Back at GDC we took a peek at some of the new stuff heading to Pixowl's The Sandbox [Free], and today the first of those updates has gone live in the App Store. The Sandbox, if it wasn't obvious, is a 2D sandbox game which lets you play as the almighty finger of God and create things by mixing different elements, making machines, using electricity and steam power, and so much more.

It's really incredible some of the things players have created in the game, and in addition to passing the 4 million download mark Pixowl has also announced that more than 200,000 user-created levels have been shared in the online gallery. You should definitely check out what's on there.

Today's update adds to The Sandbox in 6 new elements based around lasers and pipes and all the various items to go with them to make them work. A new 10 level campaign is available for $1.99 that has you putting those new items to work in different ways which will teach you the ins and outs of how to use them.

In addition to the Lasers & Pipes campaign content, there are 5 new levels for the Dinosaurs campaign and 5 new levels for the Pixel Art campaign. And the Contraptions campaign, which was previously a paid DLC item, is now free for all players. Finally, a set of new instruments have been added to the game – guitar, bass, drums and trumpet. Some of the musical levels created by players are just mind-boggling, and I'm sure they're ready to go nuts with these new instruments.

If you haven't checked out The Sandbox previously, give it a shot. It's free to download and comes with enough content to give you an idea if it's the sort of experience you'll dig, and there's tons more content available as IAP if you want to dig in even deeper. The second update we covered at GDC, which will add zombies to the game, should be hitting sometime next month, so keep an eye out for that too.

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