Just under a year ago we got our first whiff of Game Stew's Tower of Fortune [$0.99]. It's a super-retro lightweight RPG which revolves around a slot machine mechanic, which we get deep into in our review. We actually even liked the game enough that we included it in our 2012 best games round ups. Today's release of Gargoyle Ruins [$1.99] walks down a similar retro path, this time leaning heavily on what I'd describe as a slightly updated Game & Watch game.

Gameplay basically amounts to avoiding gargoyles, saving princess, collecting gold, then buying various items with that gold. All the gameplay and animations are super jagged, just like a Game & Watch game, and doing well basically involves mastery of the timing of crossing the bridge and back to get the princess.

My gut is telling me I'm preferring Tower of Fortune more than Gargoyle Ruins at first blush, but they're really different games so it's sort of an apples to oranges comparison. There's a discussion brewing in our forums for the game, but as it was just released there isn't really a vibe either way regarding whether or not people are diggin' the game. Regardless, if you liked Tower of Fortune, and have any fond memories of those ancient handheld LCD games, Gargoyle Ruins should be on your radar.

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    This game=Totally worth it