If you haven't yet, you should really check out Illusion Labs's new title, Mr. Crab [Free]. As we've noted a couple of times now, it's a whimsical platform game that not only plays to the strengths of touch devices with its one-finger controls, but also rocks some stellar level design that encourages thoughtful jumps without threatening the player with a Game Over screen. It's sort of refreshing if you've been playing as many masocore-style platformers as we have lately.

You'll see what we mean by if you peep what we've got below. Jared and I spent about ten more minutes with the title yesterday in an attempt to give you a quick rundown and tour of Mr. Crab. Here you go:

  • yellowlightstick

    Put your goddamn videos on YouTube

  • http://pt-br.facebook.com/gamabruno Bruno Gama

    Put your goddamn videos on YouTube [2]

    the buffer and seek are really horrible on gametrailers server.

  • swarmster

    My experience with this article on my iPad:

    'Ooh, a TA Plays, great! Even though I own the game already, and hate its lack of iCloud, I'd still love to watch, so great is my love for TA Plays.'

    Article: "Here you go:" *giant black box with no way of interacting*

    I refreshed, and wow, there's a video there after all. I click play, and a 30 second ad starts playing (I think I've discovered why they've switched?). After the ad, the video dumps me back to the original 'play' image without playing. I hit 'play' again and it actually plays the TA Plays. Wow!

    Since I like to focus on TA Plays in its full screen glory, as if the crew were playing right there on my device, I hit the 'full screen' button. No response. I hit it about 500 more times. Nothing. I refresh the page, and the video is gone with only a black box in its place.

    How is it possible that an iOS site doesn't test its features on iOS? Thanks for the trip back to the dark ages of the platform, before people figured out that maybe iOS game trailers should be posted on video sites that support the platform, but I think I won't bother watching any more videos until they're on something else. (Besides maybe the trailers which you might notice are all still on a functional video service.)

  • Jan Jørgensen

    I would suggest some of the commenters here could be much more polite and tactful, but I agree with the sentiment. It's not really possible to watch the TA Play videos on an iPad or iPhone, which sort of defeats the purpose of the site to cater for users of the aforementioned devices
    I don't know why you switched from YouTube, which worked and work flawlessly, but if it's for advertisement purposes (which I can't see either anyway), there must be another way which actually works.

    • jontas

      I empathize with the people having problems, however I just wanted to mention I watched this video with no issues at all on my iPhone 4S and was not shown any ads.

  • http://twitter.com/sucramdawson marcus

    The game actually has a boss with a hardhat. The sealion if I am not mistaken. And you can't jump on its head.