa1k

    So iPad only?

  • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

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