Since we first saw it in person at GDC 2012, Drifter has been under heavy development by Celsius Game Studios. The sandbox space trading game is approaching the final months of its development and studio founder Colin Walsh stopped by to show us some of its sights.

If you're not familiar with Drifter, it takes place in a massive open-world sandbox. You captain a small trading ship and work your way up the space food chain with new equipment and new ships. How you do that is up to you: mining and crafting, trading goods between systems, hunting pirates for bounties or engaging in piracy yourself.

We had a chance to take a look at a few of Drifter's current systems: the space station, the fast travel system and a fair bit of combat. The pirates were shy about coming out to play, but we managed to start a pretty impressive firefight nonetheless.

It sounds as though there are still quite a few systems to come: crafting, communications, RPG elements and a whole line of story missions to guide players through the galaxy, among others. The interface is also due for a major overhaul soon. Colin tells us he's hoping to have the game ready to go this summer, and we'll be keeping an eye on it to bring you more as it approaches release.

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  • VirtualBoyFreak

    I've been waiting for months for this game. It looks AWESOME! I hope it comes out in summer. It's going to be a fantastic period to play this game 🙂

  • iqSoup

    Looks a lot like Freelancer--which was an awesome game. Can't wait to have something like that on my phone!

    • Ben Ruddock

      Galaxy on Fire 2 is closer to Freelancer than this, and is already out.

  • Deonaldi


  • curtneedsaride

    Looks good. Sure wish someone would slap a Red Dwarf theme on one of these Space Trading/Exploring games.

  • Cary Groneveldt

    This had better get going -- and SOON!! I
    I kickstarted this AGES ago & ever since then it's been nothing but one excuse after another after another ....
    This guy's worse than the Pebble watch people!
    I want what's coming to me & I want it NOW!

    • Colin Walsh


      I've tried to be very up front about why the game has been delayed and I do honestly feel awful that it hasn't been finished as fast as I was hoping it would be. Unfortunately being the only developer it's difficult to predict events outside of my control that may end up derailing progress 🙁

      That said with the desktop beta well under way the plan is to open up the beta to non-early beta backers next week.


    • Illuminerdy

      I can't minus you in the app, so I am just telling you that I think you're lame.

  • jamarohn

    Anyone know if this is similar to Escape Velocity? Loved that title way back then...

  • Zephram

    This just goes to show you that a single developer with passion, intellect and creativity can create a more compelling game than what some of the big fish regularly regurgitate.
    Have patience people!

  • one.sixty.four

    I hope this is just a single purchase and not some subscription crud. That would be terrible.
    Anyway I'm super excited for this!!

  • lordyokomoto

    Any more news on this

  • dalglir

    Can we have an option to add this to watch list please?