NimbleBit's Nimble Quest [Free] has become my go-to iOS game for when I've got a few minutes to spare, and while I'm nowhere near good enough to unlock all the different dudes you get, it's awesome to see there's new content on the horizon. In a teaser video posted to the Nimble Quest Steam Greenlight page the Brothers Marsh revealed Bolas, who is "an elemental monk from the eastern planes." He's rocking light armor and shoots a spinning disc-like affair that explodes on impact.

Here's Bolas in action:

Bolas is "coming soon" which basically means as soon as NimbleBit can get an update through the giant Apple approval automatron. If you haven't tried Nimble Quest, now's a good time to do so, especially with NimbleBit exhibiting that they're committing to adding new content to the game. In our TA Plays video we get in depth, and describe it as "like Snake, but way cooler."

Seriously, check it out.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    No achievements and no iCloud support.
    Fix those and then you can add the new heroes

    • Ahiru Nakamura

      +1 to Game Center achievements!!

    • David Marsh

      Thanks for letting us know the roadmap boss!

      • Laszlo Tuss

        Thanks for not replying to tweets @Nimblebit.
        If building these after release is better than you, than do it.

    • Allisonaxe

      I agree with iCloud support. The thing that keeps me from playing this regularly is the the progress I make on my ipad doesn't carry over to my phone.

      • blackbear219

        I think we'll get to the point where iCloud saves are more and more common. In the meantime, you can use iFunbox to manually sync your save between devices yourself if you really wanted to. It takes all of about a minute to plug your devices in and copy the files.

        In regards to the convo the guys had about this game on last weeks podcast...I've been playing this one a bit. I haven't bought any IAP and don't really see the need to. The grind is most of the fun. If I bought stuff, there wouldn't really be anything to work towards and I'd lose interest.

      • Laszlo Tuss

        The concept of their games are brilliant! I just a bit sad, because i cant support them (i wont pay for iAP currency in any case), i wonder if they have a paid, premium game in the future.

        I don't want to waste time to transfer save file if Apple has an awesome service for this...
        And their other apps have both of the things i mention.

      • Ahiru Nakamura

        I didn't buy anything and I already lost interest since there is no achievements 🙁

      • dancj

        Yeah. I don't have a clue why anyone would ever feel the need to buy IAPs in this game (except as a thank you). I've managed to buy every power-up without spending a penny. The only thing I could pay for now is levelling up the characters and that would be ridiculously expensive.

      • Carlo Aei

        dude can you teach me how to transfer? i am having travel transferring from ipad to iphone

    • shadax

      Fixing the broken leader boards would be nice too, unless this has bee addressed since the first day (only day I played). Fun game, but I was in for the guilds and high scores, but everyone just cheats.

      • SporadicMovement

        Not true, I play and don't cheat.

  • dawizerd

    Woohoo, more ranged toons is always good 🙂

  • Evolution888

    I cant get past Courtyard 2 ... ARGHhhh

  • Smartbomb

    I'm so happy

  • HadToDoItToEm

    Shouldve done icloud support before this. I cant even make it far enough to unlock this new bronamoth anyways

  • grits

    I'd like to get Nimble Bit and Team Meat in a room together.

    • Jazzpha

      Two teams enter, one team leaves?

      TA Thunderdome. I'd bring popcorn to that.

      • grits

        I'm pretty sure one of them would get owned…

    • Ahiru Nakamura

      why not add Phil Fish to that??

      • god++

        Because Phil Fish sucks.

  • Bliquid

    Crazy idea ( by someone who doesn't know how to put 2 lines of code together):
    How about a mode where you progress through a dungeon with a boss room at the end?
    Same gameplay, only in linked corridors instead of single rooms.
    Just sayin'.

    • god++

      I'm surprised there are no bosses in this game. It would make it way more interesting (and less tedious, since after a while all waves start being very similar, just more difficult)

  • Drexiel Tempest

    A new hero called Balls ._. (Bolas means Balls in spanish)

    Anyways I still haven't unlocked anything past the Lancer hero... i don't think a new hero will do anything for me ._.

    • Ahiru Nakamura

      just as weird as "Bola Shot" from Diablo...

  • Hirusan

    I don't care about iCloud support. It's broken on Apple's end and stupid. But achievements would add a ton to this game. IMO...:)

  • echo_pdx

    I just deleted this, but I had a lot of fun with it, unlocking everyone but Hydra before retiring it. I'd probably still be playing if the red gem upgrade were priced a bit more reasonably...the grind to three stars is way, way too slow without, but I can't bring myself to shell out five bucks for such a minor change.

  • Dai Lion

    They can release 1 or 5 new characters, achievements or a new background , a game with the same action one time and again and again....bored.

    • SporadicMovement

      Erm, almost every iOS game is the same action over and over. That's true for almost every videogame also.

      Angry Birds: fling birds at pigs. Repeat.
      Fruit Ninja: Slice fruits. Repeat.
      Call of Duty: Shoot enemy, reload. Repeat.
      _______ Card Battle Game: press quest button. Repeat.

  • REkzkaRZ

    The game IS a 1-trick pony, but it's fun.
    Here's the trick: make sure you spend those little tokens occasionally before you start a run on +25% health and +25% extra attack speed. I haven't bought the other boosts, but they might help also.
    Whatever the case, when I spend tokens I notice they appear more as 'dropped loot'.
    Don't really even care if I get all the characters, game is fun. (But dumb.)

  • SporadicMovement

    This is one of my favs; if there was some kind of quest structure somehow, and Achievements, I'd play it a lot more.

    Maybe make each area have "sub stages" like Courtyard 1-1, 1-2, etc. with a boss fight at the last stage?

    Also, a tip: if you make your line of heroes do a "staircase" formation when things start getting intense, the enemies get defeated easier.