If you've found yourself wondering what in the world Bolt Creative has been up to lately, I've finally got an answer. Aside from updating Pocket God [$0.99] for quite literally years now, releasing Pocket God: Journey to Uranus [$1.99], getting cool toys made and exploring the background of the pygmies in a comic series (which is also available digitally) they've been hard at work on a new game.

It's called Ooga Jump, and it takes the existing mini game found inside of Pocket God and turns it up to 11. We got a very quick look at GDC, and it's definitely as advertised. Imagine a jumping game, but just dripping with everything that makes Pocket God, well, Pocket God. We'll have more details soon, so make sure to add Ooga Jump to your watch list in the TouchArcade App [Free].

  • Jerutix

    This seems odd to me. Pocket God literally borrowed from Doodle Jump for the Ooga Jump mini game. I mean, you pass the Doodler in that game, and you can play as a Pygmy in Doodle Jump. I wonder if Lima Sky is also involved in this?

    • blondellebisho

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  • Zeldaniac

    Oh yay. Another jumper.

  • johnnyv

    This is SO much better than an update to journey to uranus and the runs..... Damn it bolt creative

  • MasterChief3624

    Not liking this idea. Filled to the brim with content or not, if it is the same core gameplay of the minigame in Pocket God, I will absolutely be avoiding this one like the plague.

    I haven't seen a new vertical jumper in the App Store for a while. Perhaps Bolt Creative is trying to capitalize on that situation. But the reason there hasn't been a new and popular one for a while, is because the formula has been pushed to its limit, chewed and chewed around by every game developer, spit out in quick succession... and people lost interest.

    Sometimes people get tired of a movie series. Then they stop watching, the studio stops producing them... but then a decade later the same idea comes around, and people try to recapitalize on it. That's with movies. I can't see the same thing happening with games, as "aging" in games is a lot quicker than in movies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.trenary.50 Chris Trenary

    I honestly don't know if this is a good or bad thing. I mean, sure, it may be fun to play, but, with Bolt Creative also making The Runs into it's own game, have they run out of ideas, so they're just making all of the mini games into they're own games? I'm really hoping that's not the case. Nevertheless, I am still looking forward to these two games, and hope they're more than just remakes of the mini games. I believe in you Bolt!