With PAX East going on this weekend and GDC 2013 kicking off next week, there's going to be a ton of upcoming game news blasting through the TouchArcade space. It can be overwhelming, both for us covering it but also for you guys following along at home, since stories can sometimes move at a much faster clip than our normal posting cycle.

With that, it seems like an appropriate time to remind you, dear readers, of the virtues of using our TouchArcade app [Free] and its Watch List functionality. Basically, whenever we post a story about an upcoming game, you can choose to add it to your own personal "Watch List" and whenever we post a news story about said game or when it finally gets released you'll get a handy push notification to let you know.

So, what do you need to do to make sure you're in the loop? It's actually incredibly easy. Obviously, you'll need to download the TouchArcade app from the App Store and install it on your device(s) if you haven't already. It's free and Universal, so feel free to throw it on all your iOS devices. Once installed, fire up the app and tap the gear icon in the upper left corner to enter the Settings.

From here you can sign into the app using your existing forum account, or if you don't have a forum account you can quickly create one from right there inside the app. It's free and all you'll need to provide is a username, password and email. A forum login isn't required to use the TouchArcade app or its Watch List, but it does offer a lot of additional benefits like subscribing to game threads, social groups, private messaging and an entire community of iOS gamers and developers to chat and interact with.

The actual act of adding games to your Watch List is as simple as clicking the binoculars icon that's near the upper right corner of an upcoming game article inside the app. You'll get a brief pop-up message that the game in question has been added to your Watch List. Clicking that same binoculars again will remove any watched game from your list, if you choose. See these screens below.

Now, any time we post information about any of the games added to your Watch List you'll get a push notification about it – as long as you have the push notification option enabled. We don't want to bug you with unwanted pushes, so you can control which kind of push notifications you get and even disable them during specific times of day all right from the Settings menu.

You can access your Watch List at any time from the main screen of the TouchArcade app, which gives you the collection of all available articles for each upcoming game.

A side bonus of using the Watch List is that once a game is released, it will move over to the "Released" side of the list, and you can get notified of any news or price drops even after it's already out. It's not as robust as the functionality you get using the AppShopper website or the (soon to return) AppShopper app, but it can still be handy.

And that's pretty much it! Be sure to keep track of all the upcoming games that we'll be posting about over the next couple of weeks using the Watch List feature, and join in on the forums to be a part of our huge community of iOS gamers and developers. The TouchArcade app's usefulness isn't just limited to conference season though, and is in fact the best way to stay in tune with what's happening in the world of iOS games throughout the year. But if you haven't started using these features yet, now is the perfect time to get started.

  • Happy W

    Hey! I didn't know we could control what sort of stuff we wanted notifications for. I remember checking the Notifications section of the Settings app to see if I could do just that, and then turning notifications off entirely when it looked like I couldn't.

    Just now clicked on the settings icon *inside* the TouchArcade app, and it's all right there! D'oh!

    Nice app, by the way.

  • macatron

    I absolutely LOVE your app, and your Watch List has came in handy more times than I can remember!! Heck, as far as I'm concerned, there's only two little things that are keeping your app from being perfect (both regarding the forums section). 1) You can subscribe to a thread, but you can't select the option to have automatic email reminders whenever there's a new post. This is a great function and I use it on pretty much every thread I follow. 2) There's no way to return to the TA website portion of the app once you enter the forums (that I could find at least). The only way I can get back there is by exiting out if the app, and closing it from the task manager. It's not a huge deal, but it'd be really nice if I could simply switch between the two parts of your app like I can on your website. Thanks again for being such an awesome presence in the iOS community!! πŸ˜€

    • xx99

      Try long-holding the back button when you're in a forum. This takes you back to the individual game's page and from there you can tap back once more to get to the "home" page. Of course, I typically only enter the forums from app pages, not sure how well this works if you enter the forums directly from the home page.

    • xx99

      Sorry or the double-post, doesn't look like I can edit a comment. I just tested burying myself deep in the forums directly from the home page and a long-press on the Back button will take you right back to the home page.

  • istako

    There are still people not using this? How?

  • SyKot

    Can you not integrate it with Appshopper wish list? I sometimes see a game here and have to open Appshopper, find the app and add it to the list.

    • http://normalkid.com Arnold Kim

      If you have AppShopper and TA Installed, there is an "Open in AppShopper" button at the bottom of any game details page.

      • ZarieoZ

        Yup but would be better if they find a way to synchronize it & we can add it in the wishlist directly from here. I have iPad1 coupled with a not-really-good-network-speed so it's a bit slow with opening & loading apps so that's why it's a huge difference to just do it from here πŸ˜‰

      • shadax

        How the hell are you guys using appshopper? Is there an .ipa for it?

      • xzeldax3

        Yup, but it was removed from the AppStore.

  • shadax

    From a very inebriated person viewing this on mobile, that was REALLY confusing.

    • bones boy

      I was inebriated 13 hours ago too!

  • dmarcoot

    truly is a great app

  • DranDran

    I love the app watcher! Ever since I got it, I no lomger use AppZapp. I do however wish I could configure notifications though - not as interested in app updates or price increases as I am in price drops! Still, great app, I no longer really browse your posts and articles through the website any longer πŸ˜‰

  • decabao

    Btw, will the App Shopper ever be updated? I know there are some issues with apple, but can anyone please tell us what's going on? :/

  • CrazyEoin

    The TouchArcade app is the best one I've come across for staying on top of the super fast paced ios app environment. Great job guys!

  • renegade826

    I read this article from the app, I feel this was slightly pointless.

  • araczynski

    i stopped using this thing after a few days of being annoyed that the forums access part of this, as well as most of the release wednesday articles and most other articles, didn't work with any of the videos/trailers that were in the actual website. without the video capability i found it pretty stupid to be going back and forth between this app, the website (for videos/trailer) and then the appshopper website to get a complete picture of anything.

    • arn

      The videos work. You probably disabled YouTube in iOS which disables YouTube videos everywhere.

      • araczynski

        You're right, it does seem to work now. Not sure what the issue was before, as I do remember SOME of the videos working, just not most. Unless I did have YouTube blocked (from daughter) and some of the (working) videos were hosted somewhere other than YouTube? Either way, thanks, consider me assimilated again.

  • borntodie007

    Love the watch-list feature!

  • Alex

    This would be great if the feature actually worked. There are times I was notified days after something on my watch list was released and then there are times I was NEVER notified. If I didn't check the website daily and appshopper, I would be behind on releases.