In case you were worried: If a group of Muton Berserkers surround your rookies in XCOM: Enemy Unknown on iPad or iPhone, you'll just have to deal with the inevitable heartbreak, as the upcoming port will not have any sort of gross pay-to-win power-up scheme, Firaxis designer Jake Solomon assured IGN the other day.

Here's what he said:

"Oh god, please ... no. I'm not sure I would be able to sleep at night. My food would taste like ashes in my mouth."

Smooth, right? Take this more as a comfort instead of a surprise since the pitch has been that this will be "the exact same game" as the PC and console releases (which we're taking to mean mechanically the same since Firaxis is downgrading the visuals and the scale of maps in the porting process). Hit that IGN article for more details on these early specifics.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown should be out this summer. Word is that it'll actually carry a price tag, which is refreshing to say the least.

[via IGN]

  • redkins54

    Music to my ears!! I'm tired of this freemium games!

  • fuzzlor

    How am I supposed to make progress if they don't let me buy it? Do they *gulp* expect me to PLAY the game?!

    • metalmandave83

      Crazy talk. Wallets are always the best item for progression.

    • Skullinton

      Don't do it! It'll entertain you and it'll be extremely rewarding!

  • Skullinton

    I'm not against iApps, but it's great to finally hear the we will get a real AAA title on the AppStore.

    • DotComCTO

      The only IAPs I support are the ones for true expansions to a game. Slitherine's Battle Academy is a perfect example. For the purchase price, I get quite a number of campaigns, missions and access to player-built scenarios (plus all the other built-in features). Now, if I want, I can then purchase additional expansion campaigns. That to me is exactly the way I want it to work, so IAP = DLC.

      P.S. I have bought all of the Battle Academy DLC for both iPad and Mac so I can get my fix no matter where I go! 🙂

      • Skullinton

        I don't mind iAp consumables and currency as long as they don't create a pay wall (which is rare)... But I did see some, Zenonia 2 is an example.

        But again you have to judge ob how much you pay. If i get a free, a .99$ or a 1.99$ game I wont mind the iAp, but if I get a 4.99$ and up game there better be no paywall (there can be some iAp consumables for lazy people).

      • Skullinton

        Oh and exclusive stuff (double currency model) isn't something i'm extremely fond of...

  • SoyGreen

    I own the game on Steam already - but 100% plan on getting it for my iPad as well. (As long as it'll play nice with my iPad 2!!!)

    I really hope the sales of this title are just outstanding. iOS is a legitimate platform for these games - and if this version was available at the same price on day 1 - I would have paid full price for it on the iPad rather than steam! But hey - that's me!

    Here's hoping this is a really positive new trend!

  • Crunchewy

    What do you mean "downgrade the scale of the maps"? Will the maps be different and smaller? I guess that's OK, as long as they playtest it to death. 🙂

    • Parkingtigers

      What they have said is that the overall number of maps will be reduced. The PC/console version is 13 GB or so, and they can't get the file size down simply by compressing the textures alone. It won't make it a deal breaker for me, still a day one purchase.

      • MidianGTX

        There weren't even enough maps on the PC version, it's a common criticism. A real shame, but I'm still buying.

  • MrSHakerEsq

    Good news. Gamers are happy to be charged more yet receive a full and complete gaming experience as the developers intended. Well done to the developers so please support them with a day 1 full price purchase.

    • Skullinton


    • Skullinton

      Always, cause if I want a game, I'll get it ASAP.

  • Aventador

    So I can't buy Mexican hats for aliens ?

  • DotComCTO

    Wait? What? No IAP? No Freemium? No pay to win? What kind of heresy is this?! Methinks dark magic is at play here. Someone call the Spanish Inquisition!!! 😛

    • Skullinton

      They must have been brainwashed by the Team Meat guys! It's the only logical answer.

  • grits

    Nice. The sentiment against IAP is certainly starting to build up.

    • grits

      Goes along nicely with a certain badly spellchecked, siri dictated, sleepy night email that was read last week…

    • _Jc_

      I spoke to an indy developer about this. He had just released a game where the only iAP was cosmetic. He estimated that 75% of his revenue from previous titles came from pay-to-win schemes and wasn't sure he would even break-even without them... but he did it anyway.

      I think the problem is serious gamers hate iAP, but the vast majority of iOS game buyers are NOT serious gamers. They don't understand our strong, principled objections.

      • iammane

        We are not average I device users, we are certainly the minority. Most people just want to fling birds around and check email, it's true..

      • iammane

        With that said, looking forward to this immensely and hope it will help pave the way to seeing AAA titles on our devices

      • FIFTHSUN2012

        Thats exactly the issue, most mobile gamers are not serious gamers they want cheap throwaway experiences. My favorite games have had a place on my phone for more than a year.

      • dancj

        I'm not a serious gamer either, but I'd never consider consumable IAPs. I really don't have a clue who these people are who'd spend money on in-game currency.

  • Zdgames

    I thank god so happy...

  • FuZion

    How do you say?
    "Shut up & take my money"

  • FIFTHSUN2012

    About time, this freemium crap is really getting old. I'll pay good money for a good game that doesnt try to play carnival ticket scams with me. Damn carnies.

  • Bool Zero

    All the more reason to double down on this game. Own and beat it several times on the 360 and having an on the go port already had me sold... No consideration of IAP is great, with exception to one caveat... I would like to have more maps and I understand that this port will cut some. I'd be willing to buy that kind of IAP, just not money and resources!

  • David Villanueva

    This is sounding all kinds of awesome, but expect to pay. They said it's a full retail game and we should expect it to be priced accordingly.

  • jeffyg3

    Thank god, no lame ass IAP. I'll definitely get it on launch day then.

  • echo_pdx

    We'll see. Fieldrunners 2 swore off pay-to-win too, and we all know how that turned out.

  • eventide

    Ign sux.

  • Daniel Thomas Jr.

    I am tired of all this bias towards the android platform. Why do you devs insists on purposely leaving out your games on android device's. Apple's OS is just an overrated piece of crap that never actually gives any new unique features on their phones. Don't understand what people see in them.

    • dariusjr98

      TouchArcade is primarily for iOS devices anyway, so why are you here commenting on this website? Shoo. Oh and by the way, it's bias *against, not bias towards.

  • Zoolook

    As much as people scorn IAP, the game that use it seem to be always in the top 10 grossing games. As long as it's an easy way to make cash for someone, they'll never disappear.

    Anyway, I can hardly wait for X-com. It's one of my favorite all time games. I only wish someone would port the original, which is still the best.

    • flashbackflip

      Agree. Original xcom is much more appealing to me too.. There is a remake called 'humans VS aliens', but it lacks polish and diversity not to mention the fx

  • sparky1862

    It's not really going to be like the Xbox version because the graphics and number of maps is what it's all about,the trailer shows a vastly inferior game.saying that compared to the rest of the games coming out on iPad it's going to be amazing and I check the news every day.when will they start making games for the ipad4 ,instead of giving us mobile phone games.

  • Morgan01

    Good title and no IAP? Insta-buy.