One of my favorite things about iOS is that there's such a wide breadth of game types, and at such low prices, that I'm more inclined to try something in a genre that I might not typically be interested in. That was the case with Cook, Serve, Delicious! [$4.99 (HD)], a time management and cooking simulation from Vertigo Gaming.

Now, as I alluded to I'm not really into time management games. They stress me out, you know? And that's true of Cook, Serve, Delicous! too, but having worked in and even managed a restaurant for several years I can safely say that this game really nails the pressures of running a busy food establishment.

Yes, it gets me stressed out, but that also kicks me into "the zone" where your fingers are flying and you become laser-focused on each task at hand, and when the rush is over your left feeling very satisfied if you're able to do a good job. It's actually very rewarding, and we really liked Cook, Serve, Delicious! in our review for those reasons and more.

So, with Cook, Serve, Delicious! being one of my recent surprise favorites, I'm excited to report that a brand new update has gone live which adds a bunch of cool new food items to prepare. First up are Stacked Enchiladas, which are apparently a twist on traditional enchiladas that originated in West Texas. Next is Bananas Foster, which once upgraded you can actually light on fire to flambé. Shish Kabobs require you to skewer your food items and is a difficult dish to cook perfectly. Finally, no restaurant worth its salt would be complete without a fancy Lobster dish on the menu.

In addition to the new food items, Game Center has been made more easily accessible from the main management menu, and he options for removing the text that flashes across the screen during Rush Hour and your end of day have been tweaked. There's a bunch of other fixes, as well as a new $2.99 IAP if you wish to "tip the dev." There's nothing hidden behind this IAP, nor does it unlock any content. It's literally just there to tip the developer if you enjoy the game and want to throw a few extra bucks their way. However, it appears to be a bit bugged at the moment so if you do want to buy the tip IAP then you might want to wait for the next patch which is already in the pipeline.

If you are like me and aren't really into this sort of game normally, and you have an iPad 2 or later, I urge you to try out Cook, Serve, Delicious! as you might just be pleasantly surprised. It's easily one of my favorite games now, and I'm excited to give these new food items a spin.

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    I love this game. Can't wait to tip the dev when the bugs are out.