It was nearly a year ago that we first heard about Deepworld [Free], a 2D Minecraft-like building and crafting game set in a very cool steampunk world. Deepworld launched on the iPad this past December, and although there are tons of these sandbox-style games all vying for your gaming attention, we thought that Deepworld was one of the better ones and worth your time to check out, especially since it's a free download.

That recommendation was limited to iPad owners though, so if you're rocking an iPhone or iPod touch only then you were out of luck. Until last week that is, when Deepworld was updated to be Universal. Now smaller-screened iOS gamers can finally explore the interesting worlds of Deepworld.

That's not all, though, as since we last talked about Deepworld in December the game has been updated numerous times, adding all sorts of new functionality and content as well as tweaking and smoothing out the entire experience. You can get all the nitty gritty details in the App Store update descriptions, but if you tried Deepworld initially and it didn't click with you then, it's worth giving another look now. Also, join in with the community at the official Deepworld forums or the game discussion thread in our very own forums.

  • wildperson

    Can 2d minecraft stop being a term? Terraria is popular enough to be a proper comparison...

    • rabidnz

      Totally agree! Terraria is awesome and deserves as much recognition as borecraft

      • Teras

        The thing is that when a game set out first and made a milestone every other game that came/will come out will be compared with that. Why? Because it was still the first idea (even if the new one is better). We see the same with WoW for example.

    • try2bcool

      Because Terraria is a 2d Minecraft-like game? Duh.

  • T-Day

    who plays deepworld tell me ur name and mine is StoneFallproduction so follow me

  • danny31004

    Thank You!!! Love playing blockheads, now I got others to play!