So, it's happening again. WWDC and E3 are taking place on the same week of June 9th. Apple typically is super late to announce WWDC, and even though we were burning incense, crossing our fingers, and engaging in every other even vaguely reasonable superstitious activity to try to make the events not overlap, here we are. We're now trying to make travel plans and figure out what days we're going to be at which events since both are ridiculously important in regards to general iOS game coverage.

If you're an iOS developer, work with a studio releasing an iOS game, or doing anything that'd even be remotely relevant when it comes to TouchArcade coverage of either these events, we'd love to hear from you. I want to make sure we're budgeting appropriate time and staff to each event, both so we can provide the best coverage to our readers and have a chance to check out the largest amount of cool stuff between the festivities taking place simultaneously in both Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Please do us a solid and drop a comment here, hit me up on Twitter, or shoot us an email and let us know your plans. We'll start booking meetings soon, but first I need to figure out who is going to be where and when.


  • Zdgames

    I don't know if I'll go to either as my game might not be far enough along...

  • Alessandro Mazzega

    I will definitely be at the E3 along with a new build of Joe Dever's Lone Wolf.

    • Chris Wright

      Hey Alessandro, we're holding an indie showcase party thing at E3 with some aussie games and would love to have you there too. PM me if you are interested.

  • Tony Dimovski

    I'm hitting E3 with the first public beta of my next game - Zombie Mode

    • lezrock

      Uh yeah! Zombies forever ;-/

  • DAiv Games

    Alas, they're both a bit too far from London :o(

  • Michael Silverwood

    Not to steal away the thread, but as far as the actual conference is concerned, do indies who have gone to WWDC before find it to be worth the price? For a lot of these events I find the stuff that goes on outside of the conference to be of the most value.

    But more to the point: E3 doesn't sell out in 2 minutes and has more capacity, so for us it's probably the better bet. In any case though it's not great time for mobile studios to be releasing news up against Microsoft and Sony's new consoles. Just wish WWDC happened more than once a year and wasn't at the same time as E3.

    • Zwilnik

      E3 used to be relevant but I'd say PAX has more relevance now for pitching, seeing the latest games and general alcohol based networking. WWDC is more specifically for actual developers to learn the latest tips and tricks direct from Apple's engineers and network with other developers directly, so it can certainly be worth the money if you're going there to learn. The networking is pretty handy too.
      Back on thread, I'll be there with our latest game too.

  • paulkane


  • Karzay

    Apple said they are not introducing any new products this summer, so I'd skip it and focus on E3.

    • Zwilnik

      Apple doesn't usually introduce new products at WWDC, it's for devs. Very likely there'll be iOS 7 there to play with though.

      • Karzay

        That's only recent. The iPhones 1-4 were all released in the summer. I think I heard they plan to release their products in the Fall from now on, but who knows if they will stick to it.

        I don't see any reason to get a hands on of the new iOS. I can read about the new features on any number of sites.

  • MeanDinosaur

    Of the six people who tried to buy tickets on my team, only two got them.

  • greatnoob

    I am a 17 year old game developer/programmer, and what you guys would call an "indie game dev" and I don't see how WWDC not E3 is of any benefit to me in any way other than a marketing strategy to advertise/promote your game(s). In fact, reading one thread from a developer is 100x more beneficial to me than one second of being there and watching my parent's money burn lol.