Development on Team Meat's Mew-Genics is in full swing, so much so that the iOS version of Super Meat Boy was put on indefinite hold to send more manpower toward Team Meat's procedural "cat-lady simulator."  Would-be cat herders can look forward to breeding, training, and cryogenically freezing their feline friends later this year on the iPad, but iPhone users may need to brace themselves for disappointment.

"We're not sure about iPhone yet," Team Meat co-founder and programmer Tommy Refenes told Eurogamer in a recent interview. "It's one of those things where I'm sure it'll run, I'm sure it'll be playable. But how playable?" That's not an outright cancellation, of course, but the small screen size is enough to give Team Meat pause, apparently. "If it's going to be really cramped and you can't grab your cats and move them around and it's clumsy, it doesn't seem worth it to put it on there," Refenes elaborates.

Team Meat's long and complicated relationship with iOS and the App Store is well-documented: from  Refenes' initial disdain for the platform's abundance of shovelware, to lead designer Edmund McMillen's distaste for timer- or energy-based freemium games.

The duo's somewhat reluctant move toward iOS development is a result of a very public falling out with Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade and the explosive growth of the App Store. "An iPad comes out and does a year's worth of console sales in a weekend," Refenes explains. "The people in the market to play games are more apt to grab an iPad or a tablet or a fancy phone because it's more convenient."

McMillen concurs, noting that "I'd say a majority of people who have iPhones have them because they play games on them. That's a very hard reality."

Refenes and McMillen may have softened on the App Store, but they still seem committed to avoiding the monetization schemes they've spoken out against in the past. "We're going to handle [Mew-Genics] in the most respectful way possible when it comes to the user and not make garbage games that abuse people and take their money," says McMillen, echoing Refenes' own views: "We're making a game for a platform. We're not making a manipulative way to guilt people out of money."

For more details on Mew-Genics and Team Meat's thoughts on the future of console and mobile game development, be sure to check out Eurogamer's expansive and thorough interview. Release date and pricing information for Mew-Genics hasn't been announced, but the game should be available on iOS, Steam, and Android later this year.


  • Mirkwood


    • Greyskull

      Boo what??? They were leery of the platform because of the amount of shovelware (they are correct); that makes it more likely that this game WILL NOT BE crap. They said they don't like the monetization schemes on ios and are committed to avoiding them. That's great! If this is the way they are pursuing ios development, I'll but this game just to reward developers who "get it". For people like me who constantly complain about the scam artists and rip-offs pervasive in the appstore, putting our money where our mouths are is a proactive alternative to boycotting. It's long past time to reward the developers who deserve it. Now escuse me, I need to see if I've missed any Crescent Moon games.

      • wigzisonfire

        AMEN Brother. This is the greatest article I have read all year. I thought the App Store had burned and killed off any possibility of developers that have the same hatred towards the turd timer based in app trash that people keep trying to tell us will be the future of gaming. It will not be the future of gaming it will be the death of real gaming. Please please please help more developers get team meats righteous message!

      • KenGriffeyIII

        It's really not the developers that are the problem with freemium games. It's the market. They wouldn't make those kind of games if they didn't dominate the top grossing apps chart.

      • MidianGTX

        "Market" being used in place of "selfish, greedy, spoiled little kids" here.

      • Mirkwood

        It was more of a "Booo, I don't have an iPad :(" than a "Booo, you're an awful developer" 🙂

  • Magocracy

    I don't think a majority of iphone owners own them for games. At least, that's not the main reason for their decision. I'm sure a lot of iphone owners have a game or two (most likely Angry Birds) but I wouldn't call them gamers.

    If he said the majority of ipod touch owners, maybe even ipad owners- maybe I'd agree. Not even sure about the ipad though, considering how wide the customer base is.

    • oooooomonkey

      I bought my iPad4 only to play games 🙂

    • Greyskull

      I agree. Most iphone owners I know that are in my social cohort (ages 25-39...I can't believe I used social cohort in a sentence...) have maybe 2 games installed; social games usually. Hanging w/ Friends, 4 pics one word...maybe an occasional Where's My Water. I get awfully strange looks when anyone sees me playing a premium game on my phone. Then you have my parents; most people in their upper 50's I know have a couple free word games. If I only wanted games, I would have an ipod.

    • caaalrb

      I'm in the minority then (as I'm sure a lot of TA readers are). Aside from my Xbox, the only other games I play are on the iPhone. Honestly, This game doesn't look thaaaaat complicated and I'm sure it would play fine on the smaller screen.

      If I can play a game like Bastion or The Room well on my phone, I'm sure they could make a "cat lady simulator" work just fine. It's a huge market, and Team Meat would be mistaken if they were to look it over.

      • MidianGTX

        You might be able to play Bastion and The Room on your phone, but both games are examples of their developers being hesitant about bringing them to iPhone because the experience just isn't as good. They work, sure, but it's like looking at a photograph of an amazing painting, not quite the intended experience. That alone should set alarm bells ringing. Society is increasingly accepting the possibility of game development being a form of art, and you can't ask an artist to skew his vision just because you're too lazy to get on a boat and visit the gallery.

      • caaalrb

        Game development may be a form of art, but it's also a business and both companies got my money and good reviews.

        And I'm not lazy, I just don't have the money to drop on an iPad

    • Ethan Cathcart

      I bought my iPhone 5 solely for gaming. I don't give a crap about crappy social features or ringing people up, I got it for the games. Sad thing is that I hardly use it. The day apple releases a controller for the iPhone/iPad... It will be "revolutionary" lol

      • MidianGTX

        This is the saddest thing I have ever read. Wilful destruction of touchscreen gaming's one unique aspect. Brings a tear to my eye.

      • Ethan Cathcart

        I love platformers but I just can't get use to the touchscreen controls... I wished more incorporated the same controls in Project 83113 (Belle).

  • metalmandave83

    This game looks like shovelware.

  • Jazzpha

    So, what I took from this article is that Team Meat only back pedaled from their very public "The iPhone is an atrocious gaming platform and anyone who uses it isn't a serious gamer" stance because XBLA cut off their cash-flow.

    Yeah, that sounds totally legit and not at all materialistic. I don't mind devs treating games like a business (which games are for devs), but I do have a problem with thinly-veiled hypocrisy trussed up in a "but for real guys, we still have integrity!" wrapping. I'm just going to give my money to a different indie ios dev instead.

    • KenGriffeyIII

      Yeah there's no moderation with McMillen, it seems. Everything is either great or horrible with no in-between.

    • cuw

      Guy threw a shit fit when someone told him how to fix a bug in SMB's high score list and ranted about how perfect his game was and it was all very odd. He also refuses to acknowledge some weird momentum based bugs in the game. I love both binding of Isaac and SMB but I really dislike the guys attitude that his games are the last bastion of quality in gaming. Yes there has been a lot of bad apps in the App Store but there have been tons of gems and I would say there are more gems on the App Store than there are on XBLA.

      • MidianGTX

        There's also a ton of crap on XBLA since the whole indie thing started, I don't even like acknowledging its existence. Makes the console feel cheap.

      • DCver3

        The 360 is cheap.

    • JCat_NY

      Best comment today. Anywhere

    • Karzay

      It'll be interesting to see how they respond should this game fail. Will it be their fault or the AppStore and it's customers.

  • ZarieoZ

    Well I kinda didn't like their comments about the Appstore customer base before, but I think they deserve some credit as i rarely see respect & customer in one sentence with all the EA & Gameloft (& others) crap going on, yes I'm sad cause they postponed super meat boy for this thing, I'll pass with this one. But I say we wait & see how they'll actually deal with this new customer base.

    Hope they'll do good.

  • James

    You'd think dude actually invented the platformer or something.

  • Ryan Lawrence

    Love this game. It's really awesome. But I am waiting for Android.