Civilization proper creator Firaxis is getting in on the whole App Store thing. 2K and the studio have revealed Haunted Hollow, a free-to-play "strategy" game that has users managing a haunted mansion and spawning monsters that'll scare off townsfolk. From what we gather, users will collectively vie for territory, as well as be able to battle each other.

If you're a "Canadian," you can grab the title right now on the region's App Store. If you're not, you'll have to wait for the game to release later this Spring. We've got a couple of images of the game, if you'd like to see what's up:

This isn't exactly the game we were hoping Firaxis would make for iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone, but it's possible that it's more than what it seems. We'll see.

Canadian App Store Link

  • Wizard_Mike

    Well, I have to say I like the theme and the art style. I was surprised with Clash of Clans, in at I don't much care for city builders yet I really enjoy it, so maybe I'll be surprised with this one too.

    • MidianGTX

      Just hearing the name of that dreadful, dreadful game is putting me off this one, even though it probably isn't at all similar.

      • themostunclean

        Agreed. Free? What the heck?

        Well they stole 10 minutes of my life along with the energy it took me to mash the icon until the app was deleted and I WANT IT BACK!!!

    • themostunclean

      Just picked it up with my "Canadian" account. Not a city builder, it's pure strategy with a building mechanic. Each game you build a new room with each turn that provides you with a specific character. Each character has different stats like distance it can move and attack power. It's actually a completely different genre that COC.

  • ste86uk

    I'm Canadian...only I live in Wales. I'll have to give this a try now. Got it downloading

  • ste86uk

    One question though, I've never actually downloaded anything off the Canadian store, what happens when it releases worldwide? Can you keep your saved game and still update the game off your countries store?

    • themostunclean

      No, unless they've changed it recently you need to update from the store the app was purchased. Signing out and into a different Apple ID on iOS isn't that difficult though and updates are frequently released worldwide.

      • Happy W

        I think they *have* changed this recently.

        A few days ago I downloaded Solitaire Blitz from the Canadian App Store. Today the game went international, and the dev also pushed out an update. I downloaded the update without problems while logged in to my usual, non-Canadian, App Store account. The game retained my settings, Facebook login, etc.

  • the fish

    Cool. I want this 🙂

  • meatz666

    The best comparison to this game is Outwitters. Asynchronous strategy

    • meatz666

      Sorry, hit the post and can't see the edit.
      Asynchronous strategy, free with some units unlocked, and you can unlock new units by IAP. Looks and play really well.