If you fancy yourself an open world crime game aficionado, this week is just filled with good news for you. First, Grand Theft Auto Vice City went on sale for $1.99, and now Gameloft is revealing a new teaser for the upcoming Gangstar Vegas. Give it a look:

If you've been in the iOS scene for a while, you know how this dog and pony show plays out in that Gameloft posts a vague trailer, everyone speculates what the game is going to be like, and after a few more tidbits get drizzled out the game appears for download anywhere from a few weeks to a month-ish later. Regardless, given how Gameloft's last two games (Dungeon Hunter 4 [Free] and Iron Man 3 [Free]) have had their IAP implemented, I'm curious to see how this new version of Gangstar shakes out.

  • saansilt

    A) I hope we can go to Area 51 an fight aliens.
    B) I hope it'll be payed.

    • Aidan McGirr

      I'd be great if it was free, not as a demo.

  • http://matt-curtis.me/ Matt Curtis

    Who wants to bet you have to pay parking tickets and bail fines to progress?

    • Zdgames

      Yep and it's the premium currency that can only be purchase in iap form tht it'll take..

    • Hoggy110

      If you don't pay bail, you'll be spending anywhere from 4 hours (for breaking a street lamp) to life (getting the army on you) in prison

      I hope everyone here has a good amount of cash

  • Allen Arcelo

    Sorry boy's, after the whole debocle with Dungeon Hunter I've pretty much given up on "Game"loft. Now if it turns out to be an actual game with a one-time purchase and maybe IAP for cosmetics I might give it a chance.

  • TomCrown

    Didn't get DH4 or IM3 and will stay the course as long as Gameloft continues with IAP.

  • B30

    Most likely full of cash grabbing IAP, like all the latest Lamesoft titles.

  • Kirs

    Anti Piracy has got nothing to do with the current state of IAPes... Premium priced apps cost what..$25? Fair enough, but why does the typical freemium app charge you $70-$100 for a large bag of ingame currency? Wouldn't they have essentially made you "purchase" the game if they sold the IAPes at $20 max?

    • airwa1k

      The logic is that iAP is harder to pirate then the actual app. It's far from the truth. The one actual piece of truth however is that games that have iAP implemented make a crap ton of money from the casual market. The Simpsons Tapped Out managed to get $70 out of me. Looking back it wasn't really worth it but I did play the game non stop for give or so months.

      • airwa1k

        Give = five

      • http://profiles.google.com/fleshman1992 Laszlo Tuss

        "The Simpsons Tapped Out managed to get $70 out of me."

        Man, you have serious problems.. :/

      • iValerio90

        only " serious " ?...70$ for a...city builder...and after spending 70 what have you done ? bought a stupid character...for what ? 70$ = 1 perfect console game without in app... ppl got serious problems....

      • Tranceaholic

        Then you are part of the problem.

      • Tranceaholic

        Above comment was directed at airwa1k's original post.

  • blackout845

    Does anyone know when blitz brigade is coming out?

    • YoungSinatra

      Next Thursday

  • swarmster

    My guess, based on the trailer still image?

    It's a poker game (perhaps Poker Night at the Inventory), except you use IAP instead of cards.

  • korkidog

    More freemium crap from Lameloft!!

  • iValerio90

    knife = 10$ in app , revolver = 40$ in app , medikit = 3$ in app , assault rifle = 60 $ in app , bazooka = 120$ in app...car broken ??? NO PROBLEM ! FOR ONLY 50$ in app WE CAN REPAIR IT AND WE PAINT YOUR CAR FREEEEEE OMG ITS FREEE CAN U BELIEVE IT????..oh..ehm...thanks gameloft but......ILL PASS !!!!!!! s**tloft.
    im the only sane who dont buy ( and install ) freemium app. AND IM PROUD !!

    • dariusjr98

      Nice to see you have and expanded vocabulary besides:


  • wildperson

    I, for one, am excited. Gameloft's premium titles (MC, Nova, Gangstar, and Asphalt) have always been light enough on iAP that there's no paywall. Hopefully, this'll continue the trend, but if it doesn't...I very well might cry.

  • cistian ionut

    Yeah aliens nice idea not zombies like rio

  • GaZ-OiD

    Great short trailer, shame it won't look nothing like that graphically when it comes out. Only in game graphics should be used to promote games as that is representational of the product. Anyone agree or does it not matter?

  • lewsheff

    If it has in app purchases I'm not getting it, don't they realise that it makes their games tacky

  • YoungSinatra

    I Hope They Bring Multiplayer !

  • caomhan15

    Aside from mc2 gangstar miami vindication is one of my most played games on the ipod... I remember when they spent time and thought on the games instead of how much money can we squeeze from this.

    • Jeff432

      I like Gangstar Rio more than MV.

  • objectiveC

    It's funny how everyone wants to pay for games!
    FREEMIUM sucks

  • ODMay

    I've seen this earlier this year when gameloft announced upcoming games but they took the list down shortly after.

  • Frank dressder

    No graphics just some cinema.... :/

  • http://www.metzener.com/ Dave Metzener

    Amen! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thought that video was a waste of time. I mean really, stock footage of Las Vegas when the title is Gangstar Vegas?

    How about 5-10 seconds of actual game footage. Nothing major, just a "tease".

    • Tranceaholic

      This is why I don't bother with teaser videos unless I know it has actual in-game footage.

      • http://www.metzener.com/ Dave Metzener

        How are you supposed to know unless you actually watch the video?

  • eventide

    Lemme guess, a GTA clone...

    And not a crap was given.


    If this is a freemium title, im giving up all hope for gameloft.

  • jamiejap

    this isn't that gangstar game you're looking for.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paj.saraf Paj Saraf

    Unlike most with my opinion, I am a fan of gameloft. I think you work hard to make good IOS games and you deserve a lot of credit for making IOS games popular.

    I also dont think that freemium's are necessarily bad, althought i prefer to buy a game outright. For example, the dungeon hunter 4 game has a good balance of freemium. You advertise a lot but one can progress through grinding, which is the fun part of the game anyway, and so the player can choose and still be rewarded regardless of choice.

    Having said that, not all is rosey and shiney.

    In the past, I feel this serries has been the weekest link in the Gameloft library. The controls are not fun, (please steal the ones from GTA) and drag the gameplay down, the stories and cutscene are horrible and often kill any desire to continue. The animations and graphics have improved nicely but the city and level design are completly without merit and usualy just terrible.

    In short, gangstar is not fun, never has been. Its pretty bad in fact. Reviewers have been generous because of the technical achievement but that is no longer enough. Please dont make another bad game without a radical reworking of the mechanics dynamics and aesthetics.

    So, if I were to remake the serries, I would cut out the story, cut down on the chatter by 95% or hire good writter actors, (RIO was god awful), licence better pop music, make the radio listenable or give up on it, and steal the controls from gta vice city ios. The roads need to be reworked so that driving in the city is not such a horrible experience, or make the cars handle better.

    I have yet to enjoy any of the gangstar serries. Its been a bad ride so far and unlike before, there is competition. Please,

    • http://www.metzener.com/ Dave Metzener

      I wouldn't say Gangstar is awful, but I would agree it's no GTA. At least the later GTA games. Some of the earlier ones were pretty bad.

      Gangstar could do with better writing. However, over all game play isn't all that bad. I got about 2/3's of the way though RIO before I lost interest. (A different game caught my attention.)

      I also agree that Freemium isn't all that bad. Real Racing 3 has a pretty good balance of timers to game play. At least for myself. I find playing RR for longer than about an hour too hard on my poor aging body. 🙂

  • callmericard0

    I really enjoyed Miami Vindication and Rio. 2 of my favourite mobile games.

  • Aidan McGirr

    If it has that good graphics on the trailer, then expect this will be awesome!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mason.lin.5220 Mason Lin

    its not free i told them how horrible freemium are and they replied me and told me its not gonna be free