Mangomobile's free to play Kingturn RPG [Free] has been absolutely ripping up our forums since it was released last week, and per a quick note from the developers, while they're focusing on "smoothing out" Kingturn proper first, they have plans to bring both sequels, Kingturn RPG Plus and Kingturn Underworld to the App Store. Kingturn would be an easy game to skip looking at screenshots, as admittedly, the graphics do look a little basic- But in doing that you'd be missing out on some ridiculously deep strategy RPG action. How deep? Well, there's over 40 hours of gameplay spread across 67 battle scenarios, 700 items to loot, and 60 different skills distributed over 30 unique character classes. It even has that payment model that people are always asking for, in that you can snag the game for free, make sure you like it, then buy the rest via a single $4.99 unlock.

The two additional games in the series basically sound like Kingturn RPG but more. So, if you've somehow managed to burn through all the content already available, there's more coming soon. In the meantime, you can hang out in the upcoming thread, or add these two pseudo-sequels to your TouchArcade app [Free] watch list and we'll give you a heads up when they're available.

  • bigred447uk

    GOTY 2013 IMO. This game is impossible to put down and it's so well written I am savouring every moment. I really don't want the story to come to an end.

    Awesome news that the ports are coming. Can't wait !

  • TDA

    Best news ever!

  • Undead Cow

    Kingturn is amazing; don't miss it.

  • oldgamer dude

    The game is one of the deepest and best on IOS period ! The game kicks ass and chews gum and does your laundry all at once . Ok it doesn't really do your laundry , but it's as fun as doing your laundry . 🙂

    Err , just check it out .

  • chombiekay

    Hi mates. Is this more like Final Fantasy Tactics or like Heroes of Might & Magic?

    • Undead Cow

      Kingturn is more similar to Final Fantasy Tactics; Kingturn is free to download and play 6 prologue scenarios so give it a whirl. Highly recommended.

  • RinoaHeartily

    Woo hoo my fav developer

  • REkzkaRZ

    Played it. Didn't like it. Watched the intro video. Liked it a lot more. Played the whole demo. Really liked it. Got to the $5 purchase, sat and considered.
    Why? Game is a solid 4-5* game, but I wasn't that enthused about the layouts. I still like "Wesnoth" better, but I like the deeper unit customization of KingTurn and the strategic element of army spawn size. Also, your units don't die, they just have 'timeouts' -- that's cool.
    I think it's all the shopping. I guess I've got a beef with adventure games which require me to shop for better swords.

  • REkzkaRZ

    MidianGTX, "The majority of my forum posts are criticisms. The difference is that mine are respectful and said with an aim to help improve the games."
    No, yours are not respectful, actually. Just an FYI -- clearly you have some self-delusion going on here.

  • KenGriffeyIII

    So glad you guys made this article. I had never even heard of the game and now I'm on a constant play/recharge my phone cycle with it. One of my favorite iOS games in a long time.