Two TA Plays for a single video game? What's up? Here's the deal: we want to give you a better look at Star Command's combat and what happens when fights start going sideways. In our first look, that was kinda hard to do since we were really early in the game and also had to spend a good chunk of time explaining systems and mechanics. This newer and nastier look shows off two more fights, both of which we limp out of with a shell of a ship. Fire! It's sort of a big deal!

You'll also get to see how the story is threaded, though we've gotta warn you: this has a few plot spoilers. There's nothing in here that we believe is going to hurt your time with the game, but if you're sensitive to this kind of stuff don't watch.

Anyway, have another look at Star Command and our crisis management skills:

  • Bool Zero

    Nice Robocop reference with the save game name!

  • MrSHakerEsq

    I can officially speak for everyone and say that we are all pumped for this.

    • Atomos

      On one hand, this looks absolutely awesome and I absolutely can't wait. On the other had, I am bummed that this is the "30% of the vision" product as I can only imagine how cool this could have been given a few more years. You are right though, instabuy.

    • Urthop

      I wish I could say I was. I hate to come off as a hater, but after having seen both videos, I just can't see me being entertained by this.

      The pacing in ship combat just seems off. The token production and weapon/dodge/shield cooldowns just take way to long. The only thing that keeps it engaging seems to be the boarding parties rampaging around.

      Real shame, oh well I'll just keep my eyes on this for the time being, see if the updates bring more to the table, but barring a cheap opening sale I won't be picking this up next week.

      • Hawken Grey

        I agree in some ways, I've been hyped about the game just based on the art style alone, but the videos leave me pretty luke warm. Actually contrary to what you say, I think the token production stuff looks interesting but the invasions look simplistic, and lacking in any real tactical planning.

    • Hawken Grey

      Errr... except for me.

  • Bool Zero

    I agree! After watching that video, despite some of the flack this game has been getting from the community I have to say that I like what I see here! I love the hectic sense of combat and trying to manage it, and when some one playing screams out "uh, oh!" repeatedly, to me that is a good thing! I can't wait for this to hit! They have my money!

  • Happybyte

    So, basically is like FTL in 2.5D.

    • MidianGTX

      I think the term you're looking for is "isometric".

      • geoelectric

        Pretty sure they said what they meant. 2.5D is a common video game term for isometric presentation.

      • Happybyte

        2.5D means 3D alike view made with 2D sprites. Isometric is a perspective projection type term - both 3D and 2.5D fit in it. Wasn't looking for a term 🙂

      • skudfisher

        Actually 2.5D is usually used to mean a platformer/side-scroller game on a 2D plane that uses 3D graphics... This game is definitely isometric. 🙂

      • skudfisher

        Wow I stand corrected.. I just looked it up and you guys are totally right. This is technically 2.5D. My bad! Learn something new every day...

      • Happybyte

        3D game can't become 2.5D =) It's may be isometric or some other projection type. But not 2.5D.

      • Illuminerdy

        Ha, they schooled you.

      • Happybyte

        Well, anyway, isometric fits it as well 🙂

    • jamarohn

      It looks similar to FTL as far as genre goes. But the some of the core mechanics (in FTL, managing your oxygen was a key aspect which i'm not seeing here...?) and story progression seems a bit different. Not a bad thing! I loved FTL!

      • Happybyte

        Yep, FTL is nice game. Although to play FTL you need to learn a lot of keyboard shortcuts. Guess, keyboard shortcut controls that's the reason why FTL isn't on iOS yet.

      • Happybyte

        However, I'm expecting SC to be much more than just FTL clone with nicer GFX.

      • jamarohn

        Well, since SC will be priced at about a third of what FTL sold for, my expectations will be set accordingly. That way, if you're right, my mind will be blown!

      • mr ed209

        You dont really need to learn a lot of keyboard shortcuts to play FTL. I use one keyboard shortcut, and one only: SPACE to pause the game. That's all you *need*.

  • Gergely Kovacs

    Keep 'em coming. I got the feeling the game will be delayed again because lots of people complained about the difficulty; so, the devs probably need to tweak it a bit more. In the meantime, these videos are a great filler until we can get our hands on the product.

  • grits

    Awesome guys thanks for the great coverage as usual.

  • airwa1k

    I am so pumped!

  • lunchtkts

    Everyone can be pumped for this game. As a double kickstarter supporter for this game. I'm peeved. Remember when game dev story was hot? That's how long this game was in development, that's 2-3 years ago.

    • mr ed209

      And that's how long games take, mate. What does the kickstarter bit have to do with anything?

      • lunchtkts

        As a kickstarter contributor, they air all the blunders and hinderances on a weekly newsletter. This game was promised so long ago and they push back every time. I was a little annoyed when they reported the first kickstarter did not net them enough money because they miscalculated on shipping posters and tee shirts. As a true believer of this game I donated again for the second kicker. I think pressure from a fan is not the worst thing in the world.

  • thiefwriter

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but.., this actually looks fun!

  • otakuzod

    This is gonna be one if those few games that goes BOTH on my iPad and iPhone. Also, I like the lightspeed traveling animation a LOT for some reason...

  • LunaKnight2

    It's under apple review now. I find it odd though how fake games get through so easily and yet good games like this one don't.

    • DMiles

      I think that's because the guys at Apple are too busy playing the game to release it ;). Should be soon though!

  • LunaKnight2

    Has been since Saturday I think

  • Bischi777

    So is it comming tonight? I cant wait!

    • LunaKnight2

      No idea they have to wait until approval is done so hopefully either end of the month or start of next... Hopefully somewhere in that range.

  • Eidaven

    Any word on whether this is releasing tonight?

    • LunaKnight2

      They have to wait until approval is done... So hopefully sometime from now to start of next month

  • LunaKnight2

    It's funny how apple lets fake or crappy games so easily and yet good games take so long.

  • LunaKnight2